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  1. Sport - forgot to mention in my original reply, but make sure your processor speed is set to Highest and not Automatic in your preferences. This made a big difference to me when I finally discovered it. And when you're playing, spawn in on defence missions where you can just lie up somewhere facing open fields - not buildings - and snipe away at the attackers. That's what I tend to do most of the time, and the stutters will not affect you half as much.
  2. I play on a 2Ghz G5 iMac with 1.5Gb of RAM, and have had to make big graphical sacrifices in order to get a playable framerate; you'll have to do likewise. Make sure anti-aliasing is turned off (this made the biggest difference for me - I forgot I had it enabled in the ATI Displays app), and then basically switch every setting to its lowest value. Then play the game in some high-stress areas - big battles, big cities - and see if it's good enough for you. If it's not, then perhaps the machine isn't up to it. If it IS good enough, try and raise the settings one by one until it gets too slow again. This really is the only way to do it. Accept that people with our level of hardware simply can't play with many, if any, settings above minimum. For what it's worth, mine is set to: 1024x768 millions 32 bit FSAA samples off Shadow size 0 Visual distance medium far bullet holes 16 suppress tracer smoke LOD field of view LOD limit per frame dithering is checked - not sure what it actually means - all other options unchecked radial clutter disabled visible player limit medium This was the result of a really boring evening's trial and error. Perhaps I could make even finer adjustments, but really I have better things to do. The game doesn't look all that great, but it IS playable. Finally, turn the FPS counter off. It really is irrelevant and will only frustrate you. If the game is smooth enough to be playable, that's all that matters.
  3. I should add my halfpenny's worth here. I've just resubbed for a month after a break of four months or so, and the first thing I noticed was the improved sounds right across the board. So if this is down to you, then good on ya!
  4. Patience, young Jedi. The game is better now than it's ever been, connection issues and individual performance notwithstanding. If you've got problems with fps etc. post it here so people can try and help you.
  5. I played it successfully on a 1.5Ghz PB with 1.5GB RAM until I sold it and bought a new iMac. You'll be able to play but be prepared to turn down the details, and you'll also be stuck with a low framerate. However it's still relatively smooth. Just don't expect to be able to charge into a mass battle in the middle of a town. Most of my play on the PB was defensive; find a nice spot or stay in the depot and pick them off. And stick in as much RAM as you can afford, it makes a big difference.
  6. Do you check the box in settings to get your antialiasing, or do you use another program? Thanks
  7. Thanks a lot joelq, appreciate it. I must say I'm encouraged. I'm lucky to get double figures on my Powerbook, although it is much smoother since 1.20. You seem to have good Antialisaing on those pics. How do you enable this on your Mac?
  8. Ahwulf - so what real-world 1.20 fps are you now getting on your IMAC please? I won't buy this new computer unless it's definitely going to be much better at WW2OL than my beloved 1.5Ghz Powerbook.. so your knowledge is very important to me. Thanks to both of you for the replies so far.
  9. Thinking about springing for a new 20" iMac with the upgraded spec (glad I waited now) but I'd like to know what you think.... they now have a slightly faster G5 processor @ 2.1Ghz, a better graphics card ie PCI Express X600 XT 128MB, and I would make the RAM up to 1.5GB. How well would this run WW2OL, do you think?
  10. I must say that on my G4 Powerbook 1.5Ghz I seem to be getting much better frame rates in the beta. However, I'm trying not to get excited as I know there are very few players on the beta server. It would be nice to think the improvements will carry over into the live game, of course....
  11. If you mean hitting something like f3 to bring up the brigade radio transmission box, then yes, I have the same problem.
  12. The only command assigned to my right-click button (as far as I can tell) is the gunsight view for inf, which is the default. I see in another thread that another Mac user, Wer, has the same problem. Works fine on his PC though..
  13. When I right-click and hold on the main map, to try and make a contact report or add a waypoint, nothing happens. You're supposed to get a menu. Any ideas? Cheers
  14. Your video card is considerably better than mine - I have a 64MB Radeon 9600.
  15. Hi Zippo I play WW2OL on both a desktop PC and a 1.5Ghz 17" Powerbook with 1.5GB RAM. I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that my FPS on the Powerbook occasionally dips to single figures, especially in large inf battles. The good news is that despite this, it's still perfectly playable in most circumstances. I prefer a defensive style of play, and this suits the Powerbook's limitations; laying up somewhere and picking them off from a distance. Love it! However, if you prefer charging into battle, you'll get killed a lot more than you kill as the frame rate just can't keep up when you're doing the dance with an ei smg. The other pretty good news is that I can run the settings fairly high, and it makes no difference at all to the performance. I tried it with everything off for a while and it looked unplayably ugly whilst not yielding any performance increase. So I bumped the settings up until it looked nice, and got the same FPS. I now run at 1024x768 with 2xAA and medium visual settings (medium player limit and visual distance - if you bump these to High it will grind to a halt.) Keep the chat bar and HUD off unless you really need them - they'll rob you of 3-4 precious FPS. I get between 10-18FPS in most circumstances. Even 7-9 FPS is playable, as long as you're not plagued by big pauses and stutters, and for some reason it seems to have improved of late. Smoothness is what really counts, not absolute FPS. I'll sign off by saying that by choice I use my PC for WW2OL, and my beautiful PB for everything else. But when my mate comes round for a game, I surrender the PC to him and I play on the PB. The PC runs the game like butter even on max settings, but despite this I consistently outshoot him every single time. It's because the PB forces you to be a bit more patient and considered in your approach, and as a result it makes for even more satisfying gameplay. You'll LOVE your Powerbook for lots of reasons - the fact that it'll play WW2OL is a bonus. Cheers Scylla