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  1. boo i only go a bit part.....
  2. can you state what the decrease in timer is?
  3. Lololololol says the player who's stug took 4 hits in the flank at 100m then turned and 1 shotted my tank yesterday....... why is the m10 used as an MBT is a better question... cos all the Sherman's are dead doh, cos relatively you get given more tigers than ever existed. Balance my arse.
  4. Agreed, and the problems are not 1 ao softcaps . They are two 2 ao softcaps, and mainly the 1 ao hardcaps- where regardless of supply you cannot defend against massive overpop/overexperience.
  5. Saronin you stated you could kill stuff with the grease gun at 500m, either prove it or shut up. Unless it was a mistype and you meant 50. Im sure if you fire enough rnds you can eventually hit something at 500 -- unfortunately i havent got that much time....
  6. turn ur aimbot off
  7. Merlin please stop .......you get annoying sounding like you know what you're talking about Brits had a similar doctrine, Just a different gun. 16 minutes in . The BREN, accurate yes nice ,overly so not neccessarily .......
  8. Only problem with this is that most Mission Leaders are already at max rank.
  9. You 1 person asked for the bridge to be rebuilt. So that you 1 person could drive his tank over said bridge. That bridge was quite obviously down so that axis could not drive over it. So your selfish wants are what I should pander to , I don't think so. You were being told by other players that it wasn't reasonable to put the bridge up. My judgement call at the time was for the bridge to remain down. Coming into allied low pop that bridge up is unreasonable. Arrogance on my behalf I don't think so , I am busy playing the game too buddy and haven't got the time to answer every single query and suggestion presented , as you well know if you care to think about it.
  10. zeebee my pm was not deactivated. I was also not the only Hc available ruckrova was on. You asked to rebuild the bridge and I gave you the reason for it being down. I wont give in to a request that will then lead to problems later. If you cant understand that i cant help you. Comms over and out
  11. LOL i enjoyed that ---
  12. Why shouldnt the french use fantasy weapons the're a fantasy nation after tier 0.
  13. 251/22 has a pak 40 mounted . should end the argument on whether u can tow it or not. Happy for that to happen when Allies get an armoured HT that can tow a non flipping atg gun Bayonets ! - Brit contact grenades the thrown variety type 69 i think - US rifle grenades also contact - can use 60mm mortar rounds on that too
  14. Page i found, maybe the crappiness of grenades in-game is about right......