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  1. Of course the opposite would be true...make cps clearable by grenade chucking and the howls will be loud and plentiful. any kill from a grenade is a bonus, waste of time generally.
  2. Yeah agreed , axis need more horse drawn guns.......
  3. Issued From the office of Allied DCoS. Senior Staff would like to recognise the outstanding contribution of SW1 to the Allied cause in these difficult times. Your Leadership and Communication are a fine example to many SW1, Tough Time Zone breeds Tough LEADERS, SW1 is one such. Hereby awarded the MAPOIC Map Leader Badge. Congrats
  4. Awarded for bravely Holding Bunkers even after the pizza has run out........ TY blud, I'd prefer you didn't have to ...FB's Tanks and EFMS is where i like seeing you operate. But again TY , shows that crusty pizza lovers know what's important and dig in when necessary.
  5. Please congratulate, rj555 zac74 , recipients of the Axis Denied Knight Cross, issued for their consistent attention to organising and rallying the defence. Much of that defence has been done under overwhelming pressure from the Axis, tireless often thankless duty. I take this opportunity to personally thank rj555 and zac74. Your work and communication are greatly appreciated guys. Issued from the office of DCoS - Goreblimey
  6. tanking w/o a squad or cooperative friendlies is suicide. Also depends on the style you want to adopt aggressive or stealthy. Either way rod - get a squad that understands tanking - AEF or 7th (whenever we get back to numbers ) Infantry should learn to adopt a tank, sadly most couldnt care less. Relying on non squad Infantry to Mark is frustrating to say the least. All this goes doubly for early French tanks you're SA is awful - puts even more reliance on squaddies i think. You're welcome to join us (7th) anytime on discord.
  7. Surely this is merely saying that if the only reason customers are playing is that thay have the advantage of a broken model , they should be pandered to? Perhaps if the model is fixed those customers and their threats to unsubscribe will be meaningless as other customers who prefer a non broken model will arrive in greater numbers.
  8. Check eagles stats he is almost exclusivly an lmg user unless he's sniping......sounds like someone knows exactly how good the lmg is.....
  9. what's a firefly....mythical beast ?
  10. Office of the DCoS would like to congratulate the following Allied team players for their overall and consistent level of contribution to the Allied cause. Raptor34 Mundagurri 2lber Downtown Zuviel Axewolf Rain or Shine these guys come through time after time... Each of these Players has been awarded the Bronze Star. Wear it with pride gentleman, for you have surely earned it
  11. Thank You for up front announcement
  12. @Bmbm Yes , and what are they?
  13. Will there be any adjusments ?
  14. You asked for thoughts. You’re asking for a capability that is available to all axis brigades, not so the allies. Spot the problem. No need to act like a spoilt child.
  15. Pretty easy to find occasions where sticky bombs , killed or disabled tanks. As I said the intent was there, i see nothing wrong with modelling the ability in game. I’m not saying it was prevalent, but your dismissal of it is wrong.
  16. I would dispute that, type 73 and 74 anti tank Grenades 1940/1 onwards may not be HEAT but there intended use is as in game. Maybe not roaming the countryside spawning from special ppo, but small man portable charges intended to disable armour they sure were. May not have been desperate often enough to have seen widespread use, but certainly the idea was there as was the weapon. Type 73 capable of 50mm penetration, more than sufficient , thermos bomb - anyone for a cup of tea.
  17. French only have r35 in the inf brigades.
  18. The OP was intended for @OHMessentially to give us a heads up regarding any changes , therefore avoiding criticism of not doing so. Why one Side are the other choose to turn up was not the question, nor was it asking for any advantage to be added to the allied TOE. Simply ,will there be any changes, if so what are they. Plain enough for you axis ?
  19. It’s a shame you have to play in a Timezone where there is no opposition, must make it hard to find a target
  20. Brits had the Scammel Pioneer, heavy recovery, and tank transporter models with the BEF.
  21. I'll float the idea , not to worried if you sink it lol. Stop LMG's capping. Its a support weapon. You will need extra bodies to cap ie the assault element. , You'll still Rambo but not Rambo and cap.
  22. Well done. It is consistency and persistence that will bring us back.
  23. usually proven to have a fallacious argument
  24. @delems I'm not sure why you come on the forum arguing about numbers . You always lose. I can see you are trying but really it is time to call it quits.
  25. They should see blue chat