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  1. Jees everytime you said that i got a mail ?
  2. How meny pilots do you guy's have active daily ?
  3. Jag skulle vilja provspela med er en dag S!
  4. Inte nu längre Ha ha S!
  5. En liten liten fråga, hur många svenskar är ni i denna squaden ?
  6. Is all of them in Jg2 ???
  7. Satan if you will see something funny push on my green siren lol, The movie is german but funny, That I do for living S!
  8. And you can also see that track IR only support 2 d.O.F so far S!
  9. Try again ! It's only Stukzilla and Impossible 110, The two last one S!
  10. I have done these movies for free and fun, I hope CRS are satisfied S!
  11. Awesome Allied movie, I love the sound S!
  12. Cool video Aenima9, I almost thought that I was alone in Gothenburg awesome video S!.