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  1. Stenay under attack, enemy infantry near AB camping E gate They did not have to camp W gate because our "friends" blocked the W gate with countless ppos. Opels and tanks can not get out on the W side, In an attempt to put defensive fms, opels are killed by 2 or 3 inf at E gate (single exit) I HATE PPOs IN AB gates !!! I HATE PPOs IN AB gates !!! I HATE PPOs IN AB gates !!! I HATE PPOs IN AB gates !!! Nothing against PPOs but .... block AB gates? by Petrus.
  2. I did not like only the dots... lol
  3. Why create a mission? click the city, click on the AB, CP or FB (if active) and automatically goes to the spaw list... and play!
  4. i agree..
  5. Congrats! Only need to bring the Tops and win the campaign.
  6. the most banal of games has FF on (Counter Strike) I played for years and I did not see any problems. FF on is reality and should exist. Some do not have enough reflex and are afraid to kill friends
  7. green tags or f2p? in the beginning all are green tags... and obviously 100% ...FF is not on because it would displease the bombers (allied) and also because it is not realistic (lol)
  8. simple answer / justification. Meanwhile .... axis ........ but if you want I can model ...
  9. Sherman 76 and the Firefly OK.. and the Panther?
  10. We on the Axis side are at war with history no more with the Allied team in the name of the game today it should be WWIIONLINE - AXIS x HISTORY (Historia narrated on the one hand only)
  11. simple... those who played the game are leaving or leaving..
  12. Vireaux was the proof that tank captures town!
  13. There is no equipment for those who PAY! (17.99US), and have to play with rifle just like who does NOT PAY!
  14. The same thing happens with Axis tanks in tier 0, 1 and 2..