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  1. So I noticed that the rats want to take this whole game into UE4 (Unreal Engine 4). It's a beautiful engine and really brings in graphics and new tools into this game, but I'm very worried about this path. I have played games that have used UE4, mostly a game called squad and their WW2 equivalent coming soon, both of which use unreal engine 4. What I noticed is that they have a HARD time trying trying up to get 100 players to be in one server (50v50), which is a lot of players, but they can only do 40v40 for now. WWII Online can hold up to 4,000 players max with the old engine they are using now, I just want to know how they plan on keeping that SAME amount of players they can fit now into Unreal engine 4? Unreal Engine 4 seems to completely destroy the numbers WWII Online has now for players per server. WWII Online is different from many video games because they can hold so many players in first person. WWII Online battles can be MASSIVE in size unlike any other FPS game I have ever played. I'm just VERY worried the rats have forgotten what WWII Online is suppose to be and pretty graphics is not really the answer. I just see Unreal Engine 4 destroying that 4,000 players a server right down to barely 100. I would just like to know why the rats really want to use this engine and how they plan on, if they even are, keeping the numbers they have and still keeping it WWII Online the way it has always been. I hope other people are a little worried about this and not just me, really hope someone comments on this. I believe this should be discussed if any rat can comment that would be amazing.
  2. Glad that allow of you have said there are more players still playing the game that's a good sign, I would like to hear from a rat themselves to tell us if steam was a success or not but it's still nice to hear players stayed. Hope 2018 proves to be a great year for this game, especially during the summer
  3. Hey everyone it's captcrayon here, a lot of you know me from playing the German side and the allied side, mostly I just like to play the losing side to help them out and give them a chance, so pretty much I have no loyal side I join because I enjoy both sides equally. I would like to discuss what I think the state of communication in the game is since I've been on the ground watching and observing for a good year or two and what I believe needs to be addressed to help the longevity of this game. So far this game was released on steam last year, and HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of players have joined and tried the game out, many I can see have actually liked it and still continue to play. Other players thought this game was not their cup of tea so maybe they didn't like it and moved on. Right now the game we have now is the AFTERMATH of STEAM and here is what I'm seeing that really needs to be addressed and I hope some of you rats can read this and PLEASE COMMENT. COMMUNICATION: This is probably one of the BIGGEST ones I have noticed in this game that really needs to be improved. Just like last year and the years before nothing has really changed when it comes to battle: IT'S LITERALLY THE SAME THING: Everyone spawns like a bunch of headless chickens and just rushes an objective with no cover, communication, or direction that can actually make a attack or defense successful. A LOT of people claim that one side has to many numbers which is actually is NOT THE CASE. Number don't mean ANYTHING in this game even TODAY . Numbers in this game never have even mattered and and here is why. One side can have hundreds more, but that is all it is, numbers. The quote "ten men wisely lead, can beat a hundred without a head" is very real in this game that has not been unlocked due to the LACK of communication. A lot of people have told me to get on discord, or TeamSpeak, which to me is such a huge waste of time I can't even. Team speak and discord allow you to talk to your squad or whoever is on, YET! More than HALF of the other players playing are NOT on those voice channels and to be honest they SHOULDN'T have to be. This game doesn't need TEAMSPEAK or DISCORD...What this game needs is VOIP. VOIP can allow just the BASIC player on the ground, to press a key and TALK to the GUY next to him/her...It can allow just normal people to COMMUNICATE defenses and attacks EASILY instead of just normal people TYPING to tell everyone were they are or what is happening which is time consuming because they might not EVEN BE READING it. I always wished this game/ the rats focus their time on this communication tool because it can truly turn this game around 100% It would allow NORMAL players to communicate defenses, attacks, planning and executing HUGE CORDINATED attacks that can bring out the POTENTIAL and BEAUTY that this game that has yet to be accessed, ALL with just normal players talking and I'm talking about just normal players jumping on and helping each other out instead of typing to everyone what is happening, IF they're even reading it. Communication in this game has always been a problem for this game to me, especially since it's