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  1. CRS added an 11th division to the map to both sides. at the start of a campaign the 11 divisions can be used very good to cover the whole frontline. as soon as the map moves W the 11 divs get more squeezed into a smaller frontline. that leads to endless supply battles like we know from old times when allies are down to England and their 3 french factory town areas. when the map moves E it will keep the frontline length for some time until you reach the links to Frankfurt. then it becomes the same. this campaign was extremely long compared to the last 30 campaigns we had before. cant remember any campaign lasting this long over the last few years. it is fatigue in general that kicks into the game after some time. some players could/would play forever in this state/tier ... but many get bored because of it and want to have a fresh campaign with low tier stuff. i personally prefer Tier 0 and Tier 1 the most. also from my personal experience i can tell you for sure that axis players are way more dedicated to their side and morale than the allies. for allies it is like: rush the town with tanks .. once we are out of tanks .. drop the AO and try same tactic at next target. rinse and repeat. as someone already said allies tend to give up pretty fast once certain key towns fall => Antwerp - Brussels - Maubeuge - Sedan
  2. allied DB7s would bomb their OWN supply to oblivion ...
  3. CRS already increased the speed of flag movement behind frontlines ... and you guys still cry about being cut off in this big style !! dont blame us for doing a counter attack in form of a snake cut off line. pull flags back way earlier and threaten the cut off the snake itself ... but it seems like you guys specially the AHC doesnt know how that works or what it is ... LOL did you guys get an order from Churchill ? To hold Lux at all costs ? no withdrawal ? i see similarities to Stalingrad ... where axis troops werent allowed to retreat at all too but this time you are in that position
  4. AHC moved 2 brit divs into S of map and pushed via Luxembourg towards our factories GHC risked it and pushed through the center and made it. The risk was very high but axis playerbase stuck to the plan and achieved a lot. for at least 12 hours AHC didnt move the 2 brit divs back ... all the french flags that were in the upcoming pocket didnt move neither ... and only just before Laon was capped they all suddenly moved back. this is like the typical allied Antwerp syndrom when axis are pushing in center towards Maldegem area. AHC not pulling back until it is WAY TOO LATE. this time again but in the S. Nearly all the town caps happened in TZ1 as syd10 already stated. and now the allies cry again about losing a map so fast again ?? well ... WE (axis) didnt start it ... YOU guys were the ones that went towards our factories in the S today in TZ3 i already announced that AHC will for sure move 1 div into the N and go the Roosendaal / Breda route again ... and voila !!! There we go. the same crap like every campaign and in 95% of cases allies fail at trying it
  5. axis planes will be like this current models are like this i bet https://youtube.com/BOpNTIGC5M4 (which would fit to the mostly instant hit in head and pilot hits we experienced for years)
  6. just a simple hint for a noob like you .... SPAWN AT A CP !!! you can easily escape and deploy there ... because most allied bombers/planes focus on ABs. easy picks if you do it right
  7. like most british tanks already have ?? camo color has the same color like bushes ...
  8. just to name 2 bugs: - run SPAA with almost full speed. switch to commander and deploy. vehicle will stop and get rooted as intended. in the background the engine still running at full throttle. when you undeploy again the vehicle is instantly at full speed - the audio bug for the axis SPAA ... so it wasnt audible for others lol ?!? specially the 2nd one ... is way too obvious and it looks like they just didnt test it properly and not with 2 persons ... or they knew about it and postponed the fix for later on so they can push the feature to live as fast as possible
  9. srsly ... your QA team sucks the amount of bugs and flaws i see/feel/experience in the code/equipment that got newly added ... makes me facepalm all day long. how can that stuff get past the QA team and they didnt notice it ???
  10. uhm yes there are quite a few allied players that barely or dont play in early tiers. some allied players wait for the stuart ... spitfire with cannons or the shermans to be available
  11. US equipment is already in the french divisions on the map thats why you can see shermans all over and allied players finally log back into game ... which happens every campaign this way. once the map moves W ... they dont log in until shermans are available rinse and repeat
  12. if you want to balance it out what we have right now ... - change both setup timers for axis 20mm and allied 25mm AA to the same. right now the allied 25mm AA set ups in like 2-3 secs until you can use the zoom modes. axis one is like 5-6 secs. - change the zoom mode for axis 20mm AA. right now there is literally only 1 while allies have 2
  13. i predicted it months ago that the steam release would be way too early. many severe bugs not fixed. broken game mechanics. equipment imbalance. removal of old fru and switch to bunker. and many other reasons ...
  14. allied bombs are like 50% weight of axis bombs but nevertheless they cause 2-300% more damage axis bombs are well known for killing scout cars in this game while DB-7 pilots easily come home with 3-5 Tiger kills per sortie and a huge amount of 40mm bofor holes in their planes .....
  15. infantry fades out at about 800m distance. then you cant see infantry units anymore. so bombing towns at 1k or higher => useless .. unless you go for tanks (which makes no sense too) or atgs/aa guns. only way to kill enemy infantry then is to blow up the building they are in. but it works for friendly kills too. right now the 88 and Tiger shells are kinda useless vs. infantry. most HE shells are extremely poor vs. infantry. the blast range of those shells is like 2m ... try shooting an EI hiding inside a fru bunker. he can just sit around the corner and laugh about your Tiger shooting it