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  1. Hello there. I was recently experimenting with a video editor program , creating some random videos for fun. Recently, I had come witha nice idea which involves this game, but due to some tech issues, I can't play the game.So I'm asking for you guys to help. I need game footage of the 232 vehicle , to look like those for car presentation and Formula1 (or any kind of racing ) .Plus fight footage or any kind of it. I hope when I will finish it it will look great.
  2. ''Wir hatten einen kameraden Einen bessern findst du nit'' Yesterday when I found about Hvyouput's death, it was a second strike in my heart (after I heard an distant aunt of mine died yesterday ). Though I rarely had the chance to fight alongside him (and hardly if I remember those moments ), I belive that he was a very great person among us. I had problems with sleeping this night cause of this, alowing me to translate and modify a little sad poem . ,,Cries the moon between the branches Empty is the night Because you are gone forever And will never come back Only the wind still suspires Your sweet chant Above the flowers which caress Your sad tomb The wind blows over the waters Time passes slow We will mourn you brother Now you’ll sleep forever,, My deepest condolences to Hastien and his family. All my prayers are with you and yours. ''Bleib du im ew'gen Leben Unser guter Kamerad!''
  3. unfortunaly, i dont have a scanner. I will try today either take better photo on entire page or photograph each pannel separately
  4. Here it is! My second comic .Hope you will enjoy it (and understand the writing.Bad light as always for the camera )
  5. Another one comming soon, maybe tomorow. Keep on watch
  6. More serious German guard
  7. Some frequent scenes on the Western Front
  8. Defenders on roadblock.Preety usefull.
  9. The best roadblock ever
  10. Maybe one campaign with para planes for f2p, to test the how it works ?
  11. Death was litteraly comming from the sky XD Nice vid Syd !
  12. Happy Birthsday Sir! May all your wishies come true!
  13. Note. 1.My camera is a bit bad , that's why the image is not so clear. 2.Never knew friendly grenades are so dangerous
  14. Yeap, maybe few know that this fella actualy has drawing as one of his hobbies. Since I started to play this game, I made sketches with some 'good moments' for fun, but today, I'm gonna present you one 'bad' thing I've made, in form of a 1-page comic Hope you will enjoy it.