SO BIG and typing just takes to much time for just the basic player. I know the rats have PLANS to install VOIP in the game since it's on their ROADMAP, so they do have plans for it ( I still hope) but I believe this should of been goal number one from the start to add VOIP to this game. Even though I keep saying it in the game and I know players are so tired of hearing it from me, But VOIP would do this game so much justice, it really is holding back the true potential of this game that can really bring MASSIVE amounts of gameplay and coordination on the ground, in the moment, and for the BASIC players next to another player. FOR EXAMPLE: Imagine 5 players ( your side to choose) are next to each other, WITH VOIP one can tell one guy to go right, while another left, while the 3 remaining can cover them, all with ON THE SPOT communication as if you were standing next to someone...No teamspeak...NO discord, just RIGHT then and there. With that type of communication the whole battlefield changes, because now there is communication that can coordinate a battle instead of EVERYONE just running in one direction with little to NO direction, cover, or support or communication and constantly getting slaughtered, meanwhile trying to TYPE at the same time which forces a lot of players to quit and give up like it has always been. This really is a easy fix that needs to be addressed. WITH THIS COMMUNICATION TOOL, This whole game will literally change, it wouldn't have been new units, it wouldn't have been a new map or place, it wouldn't have been a new weapon, it would have been VOIP. VOIP really is the holy grail for this game, it is something this game really needs, and believe me if they really pursue it and add it ALL OF YOU will see that I'm right. Look at the game SQUAD and PROJECT Reality, Those should be the BIGGEST examples on how VOIP can really change a game. Just normal people talking to one another...NO Discord...No TeamSpeak...VOIP is the key and I hope the rats can comment on this because this games communication really needs to be improved. I mean shoot, imagine TANK BATTLES WITH VOIP...Now you have something...EVEN imagine airplanes with VOIP...on the spot communication...even ground forces, just your basic riflemen able to talk to one another, to be able to communicate by voice just by someone being next to someone can really change this game and bring it justice. Please rats leave a comment on this, I'm tired of people in this game constantly shooting and bringing me down on this subject/tool that I only believe can help this game for the better and help new players that join, it can really make team work on a MASSIVE scale help everyone and it might actually stop one side with MORE NUMBERS from always winning because now with this type of communication numbers don't mean anything!! tactics, decisions, and well communicated/ CORDINATED attacks and defenses can win the day. Please if any rat can leave a comment on VOIP it would be very helpful and I hope the rest of you players see the potential of this tool as well. Also anyone else please leave a comment on this. PLEASE don't be mean to me/ shoot me down to on this...lets really discuss this as a community. I really want this game to last a long time and be up to date with technology and I believe VOIP is the right way to go FOR EVERYONE. Everyone will be able to talk to one another no matter what you are OR WERE you are or who you're next to ( tank, riflemen, airplane, ship). Of course they would have to make it were the enemy can't understand what the other side is saying, but still VOIP can really help this game for the better and I believe it's been a long time coming. Please leave a comment on what you all think ALSO on the rats roadmap VOIP is Integrated Voice Comms, so it's good to see they have or are looking at it.
  4. Hey everyone, sorry I have not been on in awhile, I've been busy with life and other games and I decided to stop by and see how everyone and the game is doing, and I was sort of shocked to see that there are not many players on that I thought there would be. Last time I was on is when Steam went live and there were HUNDREDS of players on fighting for the map which was intense and awesome at the same time, now there is barely a hundred on at a time on a good day. I was wondering if steam actually did this game any good or did it fail for the rats? So far when I was on steam the rating for this game was pretty bad, but yet people still give it good reviews. This game really is a great game but I'm just wondering if steam did this game justice or not. Anyway I wish this game and the rats a happy new year and hope this game makes a turn for the better.
  5. HUGE MASSIVE COMBINED FORCES BATTLES! Literally 2,000-4,000 players in one server! All fighting for The map of Europe! That is why you should play this game because there IS NO OTHER GAME OUT THERE WITH THIS KIND OF SCALE. If you want to play battlefield you only get 64 player maps ( that's 32vs32) you can go play arma and maybe get 75vs75. This game can pull of 100vs100 to 1000vs1000...this is why you shoud play why i'm playing and can't wait for steam!
