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  1. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. If the radio is manned , how about it shows state of all the other cps
  3. Max armour on the a13mk2 was 30mm much the same as pz3. Only thing I never understand is Pz3 drives like a race car, While the A13 drives like an underpowered POS. If anything the A13 has better power to weight and a vastly superior suspension, imo it's modelled badly.
  4. PLEASE do not bring back an irritating noise near the radios, bad enough you have to radio hump, adding noise will drive me out of the area for sure.
  5. 4th armoured Brigade - you talking about the one assigned to the Desert Force?
  6. Sadly most allied players dont realise that Matildas, their most valuable asset ,needs protecting or won't.
  7. Nah, it's xoom
  8. While your at it you could buy gold ammunition too LOL nugx , why are you hiding behind this name come out whoever you are......cos noone is going to take you seriously with an account that NEVER plays.
  9. I said tank kills, learn to read.
  10. look at your Stug B stats , roughly same amount of missions , roughly same amount of tank kills , roughly same amount of deaths as the matty. Interesting hey. How about you get the Tiger in only 3 Divisions in matty numbers
  11. Couldnt agree more @jwilly
  12. Trouble is all brit tanks come with 2lber hard to justify them as light, even tho they (a9/a10) have even less armour.
  13. Nice try @merlin51 . If thats the case then why does the 17lber have the same magnification as the 2lber ??
  14. Oh goody does that mean , allies are getting an Atg that can kill the tiger from twice the distance the Tiger can see it at? Speaking of which, when will 6pndr and 17 pndr be given their historic 3x sights?