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  1. How about we test first the current changes then we consider if it works or what needs changing. Think this is a good step in the case of the OP side you can always coordinate and use teamwork you will have more numbers so in theory you still will have an advantage.
  2. You should ask for the democratization of HC. Meaning you would own a small brigade and together with other players choose instead where and when to attack.
  3. Unless you can visually implement the feedback for this by making destructible buildings... then no it would be very stupid.. Also if you are talking about real concrete bunkers there were very few weapons that would do any damage I mean probably only one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tallboy_(bomb) If you want to see how effective concrete defenses could be search for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flak_tower or even the Maginot line defenses.
  4. I don't have a car and that doesn't stop me from watching movies I go on foot or take a bus for just 3$ As for broadband it really depends I have friends who have only roaming Internet(4G) for their smartphones, if they wanted to play they would need to make that investment. Why are consoles so appealing cheaper UP front investment no need to be tech savvy, one platform for everyone. I made this extreme example to understand the market has a size and it can't be penetrate/enter by everyone, it's a specialized market requiring investment, time and knowledge because of this limited size, games have to be competitive to attract the limited number of players.. now the videogame and pc market has grown significantly since the 2000, that's why this game charged 14$+ a month as most MMO's back in the day but due to this larger market you can have free to play models, so even with the market increase the number of videogames battling to have enough players to play and spend their time ingame, so that their free to play models are profitable has just make the competition much fiercer. Too many multiplayer games for a market where the consumer has already most of their needs fulfill, if you are inform you know of many new MOBA's or FPS games that simple had not enough players.
  5. @chaoswzkd I think you have to put things in context, you don't need a 600$+ investment to watch a movie but you have to play WW2ol, you also have to probably spend 30$ in Broadband, plus learn enough to play the game and allow you to enjoy it more.. that requires a time investment, it's less healthy and more harmful to spend hours in front of the computer sitting rather than go watch a movie which you usually end doing other related stuff, it's easier to bring friends to watch a movie than is making them install and play a videogame since some might not enjoy, or have the skill, have the hardware reacquiring or the time investment needed to fully enjoy the game. Then asking 14$ every month when the competition does not charge the game... So in end the total investment you have to put to play this game would buy you 70 or more movie tickets.
  6. You shouldn't leave if both sides are not really winning if everyone did that there would be no progress on the map. But it's ok in my book to switch side when the campaign is going too well to one side especially to go to the underdog, like right now seems like Axis had this campaign on the pocket so I'm playing a little bit allied.
  7. You should only be able to capture 1-2 towns in TZ3 that's it. Per 24h a game should take a measure of what was the highest player population and the most balance and the more deviation from this measure the more and more limits would be to capturing a town.
  8. You mean the constant wobble that happens when you fire? Or The sort of damage state to a track that makes you move very slowly usually going towards one direction, it happens when a small caliber gun can't detrack you but damage enough to reduce your mobility this is hella annoying.
  9. Yes but don't expect anything anytime soon at least by Xoom Wording of the article.
  10. Have you used the MG 34? it's pretty bad since they nerfed it by increasing the dispersion like in 2011, it's ridiculously inaccurate at 200m+ even on single fire. You can only complain about infantry weapons if you mention the dispersion the fact that almost every weapon one hit kills you, makes RoF and Caliber nearly irrelevant, it's allow about knowing how to flank, how to move on the battlefield being the less exposed as possible. So this doesn't come to weapon but to infantry play.. Maybe this a Rage Thread.. I would actually like to complaint about both MG 34 and MP40 dispersion it's extremely inaccurate compared to real life. If you want to ask that the LMGs to be shot from the hip must forced the soldier to walk while still being pretty inaccurate at ranges above 50m I'm all for it!
  11. Your loss and the game loss, nothing more sad then to trying to form a panzer column and have no panzers show up or calling for paras and only have 2-3.. If they were enough tankers on the game and I could form this columns maybe I would subscribe and make a Panzer Centric squad but without players I won't ever do this. 4 Years ago was making 20+ panzer columns haven't manage a single one after the FMS addition. Many people said swtor would not survive with a conversion to have a F2P model.. yet this saved the game.. in fact it double their revenue but again most of WW2ol community are old timers, who are not in tune with the industry or even their competition. http://www.pcgamer.com/swtors-average-monthly-revenue-has-doubled-since-going-f2p/ LoTR was in his death bed, they implement a F2P model and they are still going. "On June 4, 2010, it was announced the game was to add a free-to-play option in the autumn, with an in-game store. Free-to-play was successfully launched in North America on September 10, 2010. After a delay in Europe, free-to-play went live on November 2, 2010.[24]During the following six months the company reported tripled revenues from the title "wiki @XOOM needs to calculate what is the cost for each player then make the most enticing as possible, so that player spends more than what he costs, for example I'm playing a game called Star Wars Commander because I was new and very active after 2 weeks I knew what I was doing and what things value were, then the game made me an offer for only 2 $ I would get a very good deal over 75% discount .. so yeah I paid and got a great deal in my PoV but possibly for the actual game they made enough money to cover my entire costs for a year. Does CRS log the metrics and the F2P who play or are very active on the game(you know they understand the game and what they will gain) and offer a premium subscription for like 3.99 just to get some money out of them and not loss them? I think not. Anyways I'm not a dev or the company online marketing and revenue consultant but this stuff is basic knowledge and I would bet you and even Xoom knew nothing of these case studies or metric logs.
  12. I agree never really understood the design decision .. at least not now with truck resupply and mobile spawns. Maybe if they were thinking on making supply being actually simulated I guess destroying bridges behind frontlines would make it hard to repair and had a significant impact on the front.. But currently even if a squad destroyed all bridges in one timezone this would be repaired in a matter of hours.
  13. Like which? Many cases don't Warthunder certainly doesn't... And you could argued compared to F2P WW2ol subscriptions buys your way to Victory with significantly better equipment and roles. As I stated the model I ask has very few risks and most of the negative reviews you got on Steam is based on pricing model and not allowing F2P to use tanks or ATGs, with this system WW2ol would probably sit on a positive review.
  14. I think you are also choosing to forget that most online games allow you to play their game completely for free now something that did not happen 14 years ago .. and most games did remove their sub models or change to give a free version.
  15. CRS priority more than terrain or any feature should be implementing a true F2P system. Credit Point System The so called point credit system, each units has a point value from playing the game, the points you earn in each mission would get added to a pool that you could be used for free players to purchase one time spawns of a particular unit, this would be time consuming this free players and to be generating more gameplay to other player so they could use tanks and be more competitive. Population would be more stable this way and eventually the players who had the monetary capacity would rather choose to spend their time using the units and doing the things they rather than be forced to grind rifle or any atg. Only one premium account Every game doesn't split their content between tiers this devalues and make less of a good deal for someone on the fence, rather all modern games try to pack the most they can on a premium model that makes it to be very enticing. So basically delete the concept of started account. Premium gameplay time sharing model Add a solution for having premium, that you don't pay per month but by hours of premium gameplay, this is great for more busy players who don't want to pay 14$ to just play 3 times in a month.