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  1. Like I said you are not helping atm. I think I know how you are thinking but unfortunately your output makes it sound like you are blaming the customers which is just ridicilous no matter what the business. I dare to say this game would have been long gone unless for a for a fanatic believe of the players to the future and potential of the game. The game had some great updates on graphics etc, but you have to remember that those updates only bring it on par with today's standards. I think this game was/is top of the game with combined arms experience but unfortunately the latests changes have changed that to the worse. Nice graphics etc. can't compensate for the lack of content, simple as that and this game has hard time competing the shoebox shooters only with graphics etc. This is offcourse just my opinion and hopefully many will disagree.
  2. You really aren't helping by trying to twist this to the players fault for asking too much. I doubt that there is another game in this planet where the customer base is so loyal and patient but there is a limit to everything.
  3. I think the raise and fixed plans comes in very bad time. Like other has said atm there is nothing in the future plans that could warrant such a price increase to montly rate. Also the current course of the game to more arcade approach doesn't help a bit. Eventhough I still enjoy the game from time to time, it's very hard to me convince myself to continue my sub.
  4. Could you ask him if he got ever strafed/bombed and what kind of damage it caused and how strong was their supporting aa-units. Also it would be kind of nice to know whether they got ever hit by artillery and what kind damage it do, if any.
  5. Rather posts like these than constant whining =)