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  1. please post a recording of this chat (if we have one).
  2. Yes, I think these towns should have more supply. also, we should get rid of the Mole and require more AO's to attack these big towns. It will bring the fight closer together with numbers(since HC won't attack big towns without supply and numbers) and get rid of the (no action and chase the mole down stuff). If i'm a new guy looking for action, why would we put him in a situation where he spawns in a big town and see's nothing but emptiness ?
  3. Guys get rid of the myth that players all switch sides every map. The side that's losing simply has a big % of players quit the map when they're losing and that tips the numbers in favor of the side winning. IMHO: I think the winning conditions should be met sooner, or the side winning should be able to call for the enemy's surrender. Once you consistently lose your player base its over, and bad for the game.
  4. If you remember back in the early days in the games Development the allies were aligned in such a way that the British were north of the Meuse river and the french were south. This presented a problem because the game was Coded in such way that the two couldn't cross over. Another problem at that time was something called "area of operation" so you stayed in your area of operation which was north or south of the Meuse river In Addition, allied players became attached to their flag, squad, and equipment and never worked together on the map. french would not go north and Brit players would not go south and it seemed as if they didn't even like each other (In most cases). So, if we bring back town based supply, the flags have to be mixed up or stacked together in a town, Americans, french, Brits together, that's what TOES did for the allies in that they started working together as apposed to being divided and attacked as a divided player base. I would like to hear CRS comment on this matter.
  5. Having Mentioned some of the bad things about Town based Supply in the past. they Just need to make sure they don't make the same mistakes the previous team made because AO's and EWS should keep things in check. I think they are right in saying the HC game puts to much on the few that are doing it. Those guys can still lead, but without making it seem like a job. So for me, although Toes/Flags are just really cool to see move around I does put too much on the guys in HC. I think we're just going to have to wait and see and make adjustments from there.
  6. Completely Disagree, If you look at TZ3 right now you see lack of player base beyond what this game can support(and is all about). We're not even filling 2 AO's each with players let alone 3. So the end results are once again, empty towns and large sections of map changing hands that were not even fought over. Bad for the game!
  7. Was thinking the same thing for weeks, we don't need AO's for bridges. We need to be able to destroy them, repair them and they should repair slowly as they do now without the burden of a AO.
  8. Both sides go through ups and downs, when this game gets on STEAM it will take care of a lot of this stuff(via population) and a few changes should do it.
  9. I f you remember back i the day, the map was such that before (Toe's) the french were always in the south and the British were always in the north. It was not possible for one to move north or south so you had a divide between the two on the map and cooperatively, they didn't even like each other let along work together. Now they are all one as the axis are and that is a good thing. Still think we get 1 to many AO'S in TZ3 though, the numbers don't support it.
  10. Remember when ju's bombed the allied fb's to Destroy them, we couldn't sap them like we do now, we had to use A Char. And the allies didn't even have a AA gun to shoot them down yet .
  11. We need a Icon that tells friendly's which direction the contact is going.
  12. One myth has been that eveyone switches to the winning side when they're losing. Not true, they simply don't play at all if they're not winning. TZ3 is the problem allowing 4 AOs (2 each) . The overpopulated side simply puts up a AO, gets the underpoplated side to spawn in and throws another AO up. now this is where the game goes wrong because the uderpopulated side has very few to defend with say its own attack AO and 2 def AO's We're not doing the game any good by spreading the underpopulated side out in TZ3, it needs to drop to 1 AO each much sooner so knew players can find action and not be camped soon as they spawn in IMO.
  13. Trains would be great to use as a target to disrupt supply. CRS probably just can't do it right now with the current terrain, just a guess.
  14. That also means a endless supply of tanks etc.etc . no thanks, i like the supply/attrition aspect of the game. It just needs smaller changes and improvements that are not do HC dependent.
  15. First of all,you haven't said a thing we don't already know. we're not saying we can't get around AI, we're just saying its something that's not popular now or in the past. However, We need to at least keep AI AA at the airfield to HELP reduce Vulching.
  16. It doesn't But it can rebuild as fast as the rats want it to..and that can be a problem for them..when they forget.
  17. One correction to my reply, AI.....AA, AT, MG at airfields and maybe even boat docks should be kept in place ..... maybe even increased since those are areas that will be camped often if removed.
  18. Remove all AI in favor of PPO, such as anti personnel mines and anti Tank mines. Also, AOs should require and a higher said amount of players to be able to cover the size of some these big towns. Of course all when this can be done over time.