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  1. i think the whole game should change to free to play. but to get better equipment long grind or upgrade/get camo other goodies for cash.
  2. Award players with more points based on working on the same mission as squad members
  3. Boom yow Arma 3 has comms right on the money a voice and chat channel for Squad, Mission, Side, so on, and so forth.
  4. Lol As they roll all the way to berlin killing and camping every ab on the face of the planet
  5. You have a way with words S! Really enjoying playing with you By the way
  6. I have started recording all my gameplay now so i can let that tell my stories you know like when lob is shooting people that cant see him
  7. GMs actually reply to your .report lol Wow
  8. by default its you since u scared
  9. Kool Post Thanks man!
  10. Balance
  11. Start one back up we been getting some newbies in game
  12. Look at my stats and you will see who the axis are
  13. lol an unbalanced game is even less fun because their will be no one to shoot at. balance is an issue that needs to be fixed the rats are trying their danmedest to fix it im sure they will come up with something in addition to what they have done play the underpop side and you will not have any delay in joining the fight Pig out
  14. EWS seems right now. Drive a defensive fru from a back line town if you want one or a town n or south of town you are defending whatever is possible.
  15. LOL ok then make the tiger 1 what it really was go watch fury and tell me the tiger couldnt kill 4 to 5 shermans and the sherman could kill a tiger frontally from any distance
  16. lol a bunch of children bickering over candy....i agree the accuracy of the sub machine guns needs work i have watched some allied training materials that state the mp40 had worse accuracy then the allied guns....then again it was allied training material and they were trying give the allied soldiers confidence...
  17. Marine Stobtrup Kompanie is always looking for members axis naval squad with a long prestigous history in the game pm me or delems for details and an invite!