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  1. 20 strings of code and one binar array [ 19 *5 ] with pop-up-ed rows in memory. 2-4 hour to work for coder at most. Not ?
  2. Thank you. I know (as retired HC). It works and show, but without abandoned AO-ed towns.
  3. Situation as see it I'm: I'm well remember (I'm in the game since 2006) how year after years (close to dozen), our lovely RATs did nothing (almost), just raise a subscription. MM managed and rule forum, and they all togather call this situation 'BUSINESS'. In the years ! And quidam call this situation 'My Project, My Rules'. LOL (of coure, your rules, who doubt). They just collect money, ignored and ban those who offer improve, and did nothing in years. Playerbase (include me) paid literaly for nothing. To be fair gameplay were fun, but some aralm rings rare but began to ring. For example lowpop in TZ3 existed in this game FOREVER ! Believe me I'm living in the heart of TZ3. One day they woke up and discover that their server is empty and every new [censored] that issued in Steam as startup looking better then their emeritus 'project'. LOL Too late to draw audience but not a gone case. As I said I loved this game. Engine is still perfect even now. Gameplay perfect ! Mechanic is also perfect ! Perfect almost all. They have ALL to fix situation. Ugly just persona animation, 3/4 of small arms, explosion, stamina system, grenade throw mechanic. Nothing hopeless. But they feverishly begin to fix secondary cause of lowpop and repainted vehicles and called that 'patches'. I'm waited 1.35 about 5 years and upon get it. And can't find even 3 differences with previous version from 2009-2010. Their 'patch' occur same like their 'BUSUNESS'. With same stamina mech where persina pinned to the ground up to 2 minutes, With same WARP mech with its 8 steps 'to do' and SD before each step. Correct me, now you offer to me pay next 5 years ?
  4. Read by lips: - Has been payed since 2009. But in 2015-2016 game do not cost his price. Keywords 'graphics' and 'animation'. P.S. To be fair - other aspects of this game are perfect and having huge potential.
  5. I do not gonna talk about graphics, previous posts were ignored, and I'm understanding why. It is too hard to realise that fast in leak of coders on uncommended code. May be. I do not gonna talk that all previous patches are just bugfixes and paintjob only. But ! - In 2016 persona can't lean. Doubt it hard to realise. - Command .obj l - spaming by text during 2-3 AO. Cities, bridges and so on are messed up. Is it hard to separate bridges from towns ? Is it hard to colored tows green and bridges AO - blue ? 20-30 strings of code ! - Persona constantly taking and loading in to the riffle completely full clip. In 2016 !!! It is look like unlimited ammo in 2001. 20-30 strings of code ! - In your 'millitary simulator' 250 kg bomb killing nothing in 20-30 meters. And AA gun cant saw vehicles track. You said 'we running on old engine'. 'Red Orchestra 2' issued in 2011, may be early runing on old engine too, and still having huge community. More then that. Developers gonna issue next 'Rising Storm 2: Vietnam' on same engine and majority ready to buy new game despite of 'engine'. So this is not engine cause. P.S. To be honest is some aspects WWII OL is unigue. Ragdoll, ballistic, weather, scale ! Use this.
  6. Are you kiding ? For such graphics and such sever pop ? LOL.
  7. There was period when I supported this game. I'm of f2p just one year or less. What should I support now in my TZ ? 5 vs 5 battles ? Sorry I'm tired from this 'action'. Outdated graphics ? Endless paint job ? Bug fix instead patch ? Sorry. Like hell.
  8. S! Gents. Thank you for efforts and hard work in 4 years, since you announced Steam release: But when we get: - Steam version. - Some new structures. - New textures on its especially for barracks. - New small-arms aiming & reloading animation, sway or so. - New shell and grenade explosion animation. - New stamina renew mechanic. - New CP capture mechanic. - When you give to persona posibility to lean out, climb over obstacles. Regarding 'new infantry weapons' that 'introduced'. Yes, this better then nothing, but 'new' listed toys are good for those who turn on PC last time in 2005-2010, but in 2016 it looks like game wrote on 'Cliper' under MS-DOS 6.22 And thank you for camouflage on vehicles and fit reload time for small-arms more to historcaly value. This is breakthrough ! Two years ago you are listed dozen of art staff, but indeed nothing new in animation and ingame decoration.
  9. So I'm downloaded client - run it, choose '1.35 beta' (lighted green) server and after all played 1.34 ?
  10. Today I'm first time jumped to gameworld and ineffective tryed to find any difference with 1.34 - Same gameworld and terrain. - Same sounds. - Same granade throw system. - Same ugly explosions. - Same ridicules stamina mechanic, when persona forced to lie without movement after run untill it restore. - Same structures around and textures on its. Nothing new. I well remember list of dozen items of your 'our art and animation maker staff'. Depend on it I'm expected a bit more after 1.5-2 year of work. And Of course, '... we woking hard', '... we supporting and fixing 3 millions lines of uncommented code'. As I said I entering gameworld and saw all the same. During period when I waited your 'masterpiece', I have time to discover and play 270 hours in 'Red Orchestra 2' and 190 hours in 'Squad'. Thank you. In other case, if your 'masterpice' can be a bit better, I could missed those two listed above and never open it's. As I said look on 'Squad' project. Yesterday those guys made a mod for 'Battlefield 2' called 'Project reality'. And in a year or so they made new game looking modern and pretty. Same 'small team of ex-moders and enthusiasts' like you and your volunteers. In 2006 (when I subed) 'WWII OL BGE' looked like old fashioned **** 'made in 2001'. In 2012 it looked like 'made in 2006'. In 2016 it is looks the same like in 2012. You are always overtaking. Are you seriously gonna sell this 'piece of code' with 'picture from 2005' before player in Steam for money. Animation and graphics like current ?
  11. New ingame toys are good (Sten and Grease), thanks you for this Crismass gift. But do you planing to improove persona animation, explosions animation and some textures (building, riffle). Current old fashioned persona animation do not fit modern time.
  12. Sure previous speaker meant not 'jump' but just 'step over'. Now persona can't even step over tree trunk or small 0.5 m high wall. In 2016 game still look like draft before big clean copy. As well as last 14 years. Persona can't lurch to peer out of wall - number one in all modern games. Building and stucture textures ! (facepalm) Patch over patch but warp procedure the same in 14 years. 10-15 seconds before spawn to hear that is warp FRU. 10-15 seconds for despawn, change ingame pane to uncheck FRU checkbox. 10-15 seconds for new spawn Nice ! Try to explain how to do it for beginer in 5 seconds and useing 2-3 phrases. If it is warp FRU, is it so hard to connect it to CP directly ? As result we have what we have (look attach).
  13. Thank you ! Sounds great ! Will be waiting.
  14. Did you saw yet that new 'modern' persona animation (french semi auto for example) after last patch ? Only I can't watch on it when I'm sober ? I'm appreciate CRS efforts to make patches that affected on 'core code', 'host issue' but can we hope sometimes get pach that fixing textures, explosions, persona animation to really modern version ?