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  1. I've just applied for the allied HC I hope I get in
  2. Here's the link for installing incremental flaps on the wiki
  3. I would like to be in HC but I can't pay a premium subscription
  4. I've just up loaded a good pilots guide on the wiki
  5. I have all the pictures of the infantry weapons do you want them.
  6. Dose anyone know when the new tank buster aircraft are coming out
  7. I've started updating the infantry weapons for the British.
  8. The rifleman have been given 1 satchel to be able to blow up sandbags and anty tank trap.
  9. I'm cancelling the squad
  10. I need 4 more people
  11. ive never seen the navy do any attacks I wish we could do more attacks with the navy
  12. The idea is good but when the allies invaded the germans didn't know where or when it was going to happen. How about HC choose where to invade So that they can surprise them. Also take away the symbols of the troops and tanks so that they have to use recon aircraft which will show enemy action for that time but only the HC will see it.
  13. Thanks I'll try that
  14. Just wondering what is the best gun convergence for the spitfire I have mine on 400m
  15. I'm thinking of making a squad specifically for fighter escorts it will be called the Royal Air Force or RAF for short also I want make it for beginners so that new players can learn and have a group of people to fly with. I'm wondering if anyone is interested please leave a comment if you are.