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  1. Solution to this ......gamely crap no stats posted for 1 hour.
  2. That to me would be CHEATING. I am suspicious of anyone who messages me and says xyz is low on supply. My first question is always ,how do you know that? Not that anyone has ever said they spied , but if they did I would certainly report them for it. I assume and expect the same integrity from all HC officers.
  3. Why are you checking the allies supply levels is the real question...? Naughty system ..please give the axis there stuff if that's the case.
  4. Sappers scum hey ...lol Actually I think you made bluds day
  5. Ooh have to try that mg trick thanks. lol. That seems VERY strange Kazee. Sure they werent CS variants and just tried anything they had ?
  6. your point being ?
  7. Those timers were reported as being slow by the allies......axis definitely had cap timer advantage in Ciney.
  8. i dont. my view is they are on the lunatic fringe.
  9. Not sure I understood a word of that, or what you are trying to say.
  10. No nation had a WWII capability to air-supply even just enough small arms ammo and food for a medium sized defense Thats what you said .....
  11. Looked to me like the usual seal clubbers took the night off , possibly because they believe all changes to gameplay effect AXIS waaaaay more than the Allies. More fool them if they did. Cost them valuable real estate. I'm sure this temp setback wont last long and they'll be back gloating about Superior tactics, comms,leadership, etc ad nauseum.
  12. Stalingrad was obviously a force too large to resup from the air. Arnehm the airdrop areas were already captured, so hardly a failure of capacity, just delivery, working radios would have solved that. Kokoda trail Aussies used air supply to greatly enhance delivery of supply.
  13. It is as I have said previously , a crock. Should be a command to set fallback. Absolutely ridiculous the amount of shuffling that used to have to be done just to set a fallback. Obviously this burden is now reduced with only 3 divas on the map.
  14. Doesnt matter how many charges if there is NO ONE to defend the fb.....
  15. Gee bit hard criticising game play during intermission, specially as there were so many axis players playing allied lol. You seem to suggest that the timers negative effects only happen to the AXIS, I believe they are applied to both sides equally. Helping the allies does not include coming over to our side and trying to tell us we are crap and should be more like the axis, no wonder no-one wanted to communicate with you. You lot are no more organised on a per head basis than we are. For example what did you achieve today ! lost Habyes and failed on every other attack. Ive got an idea for tz3 , Axis name 6 town we give them to you and i dont have to bother logging in neither do your seal clubbers.