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  1. I've thought about recording game play and sharing it. But then people would

    1) See how easy it is to shoot them when they stand next to a window.

    2) Look at the video and make charges of "wow you reload fast" or, "how did you see that person?"

    So much of the infantry game is instinct, feel, and audio. Haters going to hate.

    3) I don't want you to know how easy it was to kill you. Or what lengths I had to go to kill you (maxios!). It was bmw I think who said that he didn't know he could be killed from 'x' angle until the death cam allowed him to see the angle itself. I'd much rather you be confused. =)

    You have a way with words S!

    Really enjoying playing with you By the way

  2. Matilda is 43-0 against 3f this campaign. A k/d of 43. Historically it is at 7.14.

    68-4 vs 4d (k/d 17), historically at 7.15.

    So yes, something is clearly different from the past.

    The Stug3b performs better than it used to back in the day. The Stug3b has performed well the last couple of campaigns.

    Good thing for axis there are so few matildas that you never find one when you want it. We used to have more Matildas in our flags...

    Balance :D

  3. 27k sorties as allied, 21k as axis.

    I play SMG a lot. 70% of my sorties maybe?

    I prefer the allied SMGs for close combat. I think they are better for the indoor fights. Axis SMG is better for medium distance.

    Facts? No, just my opinion. And ofc the player skills counts a lot.

    Honestly the axis SMG is decent. I see no major problems with it.

    Aside all of this, I'm starting to fear that with all of this "weapon audits" we take the risk to have, at the end, a too much similar perfomance among all of the equipment pieces. We have to be careful for not making all the gear to performs equal. We always had a heterogeneous bunch of units, each one with its own and genunine character, and imho that makes the game rich and enjoyable. Different. That's a part of the challenge of this game.

    We should be able to keep the balance among equipments in general, not unit per unit.

    It would be sad if we get to the day when it would really does not make any point to use A or B or C weapon since all of them performs exactly in the same way....

    Just a thought.

    LOL ok then make the tiger 1 what it really was :D go watch fury and tell me the tiger couldnt kill 4 to 5 shermans and the sherman could kill a tiger frontally from any distance

  4. lol a bunch of children bickering over candy....i agree the accuracy of the sub machine guns needs work i have watched some allied training materials that state the mp40 had worse accuracy then the allied guns....then again it was allied training material and they were trying give the allied soldiers confidence...