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  1. Put the 50m atg in tier 0!! Put the 50m atg in tier 0!!
  2. I really don't think we need that ... That already happens often with todays FMS and PPOs. You might not get a reward directly for cleaning a ZoC but you get the satisfaction and kills. Plus I don't think that's even feasible for development.
  3. Yeah Mattis are so unbalanced in the hands of good players in tier 0 while the tiger can be killed by every gun that is 40mm or above the Matty can only be killed by 88 sometimes think even frontally you cant kill gunner with 88 only degun.
  4. Yeah I might check it out , Axis thought
  5. @wockawocka PUBG has no capture points, the main purpose is kill and survive there is also not a grand scheme like WW2ol has with the capturing towns. In ww2ol you don't have the luxury of just surviving and killing.
  6. Good to know I don't thing CRS has official said they now have that capacity...
  7. Which? Achilles, pz iiil, pz ivh, stug iiig, firefly all of these are using assets from already implemented tanks the same for the older vehicles like spaas , stuka g1.. 1- Is crs adding an entirely new vehicle with no previous asset use? 2- Is crs now capable of adding a completly new vehicle from the ground up like the panther or Cromwell?
  8. You can always write your own supersampling ... it would be crazy to make a custom engine nowadays.. only UE 4 can deliver.
  9. But why every building edge is not chamfered it looks bad having such a hard edge and doesn't look like a current building of a modern game.
  10. Only peasants use Wifi in online games the best wifi will always have some added lag that the cable won't !
  11. Btw this was reported on like 2 years ago.. CRS said it would look into it seems no1 did. @XOOM Is it possible to fix this?
  12. Why hasn't this been fixed yet?
  13. I think the Valentine should be higher on the list mainly because it was a very important tank to the British and played a very big role in the war. But also if you notice the all new vehicles are variations of a vehicle already in-game this happens because CRS is still Reverse-Engineering the process to add one, so don't expect vehicles that area completely different until CRS adds one vehicle that is completely new and shares nothing with an already implement vehicle.
  14. Never team-based spawning sucks!!!!!!!!!! Redorchestra has team based spawning and what this ends up doing, is grind locking the game because everyone spawns at the same time, so you can't exploit breaches or those breaches in the defense get easily plugged because the new wave of players spawns and quickly fills it up. It's so important for gameplay to kill the enemy and make him take time to get back to the fight not only does this add fear of death it also forces people to work and coordinated together to group up. Literally this feature is what kills and makes RO2 and RO suck for me and reduce so much of it's potential. @stankyus I also prefer a positive discrimination for me this should be giving more points for people to stay together and more bonus but you also have to make points be an important and constant currency that the player is looking to gather.
  15. Not for campaign .. events would be fine. On the campaign that would hurt too much the game people wouldn't be able to properly respond to a defense, considering already a lot of people stay in the spawn or in a location to camp and not actively defend. I think making a change like that you would have to change the timers in everything else like capping a cp and bunker. Fear of Death in this game is proportional to the distance and time it took you to get to the action, I think a better and simple mechanic would be just giving a spawn delay if you died too quickly on the same mission also some premium equipment should get locked if you died too quickly or without kills, so for example you promoted not wasting RPATs or sappers, etc..