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  1. Success! Thank you!
  2. Well, it still reads "free play account", but thanks anyway.
  3. Well, kinda worked. Now everything is subscription locked. Although I am not sure it is related to my "hack".
  4. Ok, we've made some progress, at least I can log in the game. But this time, when I reached the training server (the only one online) everything is subscription locked. I am not f2p, btw.
  5. Update! In my download list, the file is named "wwiiol_1.35.1.255.exe.part" because it "failed" to download. Since I saw the progress bar reaching the end, I just renamed the file and erased the "part" part. Installation was succesfull.
  7. Thanks XOOM, I did
  8. Why it reads "free player account" under my profile name when I am not f2p. I pay 4.99 per month. Thanks!
  9. Anyone else experiencing download fail? In my case, the 1.35 download progress bar reaches the end, then stops in a failure.
  10. Hi, why I can't reach the Axis forum here? My account went from starter to f2p to starter again, maybe that's the reason. Tnx for the help!
  11. I did that, but the outcome is the same
  12. More details: Map Host (40108): Session rejected by host: Internal error (loginfail_addplayer).Please restart your game client.
  13. I followed the instructions and yes, authentication failed
  14. Same here.
  15. I have a starter account and gave a lot of virtual lives to get to 7th rank. At the moment, I am just 5% off the rank 8.