  6. Sorry to ask this but I want to ask, when is this game going to release on steam and are the rats actually ready for it? The rats have actually been very quiet on the whole situation with steam besides saying we're almost there. By quiet I mean not much info on the new units that were promised, including the American paratroopers and the new weapons, what's actually coming with the steam release ( again American paras and new units). I only ask because i'm so eager to see the huge MASSIVE battles this game can hold and so I might actually subscribe to this game. Right now i'm just waiting to see what happens when it goes live on steam and i'm just wondering if the release date is close and the rats are actually ready for this whole journey and beyond?
  7. Well if there is going to be that many people in one server, have the rats discussed about adding more towns to WWII online and capitals if all goes well? basically just making the map bigger? Also what everyone is saying is there really isn't a limit for towns and cities when it comes to players just the server limit in general. What i'm saying is it's sort of possible to put 1,000 players in a single town? If so that will be one massive epiv titanic battle right there that would sell the game to anyone :)! Can't wait for STEAM!!!
  8. Getting the feeling the pop isn't really HIGH since it keeps saying It lol
  9. Can't wait to see what the map will say when hundreds if not thousands of players from steam join this game
  10. I was wondering since this game is going to launch on steam soon and is going to be able to hold around 2,000 - 4,000+ players, How many players are going to be able to be in a town? Some people are saying that towns can hold over more than 100 vs 100 just fighting for a single town. Does anyone know how many can be in an instance or town and does this change depending on the size of the town? For example a small town can have 100vs100 fight for it but a city like Antwerp can have around 250vs250? This question is also for combined forces in the area as well.
  11. I just wanted to discusses the WWII online map and how hidden it actually is. I was wondering why the rats put it in a certain place and not part of the main page were new players can come in and actually see the battle unfold on the main page? Right now it's just hidden under resources and unless you know were it is I don't see new players at all discovering it's location and what it's about. I just wanted to know if the rats could put it back, like the old webpage, on the main page when players first click the website. I say this because I actually loved the fact that you could see the whole battle of Europe when you first entered the site and how you could see the situation unfolding. I don't know why the Rats took it away and put it somewhere that takes some effort to find, but I found it Awesome for a game that you understood what you were trying to fight for and it actually felt like witnessing a WWII documentary unfolding as you saw how much territory the other side took or if you were seeing movements to cut off the other side and so forth. I hope they can put the WWII online battle map on the main page of this site for I believe it really will help this game when it comes to understanding the battles and it would also give new players a good taste on what the game is about. I always found the WWII battle map to be the best thing to show new players for this game and I hope everyone else agrees with this. Plz leave a comment on what you think of this.
  12. Most Massive battles you will ever take part of in a first person world war 2 shooter fighting for one large map on one server!
  13. Pretty much, this game is going to explode when it goes into steam so can't wait for the hundreds if not thousands of players playing this game. Going to be epic beyond words lol
  14. Hey everyone, I was watching the new stretch goal the rats had recently and I have to say GREAT job to the rats and Thank you everyone who has contributed to the goal for it really helped the rats out and the future of this game. It was a good stretch goal that will really help out the rats with the road to steam for this game to be successful. Not only did the stretch goal proved successful, it could also be used to help the game out if there was more stretch goals. Right now the game is great but needs a lot more to fully reach its potential and beyond and that's were I started thinking about more stretch goals for this game. The stretch goal we just had proved that people do support this game and the better of its future and that with more stretch goals it can really help this game out by hiring more people to work on the game and make more progress and give the game a good future. I started thinking of stretch goals for this game that can really help it out with more content and Ideas. I'm just going to give some examples, some small than big, and though these are my ideas that are subject to change on the will of the rats, I do believe these are good goals that can really help this game out. Forgive me if I don't know much about allied armored units or vehicles, I will try my best. This counts for both sides in these goals. Stretch Goals: 1. $10,000 - Adds Puma, Grey hound ( or some sort of allied vehicle), more weapons of rats choosing, new place able objects ( machine gun