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  1. any f2p game of quality gains players in steam
  2. lol, as longer as i play this game, cloned tanks never did anything. but that "maybe" can be a bug since the multi crew was a bug that lasted like more than year
  3. i know you can do that in offline mode, but the clones just dont answer to any hit
  4. i didnt said the game is bad, but i said it could be many times greater
  5. dude, you jost got me like, wow this game is screwd if it gets to steam. i didnt even tought of that. just compare with heroes e generals, that game is 100% game money and the revies are all "this is pay to win". this would go to "very bad reviews" in less than a week. i tought a bit about all the things i said about tank warfare, and the most easy and better way to fix that came to my mind would be a proving ground. a place of single player that you have any target you want at any range, and hits get debugged in your chat.
  6. salute. ty for a good reply in all that i said. i will expecify that all that i said was talking about or about f2p supplys or start of the campaing supply like pz3s and pz4 short 75mm. first thing you said. the values that came to my mind now that are the most important. would be: penetration per ammo, penetration loss by distance, penetration loss by angle, ammo speed, blast radius, damage to crew/ammo if penetrated, if there is an health system for armor plate (so a 75mm plate would not be imortal to 1000 shoots) how it works and if in all that i said there is a chance to the value change by ammo quality (random). that include at least images to show wich plate are what thickness, effective thikness, health of the plate(if there is such game mechanic here). good answer in my second topic, tought i still think that if you move to a f2p service with good reasons to still pay. people would be more sure to put their money in it. my third topic was about coliding with vehicles into walls and like a rubber band it goes back and continue its course. well, theres no half afirmation here, sorry. my tests where did with pz3s, pz4s, pz2s and most scout vehicles and no matter how hard i hit something most of time i would just be kicked back with a bit of brake but no damage at all. well they use helmets, that something that would prevent any injurie to the head. but i guess british didnt used... that would be an interesting mechanic. the only thing that could happen really would be a gearbox brake or engine turn off. last topic was about guns being not reliable/shoots dont count/too low damage. this would not be a problem at all if the first topic being done. " you might not be aware of the damage that you have already inflicted. Maybe we can figure out a better way to indicate this in the future without getting too far into arcade mode " holes. holes made by cannon, when i play with infantry when i shoot something i see the scratch, but when i'm playing tank i just see the explosiong effect of the bullet hitting. but no hole (thats the most big issue i have with "dont know what i'm dealing with"). just want to let here some more toughts that i would want to have ingame: crew swap(gunner died. put radio operator). trucks should not be like a tank that you spawn as a truck, you should be abble to spawn a truck and hop in as driver, more vehicles(british without valentine or cromwell? wtf!!!!). i cant remember more, but this last one, is ridiculous why i have to put it here. Where are the Soviets?
  7. i know this video, but this is like the tittle of a book. we dont know whats inside it. we need values! we need to know what is constant and what is variable! also your behave is mostly why games that dont have a rival like this. you PAY for this MONTHLY, if you say to devs its good enough they will not improve. thats why this game feels soooo much dated, and i'm not talking about graphics. you said about " "crashing into things and damaging them" than shooting and killing them? " that put immersion in a game. the fact that the game is a simulation based. and yo go full speed in a giant tank into a tree and it dont fall. or into a rock and it dont at least hurt the crew. is something that will remember you a playstation 1 game. and even if the shooting to kill is your objective in tanks, you still pretty much [censored]ed. with a 88 you will need up to 3 to 8 shoots depends on how good you shoot. goddamit that thing was a hell of a gun bro. that would [censored] any tank of that era. if it would not kill the tank, it would leave AT LEAST a big scratch in it. and after the penetration the fragmentation/explosion of the shell seems very off.
  8. salute mate. maybe i was a bit angry that day. i explained most of stuff you said in the other answer so i'll talk just what i didnt. you CANT multicrew with people that have a premium vehicle, me and my friend where trying to get it to work but some vehicles that dont work, we were trying with 2 f2p accounts, newborn, and a other f2p account that already have a long time. what we found is that it only work in few vehicles. the 38t didnt worked, the vickes light didnt worked, the r35 didnt worked. and when u try to join a newborn f2p account that have a vehicle that the long f2p acount dont have it cancels. so only vehicles we could play together was the 232 and the pz2. also for some reason the guy that called crew to the tank where stuck in the driver position, the second could move to other positions. what i really meant when i say "you cant really feel the game" is that in many f2p games you can, going thru much effort and play time, get everything in the game, maybe with a negative points. but here is very clear. its impossible to get anything other than a tankette, rifleman or sub-machine gunner. i really would love to see this game come to steam as a real free to play game, and offer good advantages for who pay, like for example, monocromatic color for vehicles f2p and cammo for to pay. that would be really really simple to do and would not affect the game much. at least with the tank scenario we see today...
  9. well maybe i meant that wrong and said [censored] at cost, but still paypall isnt that of easy to use as brazilian when the most used payment method is not suported. steam walet suport would fix this all. lol i'm impressed about you dont know whats wrong with vehicle phisics, the simple fact that the vehicle behave like a gummy bear is already enough. but theres no damage at all when: crashing into something or something at you. the only exeption is going into a river. tank ballistics should be inproved, by we knowing HOW the game mechanics work, because they sure dont work like in real life, otherwise a matilda would not be a imortal beast that only dies with a 75mm long or 88. also why the [censored] a sherman can kill a tiger by the front and a tiger cant kill a sherman by the front?? do both can kill each other or none can kill each other. that simple. also the MANY tutorials last like 15 minutes, its not a big issue, but its something that i should decide if i want to do it or not. this is a GAME its meant to have FUN. if i want to be a looser [censored] its me that decide.
  10. if you want more expecific mentions and my opinion how should be fixed, you can ask
  11. first, and probably the one that keep me away from this game. its too costy, you pay it by month, and can only do it by credit card, plus live in a poor contry with high tax, and you find that i would pay by month in this game a money that i could buy entire new games. second, f2p account should be called demonstration account. f2p is just a bait, you cant really feel the game using it and is impossible to have a experience a paid user have. third, vehicle phisics is a joke. fourth, tank warfare should be improved. a lot. i'll end this with several minor things: friend system should be implemented. multi crew vehicles should get improved. bases should resuply units and vehicles. tutorial should have "i dont want to do it" buttom that dont call you later. the tow isnt working for some reason, at least with f2p. improve tutorial. make at least truck driver to exit, maybe tanks too. add more diversity of weapons, not just same class, by example mines, so fb can be defended better.
  12. Well if the game is nota wrong. It chances my mind from bad balanced to bad game at all. Also how do you think i played with tanks without paying?
  13. i wasnt talking about that, but that is part of the issue. the thing i was talking is that some tanks are just impossible to kill in 95% of the situations in a tank versus tank. and i'm not even talking about camuflage and mobility. to everyone i talked, they said the game was this way, cause its balanced. well going by its logic i can only imagine that that the developers only play in british and usa factions, and have some really **** methods of balancing.
  14. so i came to play this game cause of it tank mechanics. well, i want my money back, cause this is a lie. and if someone gonna tell "its a game its need balance". then dont sell the game by its realism and do the balance right, not making every tank in one faction superior to the other.
  15. oh. didnt knew that, thanks