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  1. I have a solution. I've used a program called JoyID and moved the stick and throttle around to positions 2 and 3. And in the second post I found an interesting comment (from a developer of the Team Fusion mod for IL2 Cliffs of Dover) which may well explain why I've been having issues:
  2. Yes, software and drivers.
  3. I have, neither axes nor button presses are being recognized.
  4. Sadly it's not working for me :/ I've also tried running it in Windows XP and Windows 7 compatibility mode but have had no success.
  5. Running Windows 10 with a Saitek X55, which works well in other games (DCS World, Arma 3, Star Citizen etc etc). Neither buttons nor axes work regardless of what i set as my "preferred device" in game controllers. There have been similar posts going back to 2010. Any chance of this being resolved or is this a lost cause? Edit: Oops, this was supposed to go into Community Support (Windows).