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  1. Greed for kills and camping !! most allied AOs get swarmed with Spermans ... who are trying to camp and get massive kills Tactic and coordination is non-priority as it looks like lately ... thats why it is so easy to pick you guys 1 by 1. or even the FB. LOL
  2. plus ... it would enable a new dimension in gameplay/tactic ppl and HC getting tired of the same setting over and over for more than a decade now. changing TOEs doesnt help that much
  3. will force allies to keep 1 div in england and defend the coastline. also works other way around both sides will have to fly in paras or transporters/trucks over a long distance for allies it would mean to keep 1 div back in england for axis it would mean to keep 1 div in the far N of map to secure that link/port
  4. Add a single link from Den Haag to England ... far N. and it will magically become super important at once
  5. i would prefer 2-3 different setups of campaigns 1) Battle of France: Like right now but with Tier timer like 7 days per cycle. Axis with a bit more supply than allies 2) D-Day: Most of map being axis except a small invasion bridgehead somewhere near SW of map. Brit flags in England and US flags in far SW corner pushing axis occupied area. that way we have the Tier with US troops/supply in. guaranteed. Axis with a bit less supply too. Start alternatively with both campaigns ... so you offer all Tiers and ppl can enjoy their beloved Tiers much longer and intensive than this tier rushing we have right now PLUS it will give us a complete new setup of campaign and diversity
  6. Tier 0 used to be the best Tier ... biggest fun ... most balanced imo. not anymore
  7. well ... then Spitfires and DB7s should break apart too with their insane maneuvers !
  8. srsly ? that long in game and doesnt know about the loop da loop DB7 being almost invulnerable to 20mm cannons and AA fire ? or the spitfire that can fly slower and faster than everything ... turns on penny coin ... taking loads of hits from any kind of caliber if he really didnt know about it ... then i am asking what kind of game he is playing ??? since day 1 in this game i experienced this stuff ... on my own and seeing it happening to others
  9. there is a difference about having an opel ... or being able to drive ev trucks that anyone can barely hear ... plus being able to spawn uba smgs that easily take out a fully filled CP/bunker with 1 clip
  10. how about mattys and spitfires can cap CPs too ? #1 on allied wishlist i heard
  11. Axis have used the sappers in a very good way/tactic back in the old days ... with 4 HEAT satchels. So it got downgraded by giving 2 HE and 2 HEAT satchels and creating the Engineer class Axis have dominated the FB wars back in the old days by showing more skills and patience ... so FB damage was upped by 7.5x Axis have dominated the battlefield with 88s back in the old days because of patience and coordination ... so more dispersion got introduced Axis LW pilots dominated the sky back in the old days with 109s ... so somehow the flop sneaked it into a patch and never got fixed Axis have used LMGs to counter the insane ROF of brit SMGs ... so now you can only fire it anymore while standing still So what is coming next ?
  12. what about: LMG: you run with LMG ... you start shooting .. the player slows down and stops. done SMG: you run with SMG ... you start shooting ... the player slows down to walking speed. done for all kind of weapons you shouldnt be allowed to run while you reload the weapon. just walk or stop for LMGs it should force you to prone down and not being able to move in the meantime
  13. CRS added an 11th division to the map to both sides. at the start of a campaign the 11 divisions can be used very good to cover the whole frontline. as soon as the map moves W the 11 divs get more squeezed into a smaller frontline. that leads to endless supply battles like we know from old times when allies are down to England and their 3 french factory town areas. when the map moves E it will keep the frontline length for some time until you reach the links to Frankfurt. then it becomes the same. this campaign was extremely long compared to the last 30 campaigns we had before. cant remember any campaign lasting this long over the last few years. it is fatigue in general that kicks into the game after some time. some players could/would play forever in this state/tier ... but many get bored because of it and want to have a fresh campaign with low tier stuff. i personally prefer Tier 0 and Tier 1 the most. also from my personal experience i can tell you for sure that axis players are way more dedicated to their side and morale than the allies. for allies it is like: rush the town with tanks .. once we are out of tanks .. drop the AO and try same tactic at next target. rinse and repeat. as someone already said allies tend to give up pretty fast once certain key towns fall => Antwerp - Brussels - Maubeuge - Sedan
  14. allied DB7s would bomb their OWN supply to oblivion ...