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  1. The wiki has lots of usefull info on it such as how much lead to give moving targets with British and French rifles or tutorial videos and capturing towns and cps heres the link to the main page on the wiki https://wiki.wwiionline.com/view/Main_Page here's the link to leading targets https://wiki.wwiionline.com/view/Tactical_Ops heres the link to play made tutorials https://wiki.wwiionline.com/view/Player_Made_Guides
  2. ive made a page for your videos https://wiki.wwiionline.com/view/Flying_with_Nozzlen#Air_to_Air_Combat_With_The_109 also could you do stuff with the allied aircraft thanks
  3. I've put links to different stuff on the Training forums to the wiki
  4. Can I put your videos on the game wiki and I've put in how to install incremental flaps on it. https://wiki.wwiionline.com/view/Incremented_flaps
  5. Ideas for the wiki or improvements need idears to get the wiki up to date and to put new stuff in for training new people
  6. Is anyone in the ATC or has been in the ATC I'm in 150 squadron
  7. I've just applied for the allied HC I hope I get in
  8. Here's the link for installing incremental flaps on the wiki https://wiki.wwiionline.com/view/Incremented_flaps
  9. I would like to be in HC but I can't pay a premium subscription
  10. I've just up loaded a good pilots guide on the wiki https://wiki.wwiionline.com/view/File:Ww2_online_inpursuit.pdf
  11. I have all the pictures of the infantry weapons do you want them.
  12. Dose anyone know when the new tank buster aircraft are coming out
  13. I've started updating the infantry weapons for the British.
  14. The rifleman have been given 1 satchel to be able to blow up sandbags and anty tank trap.
  15. I'm cancelling the squad