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  1. The OT is strong with this one.
  2. Just make the infantry kill lag stop. *cries*
  3. Thanks for getting my hero and tow accounts all fixed up. I appreciate your time, sir! Thanks again!
  4. Awesome! Thanks for the update, Xoom.
  5. Staggering. I have no words.
  6. Guilty conscience, much? Cheaters will always exist, but I don't think it is as prevalent as you suggest.
  7. Let's reexamine something Xoom has said. It's easy to blame overpop Axis for "losing" or "getting rolled" [as of lately], but I think the issue needs to be examined deeper at the strategy level.
  8. What device are you running on? Specs, please? I run the same joystick with no problems whatsoever.
  9. Love your post, Traveler. It was definitely nice to "shoot the breeze" with that big group of folks and hear some of the old stories recalled. Other than an hour or so on the campaign server last night, I've just been busting my tail at work. Another hats off to the dedicated CRS team!
  10. You might need a longer video. LOL. Just kidding Rats, thanks again for your hard work and dedication.
  11. Lobception
  12. Ahahahaha. This is priceless. The great lobb12, the imposter lob12, and the offsping - lobjr.
  13. I haven't quit, but I did log out the other night in middle of TZ3 when SGTHENNING decided it would be okay to pull back 5 towns to reinforce Laon, taking away the chance to AO Chaumont or any neighboring towns. Even Central command is pulling this crap.