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  1. Perhaps the Axis should have 12 factories .. 4 towns 3 each . game over when 3 of 4 are capped.
  2. LOL its been that long since an Allied win you all forget how to ? LOL LOL LOL
  3. only slightly ironic drop. lol.
  4. Why ? Do You expect to be overpop all the time. Wouldn't be an issue otherwise would it.
  5. Close enough. Your not telling me saving Antwerp is less important than something else in every case. Or even the vast majority of cases.
  6. Hardly. I take exception to your use of EVERY TIME we saved Antwerp, sweeping generalisations are misleading at best.
  7. What a load of drivel....
  8. At what point did we sacrifice something to hold Antwerp?
  9. >>> 35-38 Tigers deployed in North Africa, nov 1942 – may 1943. The maximum number of Tigers operational at peak force in Tunis was about 15-20 units. >>>180-190 Tigers deployed in Italy, jun 1943 – may 1945. The average number of Tigers available at any given time since their deployment in Italy was about 30-40 units, with a probable peak at about 50.>>>230-240 Tigers deployed on the western front (France/Rhine defense) Out of these, about 150 were present during the Normandy campaign (June – Aug 1944). About 60-80 were available at peak force. Only 4-5 Tigers escaped from Normandy, but it appears that they were all blown up/abandoned on their way back anyway. The rest of 80-90 Tigers used on the western front were mostly Tiger II’s, deployed during the Ardennes offensive and subsequent battles (dec 1944 – may 1945). No more than 30 were available at any given time, and never en masse. >>> ~ 1300 Tigers deployed on the eastern front (72%), between aug 1942 and may 1945. The maximum number of Tigers deployed in the east was about 350-400 units, in late 1943. Out of these, no more than 250 were operational at peak force. This game has to be about balance WTF do you think the axis are doing with anything near the levels of equipment they have otherwise LOL. You have access to the complete Historical deployment of Tigers on the western front with no issues of availability, In response the British deployed over 4000 17 Pounder equipped vehicles. So that is the Balance that helps the axis all the time. Are you willing to play with those cards and see where they fall ?
  10. Walking simulator seems to be heard a lot on steam reviews. Perhaps compulsory training should involve how to start a mission , how to drive a truck , and then how to set up an fms.... I think most steamies believe they get in a truck drive somewhere then get out to be the driver now a rifleman.
  11. @OHM check David06 comment in above video. Blowing Shermans with HE charges. That clipping was supposed to be fixed.
  12. Doesn't makes sense , we cannot change Nationality when there is an AO on the town. Or at least we couldn't .
  13. @XOOM @OHM I would like this posted in game, side specific of course, as they occur.
  14. whining lol
  15. How do you manage to kill people who constantly have the drop on you ? at least 4 in this video are waiting to shoot you yet u somehow get them all ? Lag advantage do you think , just curious.