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  1. http://forums.wwiionline.com/forums/topic/422375-flags-or-dots-on-the-map-my-suggestion/
  2. I would have agreed if the FF were ON. I will never accept selective bombs that only kill enemies.
  3. sincerely .... You do not know what you want.
  4. Friend fire off = children's game kill credit on = children's game It has to be the reverse. FF ON kill credit OFF game for real players..
  5. panzers with rubber bullet.. maybe... the matilda cannon has always been vulnerable shot the cannon and managed to kill. not anymore.. But nothing has changed I do not know what happened... miracle maybe
  6. I do not know which test, nor when it was done, nor did they change anything as a result of this test, but sure something changed.. maybe not in the matilda but in the panzers ... maybe.
  7. matilda mk II is not the same as previous campaigns....
  8. is that so..... Tier is now per semester.. Axis has no money for new equipment ... I play only tier 3.... 0,1 and 2 i see Netflix..
  9. this is bug for me... that's what i mean to merlin51...
  10. German Rifleman 316 3 105.33 k/d matilda x rifleman 3 riflemans kill matilda .. Merlin51..? normal?
  11. CHALLENGE: 1 (one) MATILDA MK II x 4 (four) pzer 3H distance 600m front Is someone enabled on the training server?
  12. I am available to prove on the training server if you want bug.. I am available to prove on the training server if you want..
  13. I already won kill sherman with 232.. Bug.. 2C never kills matilda... bug...
  14. WBS - welcome back soldier - does not work in the initial Tier (0, 1. 2) I brought 2 friends to go back.. but the matildas massacre 1 day playing and gave up again .. Must have WBS after Tier 3