bunkers, AT bunkers, AA bunkers, etc.), new cables and other materials for the rats. 2. $30,000- adds more self propelled guns ( jag panther, marauder, allied equivalents) new naval unit, more place able objects ( dragons teeth, barbed wire, small outposts- like tree outposts or spotting towers ) Flares, more materials and cables for rats. 3. $50,000- adds Medics class, another new naval unit, new planes, more vehicles, new weapons, more place able objects ( radio towers - spots incoming planes from a distance, trenches, ability to place camouflage) more cables and materials for rats. 4. $100,000- adds Panther and allied heavy tank of choosing, more naval units, airplanes, more buildings ( more factories, shops, just different design buildings) more weapons, Place able objects, more materials and cables for rats. 5. $200,000 - $250,000- adds Trains :P, new naval units including cruiser class unlocked, new uniforms, new camo for vehicles ( bushes, new camouflage, etc.), outposts for bridges not close to towns ( so battles are taking place everywhere, every river, every bridge matters. Even far away from towns, will make bridges A LOT more important), CAPITALS! Germany, France, England, Belgium, and Holland get their capitals added to the map as well as map increase ( possibly all of Germany, France, and England- makes the map bigger) More place able Objects, More Squad options and coordinated commands ( squads can now pull off tactics that are needed. Ex. Planning a good coordinated attack, better communication on the ground, better tools for squad play, etc..), possibly different types of uniforms, A lot more materials and Cables for rats ( things are looking good by this time ) 6. $500,000- Soldier communications ( meaning our avatars can scream orders whether it be shouting need ammo, move out, need medic, etc.), better terrain ( better ditches, trees, rivers, etc.) buildings are of factions country - meaning Buildings in German territory LOOK like German buildings, Buildings in French country look French, Holland buildings look like Holland buildings- instead of all the buildings looking the same wherever you go. Unlocks Battleship class for naval units, More airplanes, AMPHIBIOUS LANDINGS now possibly, adds landing crafts, Meaning we can now pull off a D-Day. New sounds to be implemented, AA guns sound like real AA guns, Rifles and weapons now sound like the real thing, bullet effects are now more intense ( battlefield sounds and intensity ) New ground units, New naval units Battleship unlocked, new airplanes, new weapons, More materials and Cables for rats. 7. $1,000,000- Adds New faction and country to game: Italy and it's navy, air force, and army units,. Adds Siegfried line, Maginot Line, Atlantic wall to game - basically a bunch of AI with big guns and MG emplacements along a factions line - would add A LOT of tactics on the big map as well as blocking lines and historical accuracy for this game Also it would just be pretty damn cool having it. France gets it early and Germany gets it when it starts to lose. this game is now taking off everyone things by this time are golden! 8. Beyond $1,000,000- adds Mediterranean theatre and Africa campaign, Sicily and all. Unlocks carrier class, more airplanes, possibly graphics update, etc.. This is all I could think of for now, If anyone else has any ideas or opinions or other things that should be added please leave them in a comment below and also tell me what you all think, I truly LOVE this game and I really want the best for it no matter what. I believe more stretch goals like this could really help the rats raise a lot of money for this game that is unlike any other WWII game any of us here have ever played. This game is a gem that you will never find anywhere else. These stretch goals are my opinion and are subject to change if the rats decide to go with this idea, this idea will add tons and tons of content and will really help this game out and the rats as well and give it a good future. Also these goals add A LOT more content and units and things to do in this game. Again I love this game and I see so much potential in this game it cannot be ignored. This is the game we have all been waiting for if done right, were big battles ( 500-1000 player battles) actually happen, were we are actually FIGHTING FOR A MAP! FOR EUROPE! No loading screen! Were every damn battle matters, were every town you capture can spell defeat for an enemy or cut off an entire army! Were every bridge you destroy can ACTUALLY STOP A ARMY! There is NO OTHER GAME OT THERE LIKE THIS! i'm only doing this to give the rats and Xoom good Ideas to help out there game. Stretch goals really do work for this game, I beg for the rats not to stop them, but to actually keep doing them. Hell if not MONTHLY! This game Is Awesome and I love it a lot. I made this post for everyone to share their opinions about it and tell me what you all think Rats hope you leave a comment to lol. PLEASE give this a chance, took me awhile to wright it all, but it all comes from the heart. I love this game enough for me to help the rats out and everyone to better it you all take care be safe, leave a comment below!
  15. I agree the rats really need to make sure what the game is and isn't and what it's going to be. Steam is a really big deal and the rats and Xoom need to do this right and I mean right.