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  1. Think this covers 90% of new stuff : - FG 42, MP 34, G41, FR Semi Auto - Tank Smoke Rounds - Stuka G2 and Aircobra - SPAA's - More big cities split in areas of capture like what we had with roermond west and east. - More Player built fortifications - MS are truck placed again - A new HE system
  2. Already my current defined keys in WW2ol
  3. For the amount of money the community has given to CRS and CRS current state, finances or at least expenses should be public.. what is this break even point what does this entail? If I was at the head of CRS I wouldn't have the courage to keep demanding more and more and then taking stuff from players without being completely transparent and clear cut about it. In a free to play model , free players are meant to provide content generation for paying players and should be burden with less "fun" or engaging tasks like driving FMS, towing etc.. Not the other way around, a good portion of these games that have F2P models, have daily tasks that promote or force free players to do this tasks, CRS has not this but at least allowed free players access to them which would always allow the creation of FMS now there isn't. The times I check out the game when there was access to trucks I would drive Engineers to bust FB's and setup FMS this indirectly affects more positively the game than spawning a rifle and considering I don't pay for the game this is the best I could do, at this point and with so many other competitors out there I see no value on subscribing at the current price point. @jwilly AFAIK adding infantry weapons does not require creator software.. that's why I ask for it the cheaper solution. IF CRS THINKS removing F2P access to truck will make them break even or they are force to do this, since things are that bad maybe the game is simply not financially viable at this time and trying to reach break even in such a poverty of content for F2P and removing a further piece of equipment that helped more subscribers than free accounts is just mind boggling and will further drive into a spiral of less new players checking the game and having fun, less new subscribers, less players playing, less content and smaller battles and low pop timezones and finally less subscribers. This constant pressure on F2P and the split of premium content into tiers has done more harm than good to player populations maybe is time to try a new strategy focus on just increasing player population and having the absolute minimum expenses like serve costs and electricity bills etc.. and using this greater exposure to drive more ambitious crowd-funding campaigns.
  4. Taking the FMS and truck out option from F2P will not necessarily hurt the F2P it will hurt the paying and subscribers and potential new users, less FMS, Less Players engaging each other, so only dead server and empty attacks.. The game was pretty dead without any FMS up before allowing F2P to allow to setup FMS, there was like just 1 MS for a primary AO. I guess the problem is the game shouldn't exist it, it has been artificial kept alive, by hardcore fans. The only thing I know is that going with those changes will hurt the game financial it might not seem but it will. I disagree with the risk CRS is taking by removing flags from the game this is an expensive move dev time wise when there are other solutions cheaper, that would add to the game features and achieve better results like allowing subscribers to take command of their own smaller brigade, that could be lost without much harm and would force teamwork and coordination to mount an attack since it would required more of this brigades. - My advice would be that every dev to do this as a hobby and only receive money for part time work.. so not really have a full time dev team. And just focus on adding small things like weapons and lowering the subscription price make it really attractive and cheap for people the more active players the better then start making crowd-funding campaigns to achieve particular features.
  5. You should really consider if you ever need to scrap the barrel or CRS releases a significant update with a lot of toys and gameplay improvements and would be getting a lot of exposure. CRS has 500.000 accounts I would say at least 250.000 unique ones you sell just one package to 100k and you just made a million dollars. For perspective warthunder sells premium vehicles(rare and interesting ones not the mass produce vehicles) for 4 to 30$ usd.. this vehicles allows customization and of course have better graphics than WW2ol.
