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  1. This is awesome, thanks! Unfortunately, the mortars are having little effect. Undercova and another player were launching into an ab last night with no hits or kills, and the ab was quite active. Again, the offline testing I did seems to show very little shrapnel coming out of the explosion. Some of the ei drones were surviving less then a meter from the blast. And with all that needs addressing, I don't see them looking at this any time soon. However, if you want to lay a smoke screen down they are still effective.
  2. How about letting them spawn in depots and FMS like the 25mm? You know, for balance. Look, awhile back when came back to the game, the new people running the game said they would fix airquake, so I became a builder. What happens, they come out with flying tank killers...??? To me, it was a slap in the face. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I hear someone mention allied underpop fatigue causing problems. Yet the underpop of the German side for years US primetime wasn't a problem? What kind of double talk is that? The truth is, if he wants to be right about that fatigue thing, then we can surmise that the US primetime overpop for years must have been the reason for the games decline in population...stands to reason right? The same person who tries to tell us there is no imbalance in the air war. It's like watching a republican or democrat argue a point they know is wrong but because it is supported by their party, they don't care if it's right or wrong, they'll make it right. There is no reasoning with them. I've played both sides, and I know the pros and cons of both. That's why I support 1944 tanks for the allied side, the tigers would roll right through their tanks. It's much needed balance, and during war adjustments are made in a given situation as to what is needed to get the job done. But then when it comes to balancing things the other way, well, it becomes a matter of what is historical. That doesn't fly with me. So now here we are with an imbalance in the support tank role with German tanks having no machine guns and players asking for balance. What happens? Yup, here comes that historical word again and it doesn't surprise me at all. Nothing has changed
  3. That was you and your squad? Kudos, that was impressive. The chart worked great, and there was a sense of accomplishment when you used the chart, got everything figured out and zeroed in on something. And you actually learned something about longitude and latitude. When I came back to the game and asked about the chart and where I could find it, someone pointed out the mouse over a mark for distance. I was like, boy, where was this back in the day? I would rather have it the old way, stronger mortars and having to figure it out. There was an allied squad that was pretty good at it too. I remember getting pinned at an army base spawn by allied mortars. Thanks for the work on the chart, that's what made the game great, community squads posting instructional information on equipment. There used to be a lot of information out there to help players.
  4. Well, first of all, why have a 1943 timeline and have 1944 tanks involved? Balance of course. Well, to give support tanks for one side that has machine guns and not the other, well that isn't balance. The word "historical" gets thrown at me. Well what's it going to be? balance or historical? And the end around I get is basically "whatever we feel like at the time" You try to get a tank to help the infantry and all you have is the 232 that gets taken out by everything...including rifles. Balance would be infantry divisions getting scout cars only. The DAC might have an advantage in that it can take out heavy tanks, but where there are no tanks infantry vs infantry, it would be balanced as where both scout cars can take each other out and carry machine guns to support. But hey, I guess that would be just too simple an answer I guess
  5. This. And I remember those days as well. US prime time overpop every night, slowly tank zerging and airquaking us into submission. The best you could do was fight until you were down to rifles getting the AB camped by et's. That was the story every night. Then I would log on the next night to see that "the breakfast club" had capped "an empty server" and read the cries on the forums. What I would do is get a truck out and set up a defensive MS and run around 1k out intercepting trucks and atg's, sapping a tank here and there until eventually the town was lost and I would despawn. When I see people like capco in denial about an imbalance that is known and quite obvious, I don't bother anymore. The real kicker is when they finally gave the axis something to compete with the 25mm aa gun that obliterates bombers, the flak38, the relegated it to the army base in short numbers....too funny. It's like they go out of their way to mock us.
  6. The mortars years ago used to be real effective, and you didn't have the option of putting the mouse over a mark and getting the distance. You actually had to figure out the longitude and latitude between the targets and do math. One of the German squads had a chart that made it easier, but you still had to do math. I was told Swiftcut had a mortar team that was quite efficient at bracketing a target and suppressing it. The goal I had was setting up one or two mortars to help cap a spawn, but I get no takers.
  7. To give one side tanks from 1944 and then say "Spawnlists will be subject to historical timeline" is contradictory. I don't want to hear "historical timeline" when crs throws that out for "balance" when it's convenient. You have one side with infantry support tanks that carry heavy machine guns, the other with tanks without and say "historical, that's the way it was". Then when it's pointed out that the Sherman 76 and firefly didn't see combat until 1944...."well, it's like this, we need balance" The imbalance in the air war gets pointed out and I'm told "historical, that's the way it was", yet, crs will be damned if the historical fact that the German tanks were far superior is going to play out historically.
  8. Well, like I said, my testing was done offline. I went back and did the same with grenades and the grenades seemed to work better. Again, this testing was done in offline mode which may be different from what happens on the server
  9. I was listening on side channel, and things come up all the time. I offered to supply anyone who wanted to mortar. I was told that the mortar wasn't working so well since the HE audit, and could not get anyone to mortar, and never seem to be able to. So I went offline and copied some infantry drones in an area to test the HE of the mortar. What I found in the offline testing was that the shell could kill a good 5-7 meters away(judging distance), but it was very few that died. And some infantry survived a meter from the hit spot. It seems it does have deadly shrapnel, but it is very sparse. Has anyone else tested this? It seems the mortar is a waste of a unit, and it's a shame as it's the only artillery we have
  10. Thanks for the laugh
  11. I'm with ya, and I get it. I realize that with tigers, the allies get crushed without something to counter. And I'm all for the firefly and Sherman 76...the allies need those, even though it may not fit the 1943 history of the war. That being said, when the axis side mentions having an me262, or anything to balance out the very severe imbalance of the air war, it gets shot down as not historical time wise and it will make it red vs blue. In fact, they add flying tank killers to make it even worse...???. You can't have it both ways, that's all I am saying. If you are going to balance things, balance it all, don't be selective about it, be fair.
  12. Is the impact because of DLC or because of steam?
  13. This. We have to rely on no one guarding a spawn, or 6 people attacking it and one defending. So let's give some ideas. 1.) No distance limits on FMS's 2.) No EWS until 5 enemy are present The funny thing is, after all the years and changes, more towns are still being capped at low pop. Have we learned nothing? Two to three towns a night should fall, we should embrace capture
  14. Came back to check out the game, and I thought I heard a dewo landing next to was an opel
  15. What we need is more towns