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  1. Xcas , it is not what I said. However the 37 goes from not killing our top tier Char to killing our top tier sherman as the tiers go by. would axis be happy if the Tiger was being killed by the 25mm. Just to rub salt in the wound the American forces are given the bloody thing, why. The 2 pounder would be a better match for the 37 they should have , seems a bizarre choice to me. So just to reiterate, it is AMUSING, that the axis weaker gun becomes more useful as time goes by.
  2. No i said I find it amusing. Compared to the 25mm its almost an uber weapon now , lol.
  3. what i find amusing about the pak 36 is , its relative power increase as the tiers go by. Not so good early but now kills shermans seemingly pretty easily.
  4. luckily spacecam you only get killed by quality players you have to respect
  5. tankers with aimbots players with psychic ability players with ghost ability players that live in 2 worlds simultaneously..... jk
  6. unkillable ei was the more obvious and visible thing to most players. There must also have been unkillable tanks, that often due to lack of feed back on tank kills were probably going unreported.
  7. who were these 2 allied supermen...they need to be given medals
  8. No thank you.
  9. Just checked it . Lock to Lock same speed as a french 25mm. Pak 36 appears to have a slightly wider arc. French 25mm needs to lose the always deployed looking at the sky feature. Facts and Mos are vaguely acquainted as usual. Perhaps you meant in your unassailable opinion.
  10. What's the reason for changing bunker capture. wont this make cappers extremely vulnerable to HE post HE audit if they have to cap inside a windowed room.
  11. set an FMS you receive points for every man that spawns there. Just make it useful.
  12. I was told it was a bug... i .bug if it happens to me as a gentle reminder to fix it.
  13. What's the problem arflak, the only thing the bombers generally kill is flak , don't spawn they can't kill it, especially if your an indication of how intelligent the average flak gunner is by continually spawning into a death trap. and what is a Goreblimey , must be a new ACM.???
  14. Just to put a different perspective on this...... The most effective way to stop the air quake is probably just ignore it. Given that per time spent the average bomber pilot would be twice as effective if he grabbed a rifle. Look at the Tom per kill. So the allied air quake is actually doing the axis a favour, the only real assets the bombers are killing is the aaa guns and the only reason they kill so many aaa guns is....
  15. flak 88 at 500m does approx 100 - 110 mm penetration @30 degrees Using WT as a quick armour calculator I can get the glacis plate to around 130mm equivalent. The elevation may be even lower than i can get to on WT. You are obviously on the boundary of penetration. My concern would be the few penetrating hits that did not vapourize the crew , it is a 88 aphe shell .... I noticed quite a lot of packet loss on the test , are rounds being missed ???