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  1. I use a corsair mouse that has button were your thumb is what it does is slows the aiming speed by half.You can set it how you want.I still have a hard time with "ooops nice meeting you here" situations, but it has helped.Bottom line you can have 2 different settings on the fly.
  2. thnx zeke I did all you said just waiting for server to come back online....I'm sacrificing a small puppy to the log in gods right now hope it helps!
  3. well lokks like its gonna be another weeklong fistfight just to log on, I cant get game to start keeps sayin authentication failed. I'm thinking I need to trash all wwiionline files and try to do a fresh install but i cant get it to uninstall either (uggggggggggggggg!!) read my previous post. Does anyone know how to totally get rid of wwiionline manually? i thought i did but when i installed a whole fresh download it still says that folder exisist already would you like to rename it or download anyway or something like that. WARNING i know nothing about computers and am really new to windows 10. I don't know if I'm downloading it improperly because i have 2 accounts and i cant get it to work on my other computer either
  4. authentication keeps failing wont log on. I don't speak computereeze at all best way to fix? Oh and bonus when I try to uninstall its say cannot find utCompiledCode record for this version of the uninstaller
  5. Well done, I'd by that off iTunes.
  6. Hey all unistalled everything now game wont download.I went to getting started window and tried to dl full install there. no luck though.In my download window it says its downloading at 5.24kb's a sec'just checked speedtest and it says I can dl at 25mb a sec windows 7 internet explorer