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  1. Success! Thank you!
  2. Well, it still reads "free play account", but thanks anyway.
  3. Thanks XOOM, I did
  4. Why it reads "free player account" under my profile name when I am not f2p. I pay 4.99 per month. Thanks!
  5. Hi, why I can't reach the Axis forum here? My account went from starter to f2p to starter again, maybe that's the reason. Tnx for the help!
  6. Obviously, it is not a quick fix. They shot themselves in a foot.
  7. Seems like a nice Christmas gift.
  8. no
  9. Dear community, after installing the new patch (tried full pc install, too) I can't choose any of the vehicles or troops to enter the game world. It says "This vehicle or troop is subscription locked. The minimum rank for access to this unit is 1. Your current rank level is 2." What I am doing wrong? Thank you very much for your help! sinewave