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  1. French don't get Matilda's afaik
  2. balance. Looks like 3 3h and 3 pak 38 added to axis 1ab garrison list . If list was balanced before that aint Balance thats pumping axis capability against the Frogs.
  3. You just happen to miss the introduction of Pak38 and 3h at the first tier. Finally the axis get what they’ve been whining for.
  4. So the server is moving into Xooms garage ?
  5. Even monkeys can come up with something legible given enough of them and enough time. It was inevitable that garner would to.
  6. Did you nick the hind legs off that ?
  7. Ill be getting the sack next...
  8. Strangely named award for the British Empire to Award. Wasnt he forced to eat his own genitals ? I propose the award is renamed.
  9. Congrats themouse.
  10. AAR During the wee hours when the Axis haunt the cities of our green and pleasant land. One individual has stood against the might of the Axis supermen. themouse innocuous by name mighty by deeds. To wit Margate the coastal jewel under the Axis heel for far to long was rescued from tyranny by action this day. Having infiltrated the Axis cordon and after all hope of reinforcement was gone, Fb had been destroyed by the infamous QOR gang, did proceed to capture the Bunker and remaining Facilities while holding at bay the might of almost overwhelming forces. Later collection of papers indicated at least 12 individuals of a german flavor, some high ranking desperados (kgarner - aka the loser) were found skulking in basements (apparently practising his genuflecting). For this action I recommend themouse for our Highest award.
  11. Although its acceptable if you drive a stug and havent got an mg....(tribute to another thread). You cant place them to disrupt spawning other than that its fine.
  12. Most allied towns are falling with nrly full garrisons please cut inf supply to 10% of current numbers. Go back to your Naval infantry theme delems, leave the tanks alone. Most towns fall with all destroyers not used please remove them from supply. Most towns fall with naval infantry not used, please remove them from supply. just because YOU don't use them doesn't mean they shouldn't be there for someone else to use. You are a very squeaky wheel. and dre21 is right how are we ever gonna fall in love if we can't meet .......hope you miss me , ( I mean with that big gun of yours ) lol
  13. You talking about the ab bunker?