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  1. Looks more like the axis soft cap team don't want a real fight
  2. If Sherman's are so hard to see explain why they get 1 shotted at 2000m plus. must admit though the p4 looks a bit too bright.
  3. @XOOM. So what's the consensus , what's seen as a priority , what's been worked on. You asked we delivered...
  4. If a division is bounced, that is surrounded and then kicked with a fight. The units that have fought to kick that division are on 12 hour resupply timers and yet the bounced units come back fresh in 6 hours. If the population can't take advantage of those 6 hours, I'd say the bounced units are given an unfair advantage coming back fresh.
  5. @OHM agreed this needs fixing. As do the French and Brit bgds that are still short 100ish infantry. the Brits need more T2/T3 battle tanks they are about 40 short in a Division. The Brit bgds need the number of vickers reducing. And the naval bgds should not be having anything heavier than a DAC.
  6. Nice Vid WW2 online the game of shooting fish in a barrel lol
  7. This massive imbalance in allied tanks delems is whining about is made up generally of vickers . While they do seem oversupplied, it hardly seems game changing. The tanks that are being referred to as rubbish are the vickers and the CS tanks that delems keeps banging on about.Nowhere was it said the main Brit tanks T3 were rubbish. Some may think that but it certainly wasn't said. Whereas the Brits have a real imbalance in battle tank ability i.e. 40 tanks less per division. And you idiots who can't read. The infantry I balance gave the axis 2 Divisions worth of extra infantry, that's nearly 3000 extra infantry. Not the 100 you keep bleating on about. Again Historical load out of vehicles, which was done for very good reasons in RL , those reasons do not exist in this game. They serve only to hamper the allied tank units. Also as far as I know German load out was 50% HE in their medium tanks.
  8. I think not. 12 x 11 vs 12 x 8 . Isn't it , close but no cigar.
  9. Maybe this sub should be time limited not equipment limited. 1-2 hours a week with Full access. I know if I only had an hour a week i wouldnt pay for a full sub.
  10. What the hell does real load out have to do with this game. The real historical load out is we should have 4 times the number of tanks you have. So you can stop that line of BS now. I agree they are rubbish , so next week you can have 130 vickers extra lol. plus 20 smoke throwing 4d's. I'll have the 40 Battle tanks we are owed in their stead. Fair.
  11. You know what Delems THOSE BRITS DO NEED ADJUSTING. By my count axis get 49 BATTLE TANKS in an arm BGDE vs 15 ....WTF YEAH BALANCE my [censored] They get 22 in inf BGDS vs 20 MORE BALANCE .........
  12. What you noticed through careful analysis that the brits have some rubbish tanks more than the axis but fail to see the massive infantry imbalance. You carefully ignore the allied tanks have had their AP rounds massively reduced . That does not sound like you care about balance, i'm sure you do, just doesnt look that way from here. Looked more like you were concerned about Allied advantages. Whatever. Balance will come sooooon.
  13. Dont trust the BGE monitor numbers. mine doesnt list Stugs for german units at all for example.
  14. Again delems CS tanks have caused 320 casualties this entire campaign.(the StuH42 caused 200 in its limited time in campaign, so who got the better deal especially as 20% of its kills are tanks). edit (missed the matilda CS which makes cs look good by comparison lol - about 800 - 900 kills) Day 45, thats less than 1 casualty every 3 hours. edit (now with matty 1 per hour ish - still hardly show stopping ) Sure it need fixing, as does the AP supply to allied tanks - effectively reducing our tank killing ability by 60% (yeah its a random number). Those way extra BARS need reducing for sure. Brit Navy is obviously wrong. Every time you whine about this it leads us to investigate other inbalances. I think we are winning this particular argument. Next we'll be analysing US vs AXIS tank numbers, care to bet which side has the favourable balance
  15. Yes but only from that brigade . It's limited. It's a training tool really to give people a taste I suppose.