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  1. ah but how many vets might you switch off with that I all the time? I love the early teirs and would get bored rather quickly if it all mid to late war gear all the time. Plus our game is unique in the sense we get to regularly use stuff that EA or Activion might ignore in their Big AAA World War Two games.
  2. We can all argue about supply and game mechanics and FMS etc until the cows come home. However I still think a big issue that the game faces is how to retain new players and that's something I've not really seen discussed. World war two Online is a big nuanced game that does a really really terrible job of explaining how the game works. There is so much to learn. New players come in and generally don't have a clue what to do, get killed two or three times and then give up. We have all seen greentags walking from FBs or diving a truck not understanding that they are the truck. I think the Rats may need to look at new ways of trying to keep these new players beyond the trainers program because its clearly not working. maybe we need tutorials that get them to Cap a CP or something to help drive some understanding of the game but I'm not sure I have an answer to that greentag question.
  3. my understanding is that if a vehicle is parked in from of FMS in a way that it insta-kills any spawning inf that not just "Gamey" but actively against the rules and should be .reported.
  4. great News about the Server. looking forward to getting back in game. now just to wade into the debate that has been raging on this thread. I believe a successful German invasion of Britain would have been impossible in 1940. Amphibious operations are the single most difficult military operation that can be undertaken and usually require large amounts of planning time was not on German side. Specialised landing equipment was needed of which the Germans had very little. one thing that never get mentioned is the geography of the South Coast of the UK. Some of the landing sites were that the Germans picked were such obvious targets than they had serious defences built around them dating from 1802 when Napoleon looking attempting to invade. The Martello towers would have posed a serious problem for German infantry. Then you would have in some areas to over come the royal Military Canal built again to keep out Napoleon which had a mix of modern and old defences on it. For Example the beach at Romney is a shingle beach with no cover for miles and its very difficult to walk on now. I can't image how difficult it would be walk on with all you military equipment no armour support because a tank won't go anywhere on the beach and some Tommy shooting at you. this is even before we factor in the Royal Navy and the havoc they would cause.
  5. Lancers are always on the look out for any new members both greentags and vets. the squad is one the best on the allied side regularly amongst the highest points totals and map moving squad. If you wish to join PM me or ask when online there is normally at least one recruiter online. Foe2 Lancers CO
  6. @SNIPER62 same issue for me.
  7. if we are going more toward this historical end of the game. Is it possible in the future for the British grenadier to get their HEAT grenades back?
  8. rate this campaign is going we won't get to later teirs. anyway as pointed out the allied armour this tier has the edge of that of the axis and that isn't helping us Allied one bit.
  9. I enjoy our progression of equipment through the tiers that we currently have and the Change in tactics etc that come with those changes. As a Brit I enjoying used the brtish and French equipment rather that the ubiquitous US equipment that a post 1943 game would entail.
  10. I'm sorry Kase but we just did not have the numbers to take Albert on Saturday morning, yes you played well but there where hardly any allies on at all, so I was the one the captured the bunker and kicked the flags but it took serval attempts by myself goreblimey, with no real support from others and at most I saw 10 other players in town meanwhile we where also trying to hold the north cp and Marty on discord informed us he had gone to Seclin and was defending there but no one else showed up until I arrived but that point it was to late and the AO failed and Seclin fell.
  11. well since gas was never used in any major way during the second war world war it not from me.