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  1. Okay, this is getting silly. Instant 126 or 20033 error if I try to switch brigades, but if I just pop into the same brigade after rebooting, I can play for about 10 min, then get 126 or 10033 error. Troubleshooting steps taken (reboot and attempted to login after each step): 1- Reboot after patch cell host disconnect (When in doubt, REBOOT!) 2- Updated Nvidia drivers 3- Updated Creative sound drivers 4- Uninstall, full reinstall from FTP site ( 5- Installed .Net 4 (per Gopher's suggestion about the original CTD error from a couple days ago) 6- Lowered vis limit WW2_Log.txt [sat Nov 26 18:45:01.700 2011] t:0 closing code:30100[sat Nov 26 18:45:02.672 2011] t:1 closing code:30006[sat Nov 26 18:45:03.572 2011] t:2 closing code:30006Sat Nov 26 18:45:03 2011 network election of 2 addresses: Winner:[sat Nov 26 18:45:04.175 2011] t:3 srvInf[sat Nov 26 18:45:04.175 2011] t:3 on:1 h:3515903375 p:27015 aMap[sat Nov 26 18:47:21.310 2011] t:3 pAcc[sat Nov 26 18:47:21.650 2011] tciRx ro:2 ip:[sat Nov 26 18:47:21.653 2011] t:3 sNot[sat Nov 26 18:47:21.653 2011] ! no cell for rvj[sat Nov 26 18:47:21.824 2011] Netcode2: netcode2 usage disabled by server.[sat Nov 26 18:47:21.824 2011] t:5 on:1 h:3515903376 p:27015 aCell[sat Nov 26 18:47:21.824 2011] redired[sat Nov 26 18:54:57.569 2011] spe[sat Nov 26 18:54:57.569 2011] t:5 sending pEx[sat Nov 26 18:54:57.683 2011] pmr[sat Nov 26 18:54:57.683 2011] t:5 closing code:30014[sat Nov 26 18:55:01.578 2011] redired[sat Nov 26 18:55:02.021 2011] t:3 pAcc[sat Nov 26 18:55:16.058 2011] t:3 pAcc[sat Nov 26 18:55:16.678 2011] tciRx ro:2 ip:[sat Nov 26 18:55:16.680 2011] t:3 sNot[sat Nov 26 18:55:16.680 2011] rvj[sat Nov 26 18:55:16.852 2011] Netcode2: netcode2 usage disabled by server.[sat Nov 26 18:55:16.852 2011] t:6 on:1 h:3515903376 p:27015 aCell[sat Nov 26 18:55:16.852 2011] ! cell active[sat Nov 26 18:55:16.852 2011] redired[sat Nov 26 19:07:30.297 2011] spe[sat Nov 26 19:07:30.297 2011] t:6 sending pEx[sat Nov 26 19:07:30.403 2011] t:6 closing code:30014[sat Nov 26 19:07:30.428 2011] pmr[sat Nov 26 19:07:34.311 2011] redired[sat Nov 26 19:07:34.684 2011] t:3 pAcc[sat Nov 26 19:07:37.032 2011] tciRx ro:2 ip:[sat Nov 26 19:07:37.034 2011] t:3 sNot[sat Nov 26 19:07:37.034 2011] rvj[sat Nov 26 19:07:37.206 2011] Netcode2: netcode2 usage disabled by server.[sat Nov 26 19:07:37.206 2011] t:7 on:1 h:3515903376 p:27015 aCell[sat Nov 26 19:07:37.206 2011] ! cell active[sat Nov 26 19:07:37.206 2011] redired[sat Nov 26 19:12:08.589 2011] t:3 closing code:30014[sat Nov 26 19:12:08.589 2011] t:3 got ENOTCONN:126[sat Nov 26 19:12:09.184 2011] Netcode2: netcode2 usage disabled by server.[sat Nov 26 19:12:09.184 2011] t:8 on:1 h:3515903376 p:27015 aCell[sat Nov 26 19:12:09.184 2011] ! cell active[sat Nov 26 19:12:10.099 2011] t:7 closing code:30006[sat Nov 26 19:12:10.099 2011] t:7 got ENOTCONN:126[sat Nov 26 19:12:10.099 2011] Lost connection to cell host connection error (#7): 126 - Not connected[sat Nov 26 19:12:10.099 2011] t:7 ec:2 fce/no client[sat Nov 26 19:12:10.099 2011] spe[sat Nov 26 19:12:10.099 2011] pEx/no cell[sat Nov 26 19:12:14.149 2011] rediredDxDiag at following link:
  2. Thanks for the reply branko. I was getting the Auth error last year, I resurected my old post to show how long the settings error has been going on... My GFX drivers were brand spankin' new when I made that first post, so it wasn't that. I just upgraded to 275.33 and still get the same error. It's a bit frustrating, I just hope others that have been living quietly with this same issue speak up so maybe a Rat can take a look at it.
