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  1. Yes , a bunker without a outer wall would be great , as wheb u see a army base, you see patches of sandbags and barbed wire
  2. Thank you guys , but the question still remains. What has happened since I left
  3. I still have to move to me and my family's new home , so I won't be on for about a month or 2, but I'm back baby woooooohooooooo! So please explain all the new stuff as I'm so confused?
  4. THANK YOU , I'm packing so i will not be on wed. afternoon / night , wed. morning will be the last time i had played before leaving . ITS BEEN AN HONOR FIGHTING ALONG YOU GUYS !
  5. thank you SO much , STUFF LIKE THIS NEVER HAPPENS IN OTHER GAMES! im so thankful , as i post this this will be Wed. I'm speechless when i return , (next yearish? i may have to move or stuff ) i will try my best to sub , not because of the game , because of a chance to take that premium and join hc and be a official backer of ww2online . keep the great work up ! thank you all who have acknowledged my final thread posts , i may have said this so many times but i will RETURN!
  6. THANK YOU ALL OF YOU . i will have the itch to come back as after i will return thank you so much , i know I'm f2p , but that doesn't change my love for the game and the community
  8. its sad , but true. i go to the 82nd airborne this Thursday . i have greatly raised enough money to start and now running my family . my son is even starting to go "mom" , HE IS ALMOST THERE! my wife is DOING GREAT and so am i . i love this game and its players so much , and the crs team and all of the vets , thank you badger for helping me and being my friend SO MUCH , and fighting along my side in the field . thank you mostly to these players sask1 IMDED b2k ehstrike doc jvr1959 allykill delems ratzilla yavolle oldzeke badger xoom hornet sgttootall lordjim lordtim marcion todberg codycody kanu ohm warhammer AND EVERY ONE IN THESE SQUADS ghost of afika korps 101st screaming eagles blits kaders allfor and all the other people that i can't spell there names lol but know I'm grateful and thankful OF EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF YOU ' S!
  9. I'm starting and raising money for my family before i go to 82nd airborne training , I'm thinking about subbing when i come back , ill have a military bill and all that . and i even have my own propa i spread on the inter webs , i care about this game , and frankly what you said abides my rights in america lol
  10. i would , but I'm afraid thursday I'm leaving , i will return , until thurs i will be on axis AND allied to have some great good byes with all players , S! JVR , SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD
  11. maybe , but I'm willing to help any one
  12. I WANT ALL OUT WAP WAP WITH STOCKS , AND SAME FOR SMGS , LMG A PUSH , HAND GUNS , we'll , take handle and go wap
  13. lol tiger , thank you , but what was that for lol and let me continue , I'm serious about what i said
  14. if you can find a statue of 2 french soldiers in a neatly trimmed bush area on a airfield , i think in antwerp airfield , it has it , but you have to touch it and it will pop up on screen , I KNOW BUCKEYES IS THERE at ant field #remember buck
  15. this is a very real sim of war , if u don't see anyone when kille , there probably hiding or there off about 1000 meters in the woods , and the goal is to win , not kill , you guard and take positions , and this game takes time , this is no callofduty were everyone is running the speed of light killing each other and then going '' take that ya #@&*(!&*(@*@#&@#!*@!*(&*#(@!(*!#@(*&'' this gam is meant to simulate real war , some times its dual , some its a massive battle like dday my name is silversoil in game , if you would like me to guide you and train you , we could set up something , but it must be before thursday in next week , as in reality i leave for 82nd airborne training.