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  1. 1) Can you use an existing account for your free "tow" account or is account name created for you ? 2) Why limit the second account to just towing why not just make it a second account with full benefits ?
  2. 10 hours is way too long ! Imagine if you paid a extra money x2 to a company that does online business and takes 10 hours to tell you they got the money and will be mailing your stuff. Internet is instant ..they take the money NOW but drag feet in when they tell you ok its coming = crappy service
  3. Should not take longer than 1 hour don't care about whom has to do what ...this has to be super easy Should not be Should not be should not be as it is Sorry we are asking for people to give money at game we should be ready to take it not call out those that did answer the call with pointing out that "they did not wait 30 days but 10 hours" If you paid extra money for something would you expect to wait more than 3 hours for them to add something to your account ? This aint USA MAIL this is the internet I expect better and Im very disappointed in Your response for shame
  4. I have now unsubbed this is the last $29.99 that CRS ever gets off me. THis game is not ready for people paying for it Ive been a subscriber for many years (OVER 10 years) and I @ one point had 3 paying accounts and I was a believer in this game. I tried to support this game with a Hero account and I did the stupid jumping though hoops support ticket to activate but CRS just takes the money FAST for this but drags its feet to give your tow account permissions to do so After a day of mass emails and frustrations Ive instead chose to just unsub ..Im done with CRS its hero program and its promise I really love this game but CRS hates me and now im willing to learn that no matter how many dollars I throw @ this mess I cant pay for them *crs not to be stupid ...Im withdrawing the "trustfund" that my multi subsriptions have become to crs over the years and now have withdrawn my HERO account promise CRS has bitten off their nose to spite their face and im done paying to watch them do it Good luck Edit: in the attempt to raise money You CRS have pissed off decade long subs to the point any good memory is lost to al the money Ive ever paid to this game ...You killed your base and game will die and its not my and my many dollars over the years fault but your greeds fault Enjoy the seeds you have planted
  5. NO forum avatar Cant get on training server No tow account 30 usd well spent
  6. Well took the plunge made support ticket 2 times still have ftp.... no tow all locked cept rifle reseve smg and 2 aa guns Took the money for it instantly im waiting on support ticket BS *not pleased at all
  7. Well after unsubbing 2 accounts over some issues I had. I talked to a different CRS dude I resubbed from his response this account I was considering subbing to another account to help CRS with this march/hero thingy but since its TOO much to ask for FULL access for 30 usd a month *same as hero tow thingy just more of a bone for us. I think ill just rock the 17.99 a month thing for one account. *for now Thanks XOOM for the so not cool link as your answer to my post .. how so very corporate of you. Form letters have more charm btw I accept your answer in the same manner as a middle finger Thank you for your honesty
  8. How are they losing money exactly ? Last I checked hero account is 30 dollars same as 2 accounts @ prepay or 12 month commitment Its kinda silly in my opinion to limit them to a tow account @ same price as 2 premium accounts ya can even keep the hammer icon and forum sig. At one time I had 3 premium accounts (more than 30 dollars and no "hero" title game lived through that I suppose Very silly world we live in
  9. Killing trucks and atgs is best way to rank up you just need a land mission from AIR or navy brigade. I ranked up to 7 in all 3 branches in about a month doing that. Also killing planes with AA is great too.
  10. holy Crap the allied French have the wacky laffy *moved to tier zero and there opel *the laffy could tow the biggest guns and place fru since trucks could place frus and have been enjoying this for years now has a problem cause the freaking axis have a mg on theirs ....cry me not a single tear Get over it !
  11. Bought a copy of Battleground Europe off of amazon and I have a Cd key for a month free but do not see where to input the Cd key that came with game Is that not an option anymore?
  12. Players are just lazy ...the best way is to remove all fbs The AO system warning of "hey here we come now" should all you get. We don't need EWS if there is no fbs and no range on units of different types of units setting off "ews" needed either. We have over the years dumbed down thee most hard core game of all time that does not have perma death. We should demand this stop now! When I first saw this game in my local Eb (electronics boutique) The cover a axis infantry man marching while in the backround something looking like a volcano full of smoke rising it GRABBED my attention. I started looking at it front to back when an employee/salesman/person approached me saying that's not a good game it takes you 20 min on a TRUCK just to die as you get there. I then looked at him said it looks like ya should have be driving yourself there or walk. He looked at me strangely I then walked up to the counter and bought the game. It took me an entire Year before I had a pc that could actually play the game (and not well low fps) After the long year wait I spawned in this new world and was scared completely out of my mind so much I crawled on my belly for 2 hours or about (it was night in the game and lots of gunshots) I headed to each noise I heard carefully till I reached the town that I needed to be at ...I heard a tank I sprang up to engage my enemy and @ that very moment I got ran over by an allied tank. **took me 2 weeks to not die and actually log my first kill = Hooked 4 life Been here for over 10 years under another semi famous account (first player rifleman to get 10,000 kills with just a lowely rifleman unit (back in the unlimited tank years YUCK!) my 10,000th rifle kill was on a matty just to make it extra special to me (took me many days of not killing to get that perfect matty kill with the rifle round (not the uber nade one back when nades killed tanks and yes I was that serious about doing it MY way) Love this game and cant believe ive outlasted most that MADE this game and im Proud to have been part of it for so long that it makes me smile when a green tag puts a bullet between my eyes and kills me ...cause it means to me anyways that the game is where it should be ( a bullet don't care how long you've been playing just how well it was aimed Salute to CRS ...present and lost and mostly the Playerbase that gives our game world real life !S! Edit please CRS give me 2 lil dots over the second O in my game name (im a huge motorhead fan and my hero Lemmy Kilmister passed away @ age 70 in DEC.
  13. Yes that was good fun till the armor showed up First good infantry battle ive been in 3 days
  14. All I here in World chat is how this one side switched and that one side switched and people don't like them anymore so on and so on. Now we want to dump new free to plays over to the underpop side ? (damned forced side switchers must die) lmao Make up your minds