  3. I am still getting an error every time I try to open the settings.exe file. It also had the associated text file with the error: 145d_appcompat.txt Here is my DxDiag: DxDiag I have reinstalled the game and Beta several times and have always gotten this error. Anybody have any clues?
  4. Any status on Wiretap and the BGE monitor? I love this utility!
  5. Except that when I tried to get into training before running the 13mb 1.31.2 update, it tried to go into the "Found Update" routine and locked up...
  6. Upon performing a clean install of wwiiol0001311.exe the other day and wwiiol0001311.exe tonight: I was also getting the authentication error tonight before I downloaded and ran wwiiol13101311.exe
  7. I installed the free version of AVG from Grisoft on my Sister's laptop and on my second gaming rig. I have had no issues and it takes up a much smaller footprint than McAfee and NAV (which I had to rip off my sister's laptop because it was causing so many problems).
  8. ^^^ What he said, I have seen this problem on two different machines over the years. Swap out the PS and see if that resolves the issue.
  9. Here is my tank cfml file with mouse-aim commands. Hope it helps: <?xml version='1.0'?> 11 9 e 2 5 7 4 10 212 4 11 32 16 14 15 13 z w s z z x b y b y b xx a s d yy s w xx q e yy w s
  10. Thanks for the info SLR, I will try a clean install and see if that fixes it.
  11. This was happening to me today also.
  12. When using the ingame map, either logged in or at brigade screen, I place my mouse over a friendly icon or town with a brigade in it, but I no longer get any information, i.e. friendly name or name of brigade at town. Is anyone else having this issue? TIA
  13. Yankee00, If you are willing to build your own system from components, you can dramatically up your cost/performance ratio. If however you would rather have a pre-built system where you can call an official helpdesk to resolve issues, then check out the major manufacturers: Dell, Gateway, and yes, Alienware. Keeping in mind you are paying for the brand name, and having a system 'professionally' assembled and tested. I was able to build a pretty good system at Gateway in about 2 minutes that came out to $1603 without monitor or speakers (for which I assume you can either use your old ones, or get new ones locally). System Name: Gateway FX510S Unit Price:* $799.99 Config Price:* $1514.98 Quantity: 1 Total Price:* $1514.98 Operating System: Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (SP2) w/ XP Pro Backup CD ........[ +US$100.00] Application Software: Microsoft® Works 8.5 Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo E6600 (2.40GHz 1066MHz FSB 4MB cache, non-HT) ........[ +US$175.00] Memory: 2048MB PC5300 dual-channel DDR2 667MHz SDRAM (2-1024MB modules) ........[ +US$150.00] Video: NVIDIA® GeForce 7600GS 256MB Dual DVI - Dual Link w/ HDCP & TV-Out ........[ +US$81.00] Chipset: Intel® 975X chipset with DDR2 and Intel® Core™ Duo support Hard Drive: 160GB 7200rpm Serial ATA II/300 hard drive w/ 8MB cache Optical Drive: 48x/32x/48x CD-RW Drive and 48x/32x/48x CD-RW/DVD combo drive Floppy Drive: 9-in-1 media card reader Extended Service Plan Including Limited Warranty: Desktop Value Plus Service Plan -- 3 year parts/labor/on-site/3 year technical support ........[ +US$129.99] Monitors: No Monitor Selected Speakers: Not Selected PCI Multimedia Card 1: 56K PCI data/fax modem PCI Multimedia Card 2: Sound Blaster X-FI PCI card ........[ +US$79.00] Keyboard and Mouse: Gateway® elite multimedia keyboard and soft-touch USB optical wheel mouse (no mouse pad included) Security Software: No Security Subscription Selected Additional Software: Adobe® Acrobat Reader® 7.0 and Google Toolbar Additional Software: Free Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter-While Supplies Last Rebate: $100 instant savings (reflected in price, limited time promotion) Case: Gateway 7-bay tower case Controller: Integrated Serial ATA controller Expansion Slots: (2) PCI expansion slots (filled), (1) PCI-E x1 expansion slot (available). (1) PCI-E x16 expansion slot (available) External Ports: (6) USB 2.0 (2 in front and 4 in back), (3) IEEE 1394 firewire (2 in front and 1 in back), (1) serial, (2) PS/2, (1) RJ-45 integrated LAN, (1) VGA, (1) microphone, front audio ports Certification: Energy Star® compliant Internet Service Provider: Six months America Online® Internet access Part Number: 1008695 Network: Integrated Intel® 10/100/1000 (Gigabit) Ethernet Desktop Technology: Intel® Viiv™ Technology Integrated Audio: Integrated Intel® 7.1 High Definition audio Standard Software: Napster Trial Subscription The only thing worth mentioning with the above box, the video card is not the greatest, but for the price it is much better than the mid-range DellXPS system which uses the onboard Intel video instead. As far as multi-core stuff goes, I am not sure if you would gain anything from having quad-core, and I have seen posts on this forum suggesting setting WWIIOnline to have an affinity for one core on the dual core CPUs. Good luck in your new PC endeavor. As an FYI, this is what I built for myself: