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  1. Any experience using ssd with the game? Installing new ssd drives, just wondering how they may increase or decrease performance playing wwiiol.
  2. No more CTD for me? Running good!
  3. VPL: high Network Route: use best SSE2: enabled Netcode2: disabled
  4. CTD and game just stops working, windows tells me the game has stopped, and asks me to close program or wait for it to start working again. Vista 64 Intel Core 2 Quad- Q6700 @ 2.66 8 Gig GeForce GTX 280 Drivers up to date 3056 MB It occurs for all unit types It occurs at any location I have re-installed the game with current patches.
  5. Same problem for me however the reset didn't work. Any suggestions?
  6. Earn your wings with Vth Corps Paras!
  7. bump for the best!
  8. No jar I can't Mapper is good. My old keyboard (KB) worked just fine, except it was OLD and dirty. Just for a test I re-connected my old KB, a micro KB and a Logitech wireless from my other puter...they all worked fine with no adjustments. I think your right, the Moicrosoft KB software overrides the game settings. I picked up some off the shelf KB and it works just fine :wink:
  9. I am using the Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard...f keys work fine except for in game chat, ch1-ch4. No biggie...going to swap it out for another.
  10. Ahhhh, I see it's not just me, I have the same problem?