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  1. WBS - thank you all Finishing the promotion (15 days) I was able to play with stug b and 3H get 7th in the top tank. I don't think this system is fair. Stug B, 4D and 3H battling s35, char, stuart and matildas for 20 days? FMS HC being born smg? Cities changing flags (to increase in-game matildas) I'll wait a little longer. But thank you very much. (I still pay a premium account, kareca, but without playing). enemytank/kareca
  2. ...blame for the excesses of allies that went to the axis side.. lol
  3. It seems that on this map CRS has placed few English flags. or am i wrong? Few English flags, few matildas..
  4. Doc, your participation (showing your victory) in this post was the best thing I've read in recent times. I'm from your time. and I confess I miss that team. enemytank/kareca
  5. Stug B? How many matildas did you kill with stug B? With sapper matilda is a easy kill...
  6. This is a problem. We only see matildas (practically in God mode) for 4 tiers ... Before you talk about 3H, I'll laugh..
  7. My opinion and your opinion. My goal is to have a balanced game, yours seems to be on the CRS staff.
  8. CRS chose direction to be true to history and not to produce a balanced game.. It is paying a high price.
  9. great news !!! enemytank/kareca
  10. i agree... augetout next caps lol
  11. My problem is not the premium account value I always paid 2 bills (one of them HERO) The problem is CRS's option to follow historical facts for equipment When I see the spawm list I give up on returning. I'm a tanker and I won't wait 4 tiers to start playing tank As long as it does, my squad friends and I don't come back. Sry. enemytank/kareca
  12. Axis bazooka only tier 6? lol
  13. and would add an IF THEN: IF fms blocked for spawn THEN takelead = FALSE ENDIF lol.
  14. What is missing is the ability to block spawn in FMS. Without having to delete.
  15. Have f2p already been blocked? Unable to sign in.. Tks all!! very fun!! I hope to come back someday
  16. my tankers friends will not attend.
  17. lol axis players now only play tank in events and in intermission ... For allies every day is tank event..
  18. The number of days in the tier is set or depending on how the campaign is going?
  19. depends on the number of days the Tier if it is the same as the previous campaign Matildas and matamor win.
  20. What is disrupting this game is that CRS has decided to be true to the story (the game is long without balance). It was a decision. OK. but I think it was wrong. It might even be so, but the game should start in 1942
  21. 20% .. maybe.. lol
  22. hard? lol It was a walk in the park .. (i agree)
  23. I believe that the game can be guided by history. But for it to work as A GAME it would have to start on tier 3 (considering 1 tier = 6 months)
  24. the next campaign will also have 8 days tier (1 tier = 6 months)?