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  1. Why is there no auto kick option in squad management ? IF player X didn't log in for 365 days THEN remove him from squad. Many squads would kinda collapse because they are artificially bloated up because of 100s of ghost members. Those ppl didn't play the game for many years anymore ... or were just trial accounts. But it would be a way more honest system than it is right now. The remaining ppl would then start to form or join other squads a lot faster/easier. It would help your request too
  2. i have a few ones that should fit perfectly !!
  3. the game is broken way too much i wont be back until they have fixed all the main bugs that are ingame for years ... hell even a decade so far. plus a few decisions lately that ignored problems that were known before. like the one with most of the frontline towns being british. i mentioned that problem long before 1.36
  4. too complex. lol they cant even handle/ensure about same supply for all flags/sides
  5. he is right. your squad is coming axis ... to ensure next one will be an axis victory
  6. Poor network code in combination with ping/latency
  7. i remember how i asked on forums if there will be a ratio limit for towns set to brit and french flags ... to keep the ratio like we had with real flags back then it was way too obvious that AHC will for sure mainly focus on using brit flags for attacks all the time because of the equipment dominance. it got ignored and they said it will be no problem. looks like that old thread got deleted in the meantime. imo the decision to put shermans M10s in big numbers into brit flags too ... was a big mistake.
  8. I've predicted that problem with flags pre 1.36
  9. Now you know how it is to fly with 109 vs. Spitfire ... in every tier
  10. I posted about this problem before 1.36 was out ... and ofc ppl said NO NO NO ... THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN !
  11. your wish will be unheard and not be fulfilled good luck next time
  12. I lol'ed big time
  13. Matty vs. 3f and 232 ??
  14. Players place FRUs in the exact same spots for years ... they did ... they do ... and they will do it in 95% of the attacks again. Once a town name pops up for EWS ... I can instantly tell you the usual FRU spots for it. You all act as if it is some sort of rocket science ... no it isn't. Once EWS pops up ... spawn a scout car or infantry and run towards one of the usual directions. Then run around town in a circle of 500-700m ... and voila you are able to spot every FRU. Spot it ... mark it on map ... flank it ... blow it up or call for support. I've been able to shut down allied attacks single handedly because of this tactic and ofc my memory of their usual spots. Waiting for allied trucks to roll in and try it again over and over again. There is a huge difference between ACT and REACT. I prefer to REACT to first EWS unless it was too obvious that an AO will come to town ... and then instantly switch to ACT ... and block new inc trucks
  15. A few sorties in a Matty ... and you have 150k in no time !!