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  1. There was some talk of the officer uniforms coming back this year or next year
  2. I like the idea but I don't know if they could code it in
  3. I would say I'm better at air oic than moic
  4. Congrats everyone
  5. Reserve officers just help out if needed but the regular Hc will do most of the map moves. reserve officers don't usually do much it's more to help the regulars than to actually do the map moves.
  6. I would like to see all lancers using discord ever if they don't have a mic
  7. I would like to see the old bunker back in the game. it would be cool if there placed at airfields or sea towns.
  8. Well deserved cookie420
  9. I think that's the post I saw and couldn't fined it so I made a new one
  10. I was just trying to keep it simple and I know RAF ranks because I'm a corporal in the air training corps but I don't know army ranks sow I was doing the ranks I know
  11. I was thinking about changing the names of the squad to proper names for example also the squad can choose if it what's to use Air Force ranks or army ranks and navy ranks CO wo (warrant Officer) or Sargent major flight sargent or colour Sargent corporal private or cadet recrute
  12. Ive killed more 232s with the aa gun than planes
  13. I was thinking you could use engineers to fixes the tracks and also it would give a new role to them that people may have an engineer on the tank so that they can repair faster
  14. I propose that HC can tune in to different missions and can switch the frequencies which will switch to different missions or brigades this will make it more easily to talk to different missions also it can make the talk a bit more organised but the idear of choosing the different radio types is good idear
  15. My question is how do you hear all the channels at all the same time like if your on a mission and these people in your squad talking you can't hear the people in your mission or if you are in Hc imagine how confusing it's going to be for them