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  1. Thanks for the info guys!. Read HP and a lot of mahcines did not come with a full restore as stated.
  2. My bad...it came with vista and I would just as soon use the reboot dvds sorry about the xp mistake. Sounds interresting tho, since I have PM. I have looked everywhere and cannot get the machine to begin the auto reinsall of vista over windows 7.
  3. I put win7 on my HP and my DVD drivers wont play anything. Seems like a common problem. I want to reinstall the original XP and drivers etc so I can use the dvd drive. I have never done this so, what is the secret? I loaded in the original dvd that came with the laptop and it only shows me what is on the dvd. Is there some reload button deep in someplace I have not found? Thanks in advance any help will be appreciated. hardcase
  4. now it will play not blu ray eventho it is a 1080/p with a BR Player. What are my fixes.
  5. THe 780i is standard at 1333mhz..but that is divided by 4 because the makers have 4 fsb, so the FSB non OC is set for 333mhz X 4. the 1333 value is called the QFSB. This gave at speed of 3.0Ghz. I raised the QFSB to 1600 which divided by 4 gives a FSB of 400mhz and a speed of 3.6ghz. THe bios allows you to link the speed of the FSB with your memory. My memory is 800DDR2, which you are susppose to think runs at 800mhz but in fact. because it is Double Data Rate, this means that it is runnning at it stantqnd value of 400mhz but lathching data on the up swing and down swing if one single cycle. So when the fsb went to 400mhz and I linked the memory for some time all was runnning at 400hz, but now the memory at boot shows it running at 969mhz which is fast for the ddr2 800mh. I dont know why this happened. It may be related to a 280 vidcard I addded by shouldn't since the SLI slot values were never changed. I hope this make more sense.
  6. I have run the QFSB to 1600.....4x400 on each FSB and selected Linked for the mememory which is 800DDR so it standard at 400mhz and bothe memory and FSB should both be at 400mhz. But at boot screen my memory is showing at 969mhz and Ihave double checked the BIOS settings. I think this is the cause of my occassional lockups. Will lthe 789i all unlinke and specific setting of 800mhz since that is what it would see even tho we all know it is running up and down latchced at 400hz. no glasses on and too lazy to correct the typing .bear with me:-)
  7. Google Duo cores...things to turn off...there is a couple of bios settings that wil drop speed on cores if they get too hot etc..I think you wil lfind your problem in the core settings. BTW..the 8400 will oc to 3.6ghz by simply making the FSB to 400mhz from 333(1333), Since your DDR2 memory is set to 400mhz(800mhz X2) you can link memory to FSB and everything runs at 400mhz and you get a 20% OC.
  8. Don't overlook the E8400 Duo Wolfdale core. It overclocks from 3.0 to 3.6g with two mouse clicks using ddr2 800mhz memory. This is what I use for gaming and I have not gotten less than 60fps in beta, tho I am using an Nvidia 285, but the rig is CPU constrained so, a cheaper card should work.
  9. First thing, open up the vidcard display program and select TV as your monitor, If card is an nvidia, you will find one of the selctions will control monitor selction.
  10. I have an E8400 OC from 3.0ghz to 3.6ghz, took out an 8800GTS and put in a 285 Nvidia and got about 10% increase. Even at 3.6 I am CPU bound for the vidcard.
  11. Those FPS numbers sound like you have vertical syncing ON with a 60hz LCD monitor. Turn off vertical syncing, runahead, and the minimap, makes sure you voices in sound are not higher than your soundcard can do in hardware. Just cause it says it can do 128 voices, you might find it is using software..cpu cycles for the other 64. If you have onboard sound, it might even be fewer in number, all the voices might be using cpu cycles.
  12. Think about using us to spec out a gaming pc, buy the parts from NewEgg and find a Mom n Pop computer store to build it for 100 dollars and then buy a standard laptop for college, but if you are not going there soon, it will be out of date soonest.
  13. The BIOS for OClocking in PC is almost non existant in Laptops. You have very little ability to OC either the cpu or video
  14. I paid 1800 for a 1080P HP laptop with a 2.66ghz cpu 230M Nvidia etc and it is not a gaming rig. You could spend 2700 for a alien gaming laptop. You might consider acutally building your own gaming pc for1k that would be twice as fast at half the price. You need to start doing homework on gaming machines and laptop and high demand games are a contridiction in terms.
  15. First...under Persona/Video and want you to turn off vertical syncing and runahead. Under UI I want you to turn off the minimap. Reduce clutter and smoke etc. As for rythmic fps drop that could be a background problem. I want you to run MSCONFIG and under startup turn off those programs that you dont run. You will not lose the programs but they will not be running at startup freeing memory. You could be well running out of free ram and hitting the HD. When you see the fps drop do you see your HD led showing activity? We need to see the dxdiagnostic or we cannot help you more than guessing. Be careful what you turn off..some are required and some are just clutter that manufacturers install. If you have a question about a program, ask here before you turn off.