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  1. Has anyone tried this and does it work with ww2online?
  2. I have posted this in general for an intermission. Defending side would have no navy or bombers so transports could get across
  3. Thanks! Been doing some research and I found I can use windows 7 with m.2 ssd, I have to burn the iso from cd to usb and it will install.
  4. I am reluctant to purchase windows 10 because of how much of a hassle it is to keep the 'extra' services turned off(I really don't like the thought of my bandwith being used to download windows to a total stranger). And if I had $2500, I would buy a nice mac, but I don't. Windows 10, I am told, is needed to use things like the M2 slot on the new motherboards. Right now I am using an old i52500k in an 1155 socket with win7. And yeah, this works fine, but I had a buzz on last night and purchased an i37350k @ 4.2ghz for $150. I have been wanting to run 2400 speed memory and I went an bought the 7th gen processor. I want to try windows 10, as I don't keep any sensitive info on my computer and there are third party programs to help you turn off the stuff you don't want. I want to update my computer and get as much bang for the buck as I can. Those who run windows 10, what are your thoughts? Is your computer running faster?
  5. D-Day or Sealion. One side has had it's navy and air ground to dust, and is open to an amphibious landing. The side being invaded will have no destroyers and no bombers, so nothing will impede the transports. We never can get this done during a campaign because the transports just can't get across. Can this be done? Can we set up something where one side only has access to fighters with no bombs? I think it's a great idea and would love to try it.
  6. Well, kind of not very realistic. If you speak you would give your location away.
  7. Someone has been on the training server moving brigades but not making it any better. Is there any way to get HC tools for the training server?
  8. Well, OHM had it set up that roermond and roermond west were opposite sides that were not cut off, and although it wasn't perfect, it worked to set up training. Unfortunately, somehow an attack order got placed and someone capped. We need someone who can keep an eye on it now and then for when this happens and reset it. Also, be sure to put all allied countries on one side to train with all equipment.
  9. Why have it? Just to get new players scolded? You know it's going to happen. It serves no purpose, NONE.
  10. Open up rank on the training server, open to f2p, and limit it to area 51....whenever they fix it that is.
  11. Really needs to be fixed. Years ago when I decided to try the squad experience, I joined the 505th(iirc). We had a training night on the training server. This training really helped me understand the game. I learned the strengths and weaknesses of my weapons, and the enemies. How close to get with an atr, and the spots to hit. How to sap a tank. How to throw grenades through windows, how and when to use smoke. Before those training lessons, I don't remember even using a grenade in combat. I learned what a waste it was NOT using them. In the days of the old bunker (which I thought was coming back) I learned to throw a grenade through the outside window and it would land beside and kill the enemy who was in the inside window looking down the hall. How to use the German grenadier. How to kill tanks with the British grenadier (boy, those were the days). I could go on and on. And we were not the only squad on the training server. Now Steam is coming and we are expecting a great influx of players, and we have nowhere to train them. We had a temporary fix at roermond and roermond west, but even that isn't working anymore. We need area 51 back. There are going to be so many to train, and I don't mind spending the time with them...I just need a place to do it.
  12. So it seems like we agree on a hybrid system. I like the supply and brigade system we have, and I think town supply is a step backward. I like being able to see a weak spot in a defense and hammering it. I like the strategy of brigade movement, and I think there are some great battles that take place. I don't like trapped brigades, especially when it is because a lack of HC being logged on. I don't like the timer to get them back. I still think Hatch has an idea with having a way of players to move brigades when no HC are on. I have no idea how things work, but couldn't something like .overun, where if so many players type it something happens....but to move brigades?
  13. We used to have town supply, and the problem was a fresh supply in each town, iirc. So we got the system we have now. I think Hatch is spot on with having people who are online when there are no HC on being able to do something with brigade movement. I am not a big fan of the system we have right now, it makes HC a hard job with no reward of actually playing the game. And we play the game to have fun. That being said, the supply side of the system we have is better than a fresh supply in every town(what we used to have). Maybe the simple solution is to have both, with a small supply pool for every town. I like the supply and brigade system, but needing HC to watch over it is asking a lot of a paying player. I think Hatch is onto something with having an HC less way of moving brigades. I just hope we can keep some kind of supply system. Either way, i'm going to keep playing, and I hope whatever they come up with makes most people happy and keeps the game going.
  14. Amphibious invasion across the channel. It could be flipped to either invade France or England. The situation would be that the war has come to a point where the side being invaded has had it's navy and airforce ground to dust. The side being invaded would have no navy and no bombers, just a small amount of fighters(to keep the air guys happy) that have no bombs. This would allow the invading navy to cross the channel and land. It would be nice to give it a try and use the navy in amphibious operations that have a chance to succeed. I think it's worth a try, just for an intermission.
  15. It's simple really, if you don't want to be locked to one side, it's best to keep it small with friends and it is easier to agree which side to play for a campaign. Our squad is a handful of players that grew up together. For us, it is best just to associate with squads on both sides and just support them in operations. You don't have to be in their squad to join them on voice comms.