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  1. Well, bought this yesterday, plugged in the usb, programmed everything I needed to fly fighters and off I went. For several hours I flew first offline(for testing) and then online. Logged off for the night. Today I log in and whoa, the stick seems to have stopped working. Nothing on it works ingame. All settings are still there in the keymapper etc, but it won't work. Redetected controllers..nothing. I also have a Logitech Wingman Rumblepad that I have been using for years to fly/operate machinery plugged in as well. I unplugged that as I suspected maybe a conflict, but it didn't help. Yesterday, the game recognized both controllers as Logitech(joystick 1) and Thrustmaster(joystick 2). Today, the game seems to think the Thrustmaster is joystick 1, but yet all the settings are still set for stick 2. When I try to reset pitch,roll,yaw & throttle it sets it as joystick 1. I updated the drivers for the stick this morning, but that hasn't helped either. I'm thinking it has to be an ingame detection issue? Anyone with help ideas on this? I'd like to get back to the war with this new stick as it was a huge improvement over using my old gamepad. Thanks for reading. S! Rhime-23rd Armored
  2. I discovered the Logitech monster doesn't want to play nice with anyone else. Unplugging the Wingman controller, resetting all the controls to default(effectively making the Thrustmaster joystick #1) fixed the issue. Now I just have to plug in the Logitech again, make that joystick 2 and see what happens... Thanks for your help Hick! S! Rhime
  3. Well, after trying a lot of things, I'm stuck as to what to do next. The forums have a few thoughts on different(but similiar issues), but nothing I can really use. Since the stick is working in Windows, Im going to say it's game related, but no sense calling Thrustmaster CS as they'll just tell me it's game related.. Any more ideas would be greatly appreciated... Rhime
  4. Can you elaborate that please? I have the stick set to "preferred device with older programs". I'm using Windows 7 btw...
  5. I have to agree on this one too. When I'm hitching a ride on a tank, when I look forward(using mouseview) I can't hear the tank engine unless I swing my view towards the back of the tank. Realistically, I should be hearing the engine at all times no matter which way I'm looking. Also, I'm having issues trying to figure out sound distances as everything usually sounds like it's happening right beside me, but I see no action in that direction. Is this a setting in game and if so please post proper sound settings so we can compare. thanks.
  6. I use this same mouse with no problems at all. Let's compare settings in the SetPoint program?
  7. I would check for updates to ALL drivers, especially video card and sound card. I have been playing for 2 weeks straight with no CTD's whatsoever. How long are your playing sessions? Perhaps there's a memory leak?
  8. I just resubbed after a long absence(I started playing WWII Online on day 1) and after many years of following the game from the outside, decided to give it another tour of duty mostly because of the upcoming updates.... Needless to say, the game has changed and evolved from opening day and I am relearning almost everything. After running solo for a few days, I realised that I need/want a squad to run with and after looking at the recruitment page I see a lot of potential groups. My problem is that I can't tell who is still very active and who is not as a lot of posts from the various websites go back to 2006 and no new posts have been added in a long while. So, I'm looking for a very active squad who can get a noob/vet back up to speed and provide the kind of fun I had back when the game first started(I was with the Canada Corps-Armor Div). I'm from Canada PST, have no problems with using TS or Vent, am a team oriented player who can follow orders or give them... If you're looking for my style of player, please post info here and maybe a link if you have a site or any other info on how to find you in-battle. Thanks, I look forward to meeting you!