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  1. I think this is agreeable i just hope this change feels responsive and good feedback.
  2. I haven't seen people ask for this changes in the forums at least in the free section. But I think this wide range of supply changes with few to no input from the playerbase is dangerous and they should be done in one campaign, then reverted back but this should be said before hand. Still the real underlining issue is that people already pay a hefty price to play this game and the game does not guarantee that they will be able to use the equipment they paid for, the game works in a first to first to serve basis. There needs to be a smarter way to allow more paying players to have a chance at using a particular unit, than being forced to spawn the tiger the first moment you start to defend a town or other premium unit.
  3. Yeah but we got no panther and I have more fun with no heavy tanks than with them.. The Pz IVG doesn't scale well with CH 7 and S76.
  4. Can't you make things more interesting like having the potential to have a new tier 2.5 with snow for a week with like 1 heavy tank per armor brigade. This could eventually lead to the battle of the bulge late 1944/45 scenario.
  5. that's a lie... repair tracks has been an issue since 2005 when I started playing the game and the same with lack of feedback like your gun is disable or you can't replace a crewman. Honestly the ones who complain about rpats for me were just bad tankers, old players who did not properly use they commander for greater SA. I played with FRUs and 15+ RPATs list and single handily cleaned them and for me spawning an ATG from FMS has had a more negative impact on tanking that RPATs ever had, worst this starts and tier 0.. Also now players value more RPATs units which make them less common and more sneaky on the battlefield before I could camp them until they were out this no longer happens.
  6. Capturing has nothing to due with having a lmg. Redorchestra has implemented the correct solutions for this, lmg players don't rambo there and they play support and you can still capture there is nothing to discuss other than having a dev spend time replaying to a ragequit thread that often pops up.
  7. @madrebel There are other opinions why not make a medic class a near pure PvE class. Example: Each dead infantry corpse would save it's injury state as fatal or not fatal, a player with a medic class would approach that corpse give medical support and a res ticket of that infantry unit would get back to the supply. Might even add an interesting post-battle gameplay for stranded enemy units with targets of opportunity and allow smaller "brigades" and/or extend resupply since you could recover some extra supply through this way.
  8. I use the free to play account just to use the forums xD I haven't played in months if not years... definitely the game is not engaging for vets who are F2P. Especially if they consider themselves tankers. I only see me playing with a credit point system where I can save sortie points to use current premium equipment, a dlc for tier 2 medium tank or like a 9$ monthly sub. Current DLC tanks are worthless Pz IIC and PZ IIIF ? not to say that in higher tiers this units are not even in the game..
  9. If you could distille fun in a gaming environment it's essence would be all about game loops, so no gameplay dead ends. For example you drive a tank to town and you get detrack by a bomb after 20mins of driving, in a game environment you have to have a possibility to repair that track of that tank and continue your gameplay, that might required other players but there needs to be a workaround or ability to overcome that. Game loops multiply gameplay of course, in the previous case that would it self create gameplay for a player to get to that tank and repair it, the same goes for the tanker who would have to keep the truck safe or nearby infantry and for the enemy more targets and more possibility for more content and engagements. WW2ol in terms of gameplay dead ends has a lot...
  10. It's warranted 70% of what is left of this community at least the one that expresses on the forum... are really backward like they came straight out of Plato's Cave. They simply do not know the true reality of this game and the gaming market.
  11. Riflemen is not just free players ... even when Im subscribe I would always go rifleman rather smg until we have semis. Btw I see myself as a tanker, I should have say have a small chance to get an Anti-Tank weapon. I prefer to have more RPATs than Atg spawning in a FMS on the path to a P1, for me this has killed much of tank game while we more rpats their range is very limited and they have a big drop so almost every time players miss the tank at 100m plus refire is very slow. That said tank is pretty hard to kill as a infantry and when you are out of RPATs and Sappers and you camped, it doesn't seem realistic.
  12. One of the things that steam reviews mention the most is how free players and riflemen are incapable of any anti-tank capability. Like in real life(WW2) sometimes as a normal rifleman, you could end up with an extra anti-tank grenade or panzerfaust. So I think you should have a random value that you could spawn with a HEAT satchel or in the future a panzerfaust and maybe bring back the UK HEAT rifle grenade as a counterpart to the panzerfaust.. anti-tank grenades like the sticky bomb or the german H3 magnetic mine etc..
  13. --- 1) For me I think this will make things very restricted and it's not counter intuitive when you can watch videos on youtube of people doing it and I think also real ww2 footage can be found 2) 3)Increasing more I think will look bad, since 3rd person muzzle flash and bullet direction is not tied to were you are shooting or the barrel is aimed at. 4) I somewhat agree but I think you should be able to reload while walking but much more slowly. 5) I agree but I would prefer this to be tied to aiming down iron sights while standing/crouching
  14. I think this is not a viable solution instead you should actually spend some dev time, in implementing a RO/H&G style: - RO - To shoot you have to press the deploy while standing or running, this forces you to walk slowly - Heroes and Generals - By pressing to aim down iron sights, it takes more time for you to get on iron sights because of the gun weight and you become imobile and the more you look down ironsights the heavier the sights picture and in the end the game forces you to stop looking down on irong sights so. Functionality - while running or walking, if you press deploy, you are set in walking mode while holding the bipod, allows you to shoot(Not Iron sights) - while running or walking, if you press iron sights, the animation to look down is slower, // test when finished you become immobile or you are set on walk - Looking down tires you a lot and eventually you stop aiming down.
  15. For me would be to reduce operation costs with licenses and third party proprietary software. By this I mean rebuild the entire vehicle pipeline and create a CRS only Damage and Ballistic model and a new flight model. That would allow to easily work with freelancers who use standard tools like 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Unreal, Unity etc and of course this systems would be made to be self-contained, so they could be easily ported to unreal and WW2ol 2.0. Focusing on WW2ol 2.0 I think would be shooting yourself in the foot, it's far from seeing the light of day, you need more funds and no way does the current dev Team and leadership possess the pedigree and recognition to raise millions which is what is required. And why forget and stop investing in a product that brings money and has a user based? Make no sense economically with such a giant leap to make. So that for me leaves us just to focus on increasing productivity and costs, that proprietary software is a drain on CRS limited resources, addressing that would most likely allow to have another good programmer with would increase productivity and in turn more revenue with more features implemented. Honestly this for me is the only solution in the mid term.. in the short term: More vehicles more paying options for access to the game to fit each potential user needs.