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  1. For those who doubt I am a day 1 returning player with a 15 year gap from being in game. That's your problem. I have no need to lie or make stuff up. To Xoom. Thanks for a bit better reply. I imagine that is about as cordial as I can expect considering I did come in on the "attack". When ANY company or organization or person accepts payment or my money for a service, and I feel that service is lacking, I will express my dissatisfaction. A few other areas in my OP were ignored, repeatedly, by all. You got your paws out to take money, you better be able to listen as well to your customers. Period. (Honestly I'm mildly shocked this thread hasn't been locked or deleted.) "Way back when WWIIOL was new, there were even plans to expand or include a pacific theater. What happened to that? There are at least 3 DIFFERENT descriptions throughout the site and signing up to what all is entailed in a starter account. Seriously?!?!" One other thing. I got email like crazy right after I signed up this time around. Spam much? Good grief. You need to figure out WHICH starter plan you are really offering and make it uniform throughout all your offerings. Anyway, what ever. Continue with making up stories. I did have some fun today in BE also. Yeah, I actually said that. Ya'll have fun. I got my points across as best I can. I'm done with this thread.
  2. Wow. And what I see here is someone who can't take constructive criticism? Ask around in game if my name has been seen lately, how much I've been fighting/flying/asking questions and learning. I challenge you to at least do that before you attempt to belittle me. I waited a few days before I made this thread. I waited 15 years for crying out loud in hopes to see a lot more in game and improvements than what I do. No patience? ha. And you are soon opening yourselves up to steam and all the noobs and the influx of problems with that and you can't even do a courteous welcome back? Yeah, you'll get your flood of steam $$. Is going to steam your last hurrah and only cash grab option left now, or do you really intend to provide some real entertainment? Will your Customers however get the support they should, and any semblance of courtesy? With your post to me here, I have serious doubts, at least on the courtesy part. On a parting note. If I had thought WWIIOL / BE was 100% terrible, I wouldn't have even bothered, or spent one red cent. Thanks for your 2 minutes of time to make a reply Xoom. Maybe next time, don't belittle a customer?
  3. Yeah, sure, I'm here to waste more time just to Troll. (That is sarcasm, fyi.) On another note. Does anyone remember when you could Climb trees at the beginning? Removing tree climbing IMHO was a bad choice. Gave a whole new aura of imminent death. Plus it was FUN when you were in a tree. Yeah some of the graphics and game play are improved. 15 years worth of improvement? That is a long time on one game. Was nice to see some other day 1 posters/ re's.
  4. I was "there" on launch day when WWIIOL launched! What a failure and disaster that was. Here, about 15 years later I have returned to see what has improved, what new vehicles and equipment has been put into the game, and I must say, I am sorely disappointed. Noobs still get slaughtered and gaining rank is still a grind. The "good" vehicles and equipment is/are for the higher ranks. Way back when WWIIOL was new, there were even plans to expand or include a pacific theater. What happened to that? There are at least 3 DIFFERENT descriptions throughout the site and signing up to what all is entailed in a starter account. Seriously?!?! Graphics are a bit better than 15 years ago, but meh. My biggest complaint is all the timers, time outs, delay, delay, DELAY! What the ****? No really, I log on to play, not watch a 2:30 timer count down before I can even get in my first mission. No auto despawn upon death? A timer TO despawn after death? (10 secs) Another timer to RESPAWN after death? (Up to 30 secs) The ANNOYING pop up thing when I go to switch persona. Get RID of IT! I played another game for a long time and eventually left. The main reason, I will not pay my good money to watch a TIMER. I have clocks already, if I wanted to watch time go by, I'll watch my clocks. Sure this game may still hold top dog in a couple spots, but that pony is old and dying. I have some interest in playing still, even with all the negatives above. It was even explained why to a degree there are timers to me in game. Sadly, I and everyone else has to endure them and they are no fun and are very ANNOYING. Will I stay? Sure, to finish out the time on the month I paid for. Beyond that....maybe, but I doubt it. I'm sure this post will get attacked. People will defend all the negatives of the game. No matter what game or forum, there are those who always defend bad game mechanics or policy. Maybe they think they'll get a prize or a pat on the head? Who knows. Done with my rant, vent, review, whatever. Side note. Even on this Forum after I posted this, it shows that my account is a FREE PLAY account. Not hardly. Wow....(However I did cancel my subscription while I take time to decide whether I will toss more of my money after something I am not as pleased as I could be with.) T