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  1. More like, most people do not use voice comms
  2. While you're at it mg34 tank fire, non dispersion versus the French bizarre spray it everywhere approach.
  3. not to mention lowering smgs , how about lowering lmgs
  4. Apparently some/all new players ate getting an early warning message of enemy in their location and a direction. Curious if this is a bug or a feature, whether it is confined to new steam players and if so for how long ?
  5. 41 dead lemmings lol
  6. Not as interesting as a burning tiger , it's too common an occurence (s76 sploding that is)
  7. When I fly I always fly Air Bruno..... This endorsement needs payment lol
  8. Hmmm let me see my S76 engaged a 4g at 1200m. Hit it 5 rnds before he returns fire over the next 5-10 rnds exchanged i hit with prob 5 of those. He hit me once in the tracks somehow(i was hulldown) next rnd killed my gunner then assploded the s76, what a load of crap get off your tiger crutch weenies the tank numbers are not balanced for this tier at all. s76 aint much better than a p4g.
  9. Why is the zoom in view from a rifle sight nearly twice the height as that from LMG ? Picture from 200m
  10. Syd has a charmed life for sure..... I find him one of the hardest targets to get a line on, no accusation here. His motion for me across screen includes unnatural progress some connection issues i suspect but gives a huge advantage. I can always tell its syd just by his moving. Nice shooting tho. Where the hell is that superzoom !!
  11. The only caveat on that mos is that people don't spawn in when it's down to rifles , because generally the opposition isnt, and the rifles are trying to save an ab that is camped to hell. Im happy to spawn in if both sides are down to rifles
  12. Leave them as is. If your arguing that there's too much supply for underpopulated times then fine reduce supply proportionatley. As far as sydspains goes , his insistence on the rifle being a wonder weapon would appear to be unique to him. Having said that I quite enjoy rifle play, but I'm not playing if I have to clear cp's with it against lmgs. Just to keep side bias happy, I would think decreasing the smgs effectively hurts the allies more, as it raises the proportion of effective autos for the axis.