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  1. Could medics work by keeping it simple?. Medic kneels over injured soldier, pulls bandages out of satchel, applying animation and then injured soldier stops bleeding and regens health slowly over time?. Let me be clear that i'm not past watching tutorials yet and I have no idea what i'm talking about lol.
  2. I'll be playing as British and to honour my great grandfather, operate a Sherman Firefly if possible. A regular Sherman will do though hehe.
  3. Yeah i know that. It's a totally different game and my point was that Eve requires a lot of patience so i think i can handle this.
  4. I've been watching vids and know enough to get around (i think). I play Arma 3 as well so i'm used to learning curves and dying a lot lol.
  5. Yeah i don't want any of that and i'm glad it's not a thing.
  6. Waiting for skills to go up in Eve is a fraction of the game, much like simply killing people here is, i'd imagine. But thanks.
  7. Thank you and will do.
  8. It's got depth, which is what i am all about. The only way i can put this is that if i am patient enough to play and get far in Eve online, i have patience for any game lol. I'll sub once i have gotten the hang of it as well (as standard).
  9. I have played pc games for years and some very complex ones at that. What can i expect other than the inevitable random and annoying deaths that every newb gets?. I am fine with dated graphics Content>graphics. Is this a game where i need to be using macros, targets overlays and editing my files or can i relax and just have fun?. Thank you.