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  1. Just want to suggest that CRS add jeeps to the game. One of the common criticisms from new players about wwiiol is that it's a walking simulator. I think that adding jeeps for each faction would help reduce this criticism. While not an iconic weapon I think it could add a new element to game play. Also, by putting a MG on the jeeps it would not be such a bad job for a player ferrying people around. I was not a day one player but have heard old players talk about the truck assaults on CP's and jeeps could very well bring this back as a thing. anyways I hope CRS seriously consider adding this. Regards Bonghunter
  2. Yes. Would remove an annoying little task and could be used to help train new players.
  3. I'd just like to point out, It's fine to expect defenders to defend 3 or more CP's , but attackers should not have to defend FB's? I think it's OK at the moment. Undefended FB's can be blown up quickly with a truck and one engineer. Defended FB's have to be suppressed. If your side has no FB's that's the fault of that army not working as a team or being totally outnumbered. The idea of having the FB as a PPO is definitely interesting, as is FB's taking damage from all rounds. but I feel that the RATS should focus on new player experience and helping squads grow. Regards
  4. Dear Rats, I would like to suggest you think of adding this, Seems like it would help the gameplay when there are few experienced players creating missions. Also system created defense missions could be made of better quality for new players (By having to Defense Objects set and described in the map icons and orders. An example, Default AB mission Select the brigade with the most rifles Set the mission origin at the towns AB, Set the mission target to the town Set Orders to "Defend the town from enemy attackers, Defend the Army Bases(AB) Bunker building at Rally point one (R1) and Capture Points (CP). Set a perimeter and push the enemy back. Report enemy contacts on the map(M) by right clicking. Good luck solder!" Set R1 on the bunker building, set text to "This in the Army Base (AB) bunker building, The enemy must not be allowed to enter this facility, Our brigade will be forced to abandon this base if the enemy controls this building." Set R1+x to CP buildings for each CP with short description. "Defend this Capture Point (CP) building from the enemy" Anyways, I think both new and old players would find more informative missions helpful, I don't think it's realistic to expect a few players to recreate such detailed missions again and again. And I think it would also operate as in game training for new players who look at the map. You could also do Spawnable CP def missions, Supply CP def missions and a FB attack mission. you could explain what each one is for through the mission Orders. Now that's a lot of missions and maybe creating all of them might clutter the UI, but I think it's really worth exploring. And don't forget to make it multi lingual and update-able Regards !!
  5. Thx for the quick answer, After another look at the key mapper I found the View Category just under General , lol, How did i miss that!!!! It was simple to set the joystick view controls after that. Regards
  6. Hi, I've been trying to get into the air game, one issue that's troubling me is that I can not use the UP view from my joysticks thumb control. It works for all the directions except UP and Down, I can use numpad.5 and numpad.2 to look up and down, but it's not really practical when flying and you've got all the others on the joystick thumb control, I've looked for these on the keymapper but cannot find where numpad.5 is set or any of the view keys. I'm hoping that you can tell me what the line would be in the CFML file to set these keys. Regards
  7. FIX - Fix the fracking UI. (this is a 10 year old wish) Please lock a programmer in a closet until they create a new system for selecting brigades, selecting or creating missions. I'd love a total redo but just taking a UX approach ( going to the map to see what brigade is in town, then switching to a list of brigades and having to find and select the correct one is just painful. ) add in 2 army's and 3 roles and you got a total cluster. I've been known to spend several minutes trying to create/join a particular mission. I've been playing this game for years and it's still a total pain. Feature - The ability to kill stale missions,( this is new wish). Since steam and new players now regularly out numbering Vet's on the server it's become a real issue. New players have little idea whats going on, thus we have ludicrous mission pop's developing. saw 20 plus players defending a town that was not AO'd but was next to a town that was AO'd , there was no FB so they where not running to the target for a change, they where building sandbags and ATG emplacements everywhere.After logged into town I started driving the one's who knew how to get on a truck the 3km to the target while i was setting FMS's. Still was only a minor fix as none of them really seemed to know that they had to change mission to use the FMS. Happly after annoying the target town for a bit an AO was placed on the attacking town so all the greentags got to join in the fun. I'd list a bunch of other things but these are the two that i think really need fixing ASAP, I also think that both should be relatively easily and quickly achievable.
  8. Think this needs to be added, I understand there is potential for greeffing here, but I believe stale missions are hurting game play and new player retention. The move to steam has greatly increased the number of new players, This has changed the game mechanics a bit I think. Whats happening commonly now is that a few new players spawn in on a mission, if the ML decides that the mission is a failure or has to go elsewhere that mission stay around till everyone leave it. thus you get groups of players wondering aimlessly around the empty woods/city or worse in a camped spawn. Also, The concept of picking a spawn point is alien to them after years of Box Type FPS playing. And the clunky UI is no help here. So, maybe allow a mission leader to close their mission. Or let it be a perk of HC, if a mission is really retarded (like a town that was successfully defended and having AO removed staying the top mission one hour later just due to the number of new players wondering about looking for ene). Allow HC to kill that mission and at least more new players will not be funneled into that mission. I could try describe this more and what i've seen going on in game but it's already tl;dr regards
  9. One thing to note is that f2p players can't create missions (I'm pretty sure). So setting a FMS can be difficult and also annoy the missions actual leader. On training, Think a CAMPED SPAWN training mission would be great, set a FMS surrounded by unkillable ene AI machine gun pits, make the player spawn on that mission. the training continues until the player picks a different mission. As a added reward the other mission should spawn to a FMS just behind the machine gun pits so they can watch people getting gunned down at the camped fms. Enjoy !!!
  10. I'll admit that almost nothing in a MMORPG is simple. If this suggestion fails to "fit that which are achievable." , I can't imagine what category removing TOE's falls in.
  11. Hi all, Just want to share an idea that might help with low pop imbalance issues, What if F2P accounts could use all the equipment they had rank for while playing for the under pop side while there is only one AO? It should be easy to code, incentivize F2P players to join the under pop side even if they are getting murdered, and maybe in the long run help balance the sides permanently. Also let F2P players experience the complete game for certain periods. The down side is that playing the low pop side is such hell you may lose most of those F2P players anyways, Just an idea.