  6. @BLKHWK8 The DLC model I mention to work should had been in place when WW2ol launch on steam, me and many adverted going with Steam release without a modern model would be a wasted opportunity. As many past rats said WW2ol was always like a bucket with holes draining water all the time to keep the bucket full you had to keep pouring water, Water/subs. So you could have potential gotten in the short term a good amount of money and then reinvested trying to keep that based interested in the game with more content and more DLC. And it would still be risky, warthunder has that model but their pipeline is really effective they can easily implement like 6+ vehicles per month sometimes completely different, CRS don't have a working pipeline that would make a DLC model viable. Credit/Point system together with a single all access subscription The model I want is based on opening the entire game to free accounts based on a point/credit based system the more you play, the more daily objectives you complete the more points you get, then you can spend it in one time premium units spawns. These would have to be correctly priced(with virtual currency) so players had to invest a considerable amount of gameplay to be able to enjoy some this premium features. Due to the fact that premium units in WW2ol to not equal a successful sortie and that you can easily flank would make this a frustrating course and grinding course to be able to enjoy fully the game, if you then had a very attractive subscription like all in at 9,99. WWOL benefits enourmly with more players playing.. this solution would offer it plus it would slowly "addicting" this free players in using this premium units when they had disposable income I'm sure they would subscribe. In the end most people dont want to spend 14$ when for around that price you can buy so much more with other games, so you don't want to offer a fair market price you want an attractive and cheap price like they are getting an amazing opportunity. Don't compare this game with COD or any modern game with an active player based of millions and modern graphics and marketing budget and viral/hype campaigns.
  7. First Subscription price is too high if it was at 9.99(everything included).. there would be still much value in a subscription. - German Medium Tanks Pack - German Light Tanks Pack - German Heavy Tanks Pack - German Tank Hunter Pack - German AFV Pack (including armored trucks and armored cars) - Fighter Planes Pack - Bombers Planes Pack - Shipping Pack - Elite/specialized Infantry Pack x 3/4(if you include Italians) at 10$ a pack 270/360$ That's 2 years worth of full time subscription... if you were too purchase everything. Of course most would just purchase the pack they would play or enjoy the most but you have to see this in the perspective that those players would probably be more active increasing player population which would in turn bring more players that would then purchase more packs. Every modern MMO requires new blood, new players to keep checking out the game and that what WW2ol needs a steady stream of new players. Also if every pack guarantee future units of that pack, every new unit added to it would at least temporarily increase the player population since there would be no barrier to entry. For me WW2ol is just worth playing with access to half decent tanks as a F2P there is very little to do, that's why as a F2P I barely even play xD while warthunder I play at least once a week. I would definitely pay around 12$ to have perma access to the IVG/IVD/IIIH, other than that I see no reason to pay for this game at it's current price unless the panther is added xD
  8. Lmao wait... what?? $14.99 for 3 Units that for me to use force me to side switch. That are already barely useful in tier 0, can the PZ IIIF even frontally kill the S35 gunner? And that after tier 0 are pretty much useless Seriously this is more than stealing it's taking advantage of new players that don't know we have tiers... I would never in a million years pay that... My feedback, split into Side DLC example: - German Medium Tanks Pack (You get PZ IIIF, PZ IIIH, PZ IVD and PZ IVG plus any future units from this category) - German Light Tanks Pack - German Heavy Tanks Pack - German Tank Hunter Pack (Includes Stug's and ATGs) That's 60$ just on those packs.. 15$ still looks kinda expensive would be more comfortable at 10$
  9. It's kinda confusing if I purchase the medium tank pack do I get the PZ IVG? and what about the stug?
  10. Are F2P players going to loose anything? The binoculars, trucks, ability to create missions and deploy FMS are this going to be taken away?
  11. If you jump from a para plane too high like 3.000m when you land you will be set on your T pose you wont be able to shoot.
  12. ? that's the definition of a game breaking bug.. something that can't bypass. If you get you are force to despawn.
  13. @XOOM The para T-pose doesn't seem that hard or at least to find a work around .. guys should look into it since you can't bypass it.
  14. @chaoswzkd Thanks for the time, I remember reading that implementation somewhere not sure if Warthunder, Starcitizen or Arma but I think it was Warthunder forums. But inverse-raytracing and some form is used almost on all of damage models and ballistic systems. But math calculations would be lowest of the level, some tabulated results for very certain outcomes would prevent many calculations, in warthunder Over-matching is one of the examples at X caliber vs x mm of armor if the shell is simply too big it would penetrate and don't calculate the armor penetration, same goes for shot deflections it's pure RNG(based on historical data) shell hits at x angle it has a x% to bounce the armor, real war shells and penetration data even uses chances of rounds to be deflected because it was very difficult to predict. Question: - When I'm hit with a bomb those fragments that hit me on my client are transmitted to the other clients or just the information that I was hit? - Or is the same bomb and it's fragments generated in each others games(clients multiple players) ? if so who decides the who frags are right in a Random generation?
  15. No news on the Stg44 and US machine Gun