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  1. (major0noob's Tow account) i think the majority of us agree the game is not F2P honestly, the H39 or 38t is far more capable than any MS or rifleman... sure there's potential* for great things, but at it's base: it's utterly inferior to the premium units there's a lot of exaggerating potential, when looking at the base is needed. it's way too frequent in any critical discussion here... it gets downright deluded and insane, bet there are still people fearing SPAA's "infantry doomsday"
  2. will the new frus be like depots? that would help a lot. i hunted frus way back but it was stupid easy to kill an entire attack, i completely quit efru hunting to keep the action up.
  3. last update kicked a few of us out, a email promotion would be a nice notification. -major0noob
  4. it sounds really stupid in practice though, say i ask for an advanced weapon system, and get a tank when i wanted a Missile humvee. the platforms make sense, they sound unnecessary though. the name with a suffix or letter is usually better since it gives more information, like AUG-H, AUG-S,-AUG-M. i think their just salesmen talk that've rubbed off on americans cause of their hard on for weapons. a salsmen tactic to get them to buy more than 1 thing. like modern gaming's DLC capco's find suggests prototypes/experimental equipment, probably made popular cause of the controversial f-35 and canceled projects making the news.
  5. I'm arguing this cause there've been talks of abandoning the air and or the navy game, since their soo underpopulated. The air game isn't playable for most people checking the game out. due to the painful keybord+mouse controls i flew french air force for awhile, skies were empty most of the time. -major0noob
  6. this is another thing, not only do you need the joystick, you need rudder pedals, track ir, a throttle, trim, good software (macros and such), almost a entire cockpits controls. after you get all that you'll need to set up everything twice (joystick & in game). after all of that you can finally fly, against the 2 other guys that have done all this. it's like inf not being able to aim without a wii-like controller.
  7. why do you Americans always say weapon system? this has been bugging the hell out of me, you call rifles platforms, and sometimes say system up to 5 times in a single sentence while talking about various parts.
  8. it's not that getting a joystick is hard, but it's absolutely necessary to fly. there's no way to play a big part of the game without one, im not saying the joysticks should be disabled. the KB+M controls will need to be reworked, maybe even use a arcady fly-by-wire system. other than air squad nights the air game is dead most of the time, if players could fly just as well with a KB+M there'd be a lot more air action.
  9. the pak41 should have the same maneuverability as the 6lbr they were close to the same weight, their shells were even close to the same. bit of data from the net: Light atg's Pak 35/36----- 328 kg 25mm atg----- 480 kg Qf 2lbr---------814 kg Medium Pak 38---------830 kg 47mm----------1,070 kg QF 6lbr-------- 1,140 kg Bofors 40mm----1,981 kg Heavy Pak 40--------- 1,425 kg 3in M5----------2,210 kg QF 17lbr--------3,048 kg 8.8cm flak 36----7,407 kg there's a clear weight difference between German and allied weight classes, yet their maneuverability are similar. the bofors is even heavier and easier to move then the pak40 yet it's in a lighter class. Pak 43-----------4,380 kg the churchill's the only tank it'll counter though, it'll be introduced when the brits are replaced by the Americans too. it could wait till allies get pershings and m4a4's (they were standarized to "Jumbo" armor right?). -major0noob
  10. only a handful of people can fly though. it's a huge part of the game but almost everyone that starts cannot play air. hell any pilot on can request a personal air brig just for stukas. -major0noob
  11. while were talking about a new engine and planes, can you guys ignore realism and historical accuracy if you remake the air game. realism is neat but almost everyone that has ever loaded the game cannot fly, please don't make joysticks/rudders/throttles necessary for flying.
  12. awesome you should use those last 2 propa screens in france and germany, i bet they'll both enjoy the gun shooting at the RAF
  13. were they testing in 1.35?
  14. how high is your ping? mine was 450ish while playing, i had the same issues aswell. major0noob.
  15. calling anything F2P will make any game garbage no matter how good it is. there was a thread about it in the subscriber fourms, should bring it up again before 1.35 is out.