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  1. 64bit, that's awesome, great job I am italian, and I couldn't care less about italians being in the game. If anything maybe an italian fighter aircraft, that would have impressed me. Better yet, time spent modeling a panther tank instead of italian stuff would have impressed me more...disappointed. I do not understand supply, am I now to understand that all personas on allied side can spawn at a town? Every town has supply of all? It took awhile to get up to brigade system that at the time was needed because no one wanted the town supply thing. I think this may be a step backward, and I am not impressed. If all AF will spawn any allied aircraft, we have to deal with 100 spitfires everywhere we go? The return of airquake is unacceptable and there will be many rants if it returns. And you want to increase supply? Listen, capturing towns relieves frustration with the game. You play for hours and never see the fruit of your hard work. The map gets stagnant during high population, and this is a problem, imo. You need to have less supply and keep brigades. To have the largest game map and have it not move? I don't get it. You spend hours playing the attrition game. It should take less time. What is happening here is off peak is becoming a problem again. Time limits on town captures or rules for HC, any breaking those rules could result in a forfeit of the campaign. One rule off the top of my head would be no cutoffs allowed when no opposing HC are on and brigades can't be moved. As a matter of fact I think HC should have tools for both sides. In example, an axis HC could log onto allied side and ask where they want any threatened brigades to be moved. A little sportsmanship goes a long way. Capturing towns is the ultimate in this game, and we should make it easier, not harder. Again, I do not like all allied personas spawning any defense or attack. Each has a weakness and strength. As for content, some new vehicles are much needed. It would really lift morale. If I saw an M3 halftrack, P47, Panther tank, pershing tank, anything of that nature, I would feel that this game is turning a corner. And it is my belief it would bring a lot of vets back who are on the fence about paying for accounts again. The italians, really. Are the axis forever going to be the red headed step child? For better or worse i'm in, just adding my two cents
  2. Nozlen, I couldn't get the hang of the throttle thing, but what I did do was set the elevator trim to the y axis and invert it. I then cleared the y axis from the pitch. It doesn't turn as tight, BUT, it doesn't flop and handles very well. I am a noob and this seems the best way to quick fix for new pilots. Maybe I can set the pitch to a key or button. Or maybe leave the pitch connected to the y axis but only have it kick in when the joystick is maxed backwards for a tighter turn? I don't know how to do that yet but maybe you could take this idea and improve on it? Btw, I don't have a twisty stick, I have rudder pedals but don't use them(sad right?), but I wonder if I connect the rudder pedals to the rudder trim that might work. I will keep experimenting.
  3. ty so much, I will pass that along
  4. I like this idea because I would love to have an intermission to see if the channel can be crossed. Whatever side is picked to invade the other would have more brigades, a navy and air support. The side being invaded would have no navy and a limited number of fighters but no bombers. This would get the freighters across. The division numbers would have to be tinkered with, but the defending army would have less. I think this would make a great intermission.
  5. A friend of mine runs the mac version of the game and his logitech joystick will not function correctly. Is there anyone else having this problem and is there a fix for it?
  6. I have had a few things happen. I had four satchels clip through a stug g and 17lber shells not as effective With the stug I went to put the first satchel between tracks rear while kneeling and the satchel appeared on top of the rear of the vehicle...head scratcher. The rest just clipped right through.
  7. I was having an issue where the ping bar where the frame rate shows was sliding back and forth and players were warping back and forth with it. Also, flags would show not capturable when I walked in and despawn timer wasn't showing. I updated my nividia drivers and so far so good. The new nvidia drivers are tricky as they would not install. I went into save mode and removed old drivers, then rebooted and installed drivers....they installed. GTX 260 i52500k windows 7 64bit 8gig ram(crucial)
  8. I built it for my nephew. I was working some overtime during the summer and decided to get some xmas stuff done. He liked the game when he came over and played it on my computer. I am just doing some quality control Going to get him a starter sub. His dad used to play too....hoping to get him back I run the game on a 2500k @ 3.3(I think it turbos up to 3.7) with 1600 memory and an old gtx260. It gets higher frame rates, not even close to having to upgrade.
  9. That is the beauty of this's old! The setup is state of the art as far as the game goes. I think I was running under 3ghz when I started playing this game 15 years ago. Even if the game upgrades the graphics all you need is to add a video card. It's 3.0 If they were to build a new game from scratch, using multiple threads to utilize multi core processors, then I would say you shouldn't buy it, but I do not see that happening anytime soon It's single thread and the higher the clock speed the better. 3.8ghz(4.0 turbo) is pretty good....@65w! Add that the motherboard runs 2133 speed memory(XMP) and it's relaying information really fast. If you can't play the game because you can't afford to upgrade your old AMD 2.8 windsor core with 800 mem speed, $140 for the mobo, cpu and mem might be affordable If you have old squad mates who can't afford to upgrade and would otherwise be playing, there are some affordable upgrades that will run the game
  10. Some of us have to be creative with the limited amount of resources allotted for entertainment. I am playing the game with a computer put together for under $300 If you have friends that don't play because they have an old machine, just upgrading with the cpu, mobo and memory $140 I have the settings of the game turned down, but not all the way. I have vis limit at med. Drops just below 30fps in heavy battles but I haven't noticed it in gameplay. This will get you by if you want to play the game BTW, the motherboard has an HDMI output. I am playing on a 32" tv at 1080p.....Bazinga AMD A47300 3.8ghz with built in HD8470D graphics - $40 BIOSTAR Hi-Fi A70U3P FM2+ / FM2 AMD A70M SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard -$41 Gskill 8gb(2x4) 2133 $60 evga 500w ps $38 Samsung 120GB SSD $60 LG dvd drive $20 Case - $40 NO VIDEO CARD-$0
  11. seriously?
  12. Yes, before brigades could be cut off we had the training island. The problem now is the training island has no links and the game thinks the brigades are cut off and boots them after 12 hours. I have proposed using roermond west and roermond as axis and allies. This would allow us to spawn in and practice without spending time traveling every time we re spawn. Not as good as training area....but not bad. I think there might be a few other cities real close together that might work too.
  13. We have a problem keeping brigades in 51 because of cut off timer. To resolve this, can we make roermond and roermond west and cities like that axis and allies for training? I want to practice ATR's, sappers, etc. The training server is too hard to use as you can't spawn in and train. You would have to walk or drive every time. We need to make training easier. Is there anyone who can set up the training server as such?
  14. ty
  15. Can someone explain to me how to set the bombsight on target from high altitude?