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  1. Welcome to axis !
  2. ^ This Some ppl just can't learn from past/previous faults ...
  3. Because like nothing changed since then
  4. inb4 allies here rage post about your proposal !
  5. the flight path of the shell i guess with your damage model shown in the little window
  6. Alea iacta est ! too late !
  7. just log into other side ... sneak onto map ... go back to your side. feature useless then
  8. this fact would mean that shermans should be an easy pick because of their sloped armor at medium/long distance. specially to 75mm PaK and IV G ... but they arent. "falling" shells coming down in an arc ... would impact the front hull almost in perfect 90° angle
  9. GARRISONS: all sides should have many light / medium tanks in great numbers ... like 3f / 38 (t) ... A13 ... H39 / R35. just a few of the heavy ones. would love to see more tank combat of that kind. all those tanks i mentioned are pretty balanced and guarantee a good shootout. DIVISIONS: all sides should have more medium and heavy tanks in those flags. this would guarantee that flags still stay a severe threat on the map and big pushes can mostly be done only with divisions support.
  10. lol allied campfest inbound then ... specially after every capped town by the allies ... the new town supply will be set to british by AHC 7 + 2 CS Mattys are a bit too much for a "simple" garrison there werent that many Mattys in real BoF that would justify this high number. 4 + 2 sounds better
  11. just confirms my thread
  12. because you need a direct hit on them. mostly close hits (even with 88mm HE shells) will not destroy the PPOs
  13. Greed for kills and camping !! most allied AOs get swarmed with Spermans ... who are trying to camp and get massive kills Tactic and coordination is non-priority as it looks like lately ... thats why it is so easy to pick you guys 1 by 1. or even the FB. LOL
  14. plus ... it would enable a new dimension in gameplay/tactic ppl and HC getting tired of the same setting over and over for more than a decade now. changing TOEs doesnt help that much