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  1. I have two- Free To Play Accounts that are going to friends, or friends of friends atleast. "They like Jelly Beans". Not everyone likes Jelly Beans. Least to say, How Do I delete my old Threads. I would like theaccounts clean when I give them to them. Having trouble finding the delete button. Thanks!
  2. Hey I did notice the Ground was split and the lighting blocks in some cells. Not everywhere. Thanks!
  3. I Only Have a Starter Acount. US Any Small Recon-Adventure type Squads need a friend? Iam Rifleman Only.
  4. Air.
  5. Hello, First thing I do when I get my premium account is make a new squad. Now, you may see I around. But I will not be recuiting for a while. I just want you to know I ... Thanks!
  6. Hi guys, I'm back. I am doing well and hope you are the same. I Gave you my first account. Bob1675 to turn into an AI. I see it is still up. Good. I am looking Forward to your free premium account I was promised. Everyone is waiting. I do not have an e-mail right now but can get one when you get me a password and user name. Same account please -LynchDot-. Minus the hash marks. As it may be a gift for someone. Is it true you just upgrade my current account? Thanks!
  7. In the original everyone was allowed to disembark. It was the oringal Ca..
  8. You know they are new owners of the WIIO. Graphics and weapons are seperated. They are probably looking for ways to get the nations seperate but equal
  9. Gee Old, I think the difference between the old WIIO and this current WWIIO is all graphics. The interface. The Owners must working on graphic gliches first. I like to think they have it all finished already too. I hear they are adding some sort of customization to it that will let us stay out all WIIOnIGHT
  10. Hi All, This is Concerning the Chat. Try not to Worry. Thanks1