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  1. These were are the new roads Doc added along with 50 cities he added capture points to. Those were the first city maps I made so if that's not going to be recovered I have to change those 50 back. Not really a lot of work. Look at my city maps page and look up Spontin to see an example of the changes.
  2. I was in Warbirds from 94 to 2000, scored top bomber one tour, led bomber groups in scenarios and flew with the best squad in game "The Rogue Gryffons" Ok we took second place in squad competition but we could have been the best:) Gryf was our Co and when he went to work for playnet he brought the squad in as beta testers. Think there were 200 beta testers brought in in November of 2000. They needed numbers for load test so there were a lot of us. I was there the day they broke the 64 player limit, one tester was just triangles. I was also in the first infantry fight at Anhee where we had French vs Brits and Floo walked all the way from Spontin as the sneaky German. Yeah, we had some fun. Load test we would fill Spontin Airfield with tanks, as many as could log on, when done it would be a free for all that no one would survive. I remember MO lining us all up as infantry and then gunning us all down. No way to treat a beta tester:) It was all very exciting and we had no idea how good it was going to get. It got very good. So still here after 16 years, still enjoy playing, my allies in game are the greatest, my opponents are the best. Big salute to all of you for some great gaming.
  3. They tried it once, it looked bad. What we see looks ok, but when you put contour lines to it, ugh
  4. The goal I believe, was to improve gameplay by keeping more people in the fight rather than guarding cities that don't need guarding. I went over every forward base in game looking at distances to town. Here is what I found. The absolute closest is Zeebrug to Oostende, 800m from the edge of Oostende. The farthest was out beyond 3000. There are only 10 forward bases inside of 1500 meters to their target city, another 6 inside 1500 to airfields. Add in 1500 to 2000 meters and that number goes way way up. I didn't bother counting there were so many. So 1500 was a good place to start. For me, its nice not having to defend a city because there's a guard at the forward base. When I see EWS now, I know they are bringing the fight, and that's an improvement. So how's it working for everyone else ?
  5. A bump cause it's just painful watching players walk right into it
  6. A great idea, would help on city defense. I despawn constantly to rearm, this would provide for longer missions on defense.
  7. Just something I thought would be cool. A reward for winning a fight. What if, when a city is captured, everyone on a attack mission to that city got bonus points for the capture. Just thinking.
  8. Hey folks, like to remind everyone of some information that can hopefully help you with the AI. At Fives Maps just read the AI page and ask questions if needed. They are just another tool we have for defense and can be avoided when you are on the attack. When I open my map I look at the AI, where they are pointing and then go around them. You need to be able to do the same. The art on the map is really small, but you can see it if you know what to look for. Read that page ask questions and laugh at the AI as you walk past them Hope it helps some
  9. So sorry buckeyes, thanks for being a great player, seen you in my aar many times Have enjoyed playing against you.