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  1. No. You got it wrong. Players with busy real life schedule the time available for gaming is low. That's why it would be nice to know when there are lot's of players in game to maximize the fun factor.
  2. But why in earth you aren't releasing the number of logged players? I have never understood the logic behind of this decision. You do not have to tell how many is logged on allied or axis side. Only the total players logged in campaign server. This game certainly is not a MMORPG in such way that World of Warcraft is that has millions of users. But still it would be interesting information.
  3. With teamspeak and discort you can make som estimate on how many players are playing the game. Also one can compare that to the webmap that shows player level has low-average-high(?). Actually I have never seen it gone past yellow average. Usually when I would have time to play the webmap says orange low. That is the main reason why I rarely log in. Of course not everyone is logged on voice comms, but at these days it is common to use them. Some have their own voice comms. The estimate that I have came up is that this game has about 200-300 players in peak hour at Sunday night. Usually 100+-20 during weekdays, but during US peak hours it goes little higher. Hopefully the steam release brings new players.
  4. I am looking for a squad that runs operations on EU TZ (early) and at ground. I used to fly lot's of flight sims, but right now I do not have flight gear. I have noice cancelling headphones, but no microphone. I am planning to get one soonish. I am interested on - interdiction - armor I am poor shooter as infantry man, but I can scout very well. I am over 30, live in Finland, study mathematics and computer science (late wake up for my university studies) and I am planning to start up my own business. My english is ok, but not perfect.
  5. So we are at year 2016 and soon in 2017 and still there are no actual numbers from the server available. What is the problem? Why you cannot release that how many players are logged in?