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  1. How about tips/guide info be placed on spawn screen , like the ww2 info used to be , or text box for newbs . New tip every time you log in sort of thing. I'm sure the community has thousands of tips to share.
  2. Great site for info on French https://f-origin.hypotheses.org/wp-content/blogs.dir/981/files/2017/07/A-01-1940-French-Armament.pdf
  3. Which direction is the map moving again?
  4. Lmgs are pretty even , axis smgs about 2 to 1. Given the k/d of the axis lmg, pretty big edge on autos.
  5. I get it your model isn't FTP. It's gimme gimme gimme someone else pay so I can play. I'll grant you this game is too expensive for what it offers the casual gamer though. You can buy 6 titles for your yearly subscription to this game. I play a lot , I get value for what I play, if I played a lot less I'm not sure I would see value in what is being offered. That I believe is where the subscription system fails. It almost demands that I play constantly to justify the cost. I can see theyre trying but, retreating from a subscription model without other means of monetisation is probably seen as high risk and one that is almost irreversible if proven a wrong step. Let's not forget CRS is not the organ grinder , just the monkey.
  6. Sure if we apply scaling to the early Brits , as per later tiers for the germans maybe that works out. Who knows. I dont think they are doing themselves any favours trying to surprise us with TOE changes. Pre Publish the info , cant be that hard to do.
  7. I disagree the current allocation of infantry tanks implies there are enough for every infantry brigade to have good infantry tank support at all times... cant see that in 1940 sorry. 2 Regiment of Infantry tanks does not spread amongst 10 divisions, At present the Matilda II is over represented compared to its historical deployment in the Battle of France. That may have changed if France did not fall who knows.. How the game designers choose to balance the game is their issue , just lets be honest.
  8. I understand that for games sake, that rational can be followed ie HQ troops allocated to inf formations, however you cant allocate the same HQ troops to 4 different locations at the same time
  9. riflemen should have zero access to anti armour weapons. Dont care about the feelings of FTP players who [censored] about P2Win. Look at some of the top players stats with rifles - off the top of my head Mobius57 Kool sydspain, they achieved top killers/cappers in game on FTP accounts. The whole rank/grind is not based around FTP - . Heres how ur other games go -- PAY and your experience is quadrupled , with a much longer grind for equipment. we dont have enough levels of equipment for this imo.
  10. Nor wishing for a nerf on the brits , however. The whole setup of Brit divisions is wrong No Brit units have HVY Arm intrinsic to basically an INF Division . They may be called infantry Tanks but they're not permanently assigned to Infantry Divisions. BEF only had Inf Tanks As part of the GHQ Corps Troops. I realise we have what we have but most of this TOE is fantasy for all sides.
  11. was waiting for the [censored]ing(complaining) apparently b i t c h i n g isnt a word ?? to start....just as well the seal clubbers are taking towns for giggles. Otherwise ya looks dodgy to me. If we had balanced numbers the spawn list would be causing problem methinks
  12. Those sights need moving to the 17lber atg , just to keep it historical.
  13. Lol 4 divisions of brits is 16 fireflies not what I’d call a lot. A lot is 10 divisions worth of tigers with 25 in each division that we used to have. I call 250 a lot.
  14. Sounds dangerously close to racial superiority.....
  15. BEF was upped to 2 Divs after the server outage
  16. The point being made is that there is only 1 brit division on the map. You lot made a song and dance about it and then removed the divisions from the game. Brilliant move.
  17. Bmbm. That answer just hits the spot.....i'm going to remain polite.
  18. YOU ARE JOKING RIGHT !! There are 3 fireflies on the map that i can see...... 1 BRITISH Division, Firefly only in the armoured Bgde. signed MR Ever-so-Slightly-Dissapointed
  19. I did play a LOT.
  20. I think 0-1 for a newb is really hard. By the time your at 4 you should have figured out easy ways to get points - other than by killing, especially if your in a squad. I think there is an illusion that better weapons make you better, other than Close quarter stuff, the rifle is king. If you're focused on maxing rank it isnt too hard, just ultimately pointless. The only rank changes that matter are those that give you access to sapper and engineer, probably engineer the most if you want to have some utility. Easiest way to Rank up ---Drive a truck. No skill required.
  21. Best guess - ...that 12 months might be ambitious on 6/hrs a week. With experience i restarted this persona - took about 7-8 weeks to get full rank. Hard to work out really how long a new player may take. rank week to rank 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4-5 5 8 6 12 7 16 8 20 9 24 10 28 11 32 12 40 13 52
  22. 6 hours a week, I reckon 12 months.
  23. Thought the 17 pounder was historically bad for smoke/kicking up dust, so much so that observers had to leave the vehicle to see fall of shot. Is there tracer on the round in game?, it is hard to see where it falls. Always thought there should be a more visible effect when a round hits.