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  1. No pb none has done that and HC is doing fine on both sides and CRS is make it hard for them. (Was in HC for many years) Axeinc
  2. Your so right in this and I stop play after this patch after 15 years. Regards Axeinc
  3. support kchip and I have support the game for many years Problem is you pay and game development is made by CRS and allied and last time allied hade garand problem fix was made and when axis hase it NO FIX and that says it all balance is one way street. I was loving this game and has pay many dollars in my 15 years and was unsub ONLY for this patch for I WALK FRUs I dont drive. The list of bugs and fails is long and when OHM say we develop and learn I just asking what do you learn for your not listen to the players there pay for the game.
  4. THAT is so true and right : GREAT post
  5. Well is all the problems was fixed MANY more will stay and play. The way the marketing is done and I have offer help in Europe to Xoom , and CRS and he has never taken the it up. The historical in game is wrong and I have 41 years experience in WW2 and also offer it to xoom and CRS and there tell the has one and I most say he need to study more and the right books to I hope CRS will listen to some there can help and begin to understand business model for it is not bad only the wrong guys there handle the development.
  6. Just look at treads and the bad word there is flying and WHO is the winner NOT THE PLAYERS AND PAYERS. Let stop this and stick to what the problems are and not start fight among Allied or AXIS after all WE PAY FOR IT and CRS need to listen if there wanted payers and not players I am axenic and has loved this game and support this game since 2001 and also EVERY time fundraising was needed and always try to stay focus on the goal and not the man and Allied or axis I don't care ONLY we all having fun among good friends also them we kill. Let go back to OLD days and STOP the patchwork at the game CRS get the server down for 1 or 2 weeks and FIX the problems so we get balanced and all the lack and stuff get rid of it We all having the fun and joy but CRS is get what there wanted fight among the players so the problems go behind and stay behind. Guys let STAY together and help to get CRS to change what we pay for this game begin to look like Microsoft you pay and pray for all the fails and bugs but today even Microsoft has learned business is the client there is paying. I am asking as OLD vet stop fight and stay together and be STRONG THAT is the WAY to WIN TOGETHTER. Axeinc out
  7. Badger 5 question: 1. When are you going to make the damage model right 2. When are you going to make the weapons correct I have offer my help and you still don't the right details to the weapons and tanks, planes 3. When are you make the historical names of Brigades and divisions 4. When are you implement balance when you are allied or axis lock the person for 1 or 2 weeks 5. When are you going to change the game engine and 3 layer you have made you self and engine I from 1999 and we having 2015 and there has be change 17 times since 1999 Ask Xoom I have send him and business plan how to get players back and time and coast price and take the server down for 1 or 2 weeks and fix all the bad stuff. I have also offer hosting and fiber internet lines to and server in Europe and it was turned down and you NOT get this offer again for FREE. And last be honest and respectful to us players there pay for the game and you will see more players.
  8. Negative this sucks and kill the fun and yes to England was to easy ti invade BUT this and fail in the first update killed my joy and I unsub after 15 years play. And has PM Xoom regard how to fix all the issues and time frame to and coast price estimated. Regards AxeInc