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  1. The only caveat on that mos is that people don't spawn in when it's down to rifles , because generally the opposition isnt, and the rifles are trying to save an ab that is camped to hell. Im happy to spawn in if both sides are down to rifles
  2. Leave them as is. If your arguing that there's too much supply for underpopulated times then fine reduce supply proportionatley. As far as sydspains goes , his insistence on the rifle being a wonder weapon would appear to be unique to him. Having said that I quite enjoy rifle play, but I'm not playing if I have to clear cp's with it against lmgs. Just to keep side bias happy, I would think decreasing the smgs effectively hurts the allies more, as it raises the proportion of effective autos for the axis.
  3. or perhaps the game shouldnt make you feel like you need to have a tow account, to use guns succsesfuly.
  4. It feels strange that the tiers run counter to history. Ie allies stronger in the early tiers , axis growing stronger as the tiers progress. Allies needing early victory.
  5. Or perhaps start the campaign in the next tier to where the last one finished.
  6. agreed i feel intermission is a lost opportunity
  7. You need to see a doctor ... About that cough
  8. Lol
  9. Absolutely, get in early ! HomeGRENADESEUROPEGermany The Splittermantel, or Splitterring was a smooth fragmentation sleeve for the M24/39 and later the M43 stick grenades, developed by the SS in 1942. The serrated type was a later development of the Wehrmacht. As German stick grenades had only a thin steel casing surrounding the explosive charge, they relied principally on blast for effect.
  10. unfortunately the german grenade will be modelled using a 1942 frag casing making it 10 times more lethal than the French grenade...... hopefully many axis will be hoisted by their own petard
  11. Then you've got the volume up to high .....What you're talking about is an adjustment in the relative volumes of vehicles noise and say footsteps?
  12. You can set discord to interrupt game sound when someone speaks
  13. The balance for the axis would of course be to use the forerunner of the Bren i.e. ZB26 which was issued to ss units after they overran Czechoslovakia
  14. Just to even up the unrealistic use of LMG's give the brits a Vickers K gun, same rate of fire as mg34. Issued to commandos, sas, and rangers. Then see how axis like it
  15. That's true for a lot of stuff I suspect