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  1. Rubbish , 7thAST took 2 towns using Paras on Friday night.
  2. I find it interesting that when the firefly is introduced, it's numbers will however be severely restricted. Why! The brits had over 3 x the numbers of 17 pounder armed vehicles, than total Tiger production, given the vast majority of Tigers were deployed in the east this would be more like 10x on the ETO. Allies are lucky the vast amount of Tiger drivers don't use them properly. TIGER numbers need reducing.
  3. Got news for u that 111 was fkd already
  4. I'm not a great fan of how quickly Brigades come back from Training - especially when RDP can be up to 30 hours. So the brigades that fight to kick brigades get resupplied slower than the reconstituted Brigade , doesn't make sense. Like to see it looked at @OHM Discuss
  5. yeah pretty hard to find on steam..surprised anyone can
  6. Sadly this is true
  7. You using the smoke dispensing tanks to provide a false picture again delems !!
  8. If you dont pay ...you are not a customer, you are a guest! Use the ftp accounts to balance - if balance is a required thing that is
  9. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. If the radio is manned , how about it shows state of all the other cps
  11. Max armour on the a13mk2 was 30mm much the same as pz3. Only thing I never understand is Pz3 drives like a race car, While the A13 drives like an underpowered POS. If anything the A13 has better power to weight and a vastly superior suspension, imo it's modelled badly.
  12. PLEASE do not bring back an irritating noise near the radios, bad enough you have to radio hump, adding noise will drive me out of the area for sure.
  13. 4th armoured Brigade - you talking about the one assigned to the Desert Force?
  14. Sadly most allied players dont realise that Matildas, their most valuable asset ,needs protecting or won't.
  15. Nah, it's xoom