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  1. does it matter ? friday will be intermission anyway if we keep going at this rate and allies refusing to log in
  2. no worries ... like everyone get accepted
  3. 88s were used in France ... when axis faced the Mattys https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Arras_(1940) => Battle => Left column
  4. shooting ETs at distances below 1.000m is sniping ?? lol shoot EIs at 700m distance with AP ... or hit ETs at 2.000 - 2.500m ... THAT IS SNIPING. if you kill them with 1st shot
  5. the 88mm HE shell of Tiger is a joke. same for the FLAK HE ammo you kinda have to hit EI directly or within 2m radius to kill him
  6. counter-question: Why are there so many allied players in TZ 2 ?? US prime time
  7. Instant - Axis - Victory - Indicator: Sedan axis 1/1 Maubeuge axis 0/1 Brussels axis 0/1 Antwerpen axis 0/1
  8. gives the axis 20mm AA 2x zoom modes too. AND what is most important ... WE NEED THE SAME BUILD UP TIMER !! allies can deploy weapon and instantly zoom in / use the gun axis can deploy instantly too ... BUT our zoom in is black for about 5 secs thats the biggest disadvantage when you are trying to defend an FB with a lot of EA above if you dont believe it ... go and test it in "Practice Offline"
  9. why should someone use DDs for it ? it is faster and more deadly to simply spawn a DB7 and suicide bomb the ships then ...
  10. Welcome to axis this is happening for years already and it gets worse over the time last few days i had C7s taking 10 shots into turret frontally at 50m. aimed right hand of the barrel where it is weaker than anywhere else frontally. C7 ignored it Shermans taking multi hits into flank (engine area and even below turret) by Tiger AP ammo at 500m. nothing
  11. right now you can only kill Pan with 232 if you get on his flank and shoot AP into side door. otherwise not. multi magazines into front and/or shooting into driver slit or turret does nothing the ability of 232 to kill enemy tanks is EXTREMELY low while the DAC and PAN just kill almost everything on the battlefield while running in electric powered silenced mode upgrade the 20mm ammo or give us another tank than the 232 and 2c dont forget about navy flags Axis: 232 and 2c Brits: Vicky and Daimler French: Panhard and R35 i guess i dont have to comment on that anymore eh ?
  12. trolling eh ? 6pdr guns easily kill all tanks frontally. even Tigers up to 1.5km frontally. just the StuG 3G is difficult for the 6pdr ... but still doable. rest of german tanks behave like they have no armor at all. 6pdr and m1 atg shells go through like hot knife in butter try same with pak38 ... the counterpart of the 6pdr and m1 atg. good luck. you will for sure then recall your 1st post here
  13. Stuart is pretty easy to sap. well ... only if you tap the mouse button in the right moment when the stuart runs past you at full speed. but thats it. if he runs at low speed near you and run besides him its like with most allied tanks. playing lottery if it will stick to the tank or not. for the stuart ... it will die to almost any satchel you put on it. it is small and thin armoured to withstand the HEAT satchel power. guess why allied tankers love the matty ? they drive into town and keep moving forward/backward all the time at 0,05 km/h ... because they know its almost impossible to sap that tank while it is moving at ANY speed. plus the matty only dies to exact placed satchels on sap spot. not like the stuart where it doesnt really matter
  14. they already made the sapper kinda useless when they decreased the amount of satchels to 2. then ofc the switch to HE charges only and ATR getting 2 HEAT satchels (axis) as others said ... try sapper for 1 week. on axis and allied side. you will be surprised how easy it is to place satchels on moving axis tanks. and in most cases they blow up or just die to dead crew. as axis sapper you will have big problems getting kills on allied tanks while they are moving. it is known as "warping" satchel. 50% you cant put it on tank and rest of the tries it will stick to random spots you didnt aim for
  15. he will ask if this game is early access and in alpha stage well we/CRS have to admit then that it is for 15 years already ...... with the amount of bugs and flaws ingame