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  1. WBS - thank you all Finishing the promotion (15 days) I was able to play with stug b and 3H get 7th in the top tank. I don't think this system is fair. Stug B, 4D and 3H battling s35, char, stuart and matildas for 20 days? FMS HC being born smg? Cities changing flags (to increase in-game matildas) I'll wait a little longer. But thank you very much. (I still pay a premium account, kareca, but without playing). enemytank/kareca
  2. ...blame for the excesses of allies that went to the axis side.. lol
  3. It seems that on this map CRS has placed few English flags. or am i wrong? Few English flags, few matildas..
  4. Doc, your participation (showing your victory) in this post was the best thing I've read in recent times. I'm from your time. and I confess I miss that team. enemytank/kareca
  5. Stug B? How many matildas did you kill with stug B? With sapper matilda is a easy kill...
  6. This is a problem. We only see matildas (practically in God mode) for 4 tiers ... Before you talk about 3H, I'll laugh..
  7. My opinion and your opinion. My goal is to have a balanced game, yours seems to be on the CRS staff.
  8. CRS chose direction to be true to history and not to produce a balanced game.. It is paying a high price.
  9. great news !!! enemytank/kareca
  10. i agree... augetout next caps lol
  11. My problem is not the premium account value I always paid 2 bills (one of them HERO) The problem is CRS's option to follow historical facts for equipment When I see the spawm list I give up on returning. I'm a tanker and I won't wait 4 tiers to start playing tank As long as it does, my squad friends and I don't come back. Sry. enemytank/kareca
  12. Axis bazooka only tier 6? lol
  13. and would add an IF THEN: IF fms blocked for spawn THEN takelead = FALSE ENDIF lol.
  14. What is missing is the ability to block spawn in FMS. Without having to delete.