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  1. Oh anyone know of a fanvid that used Monkey Wrench by Foo Fighters as a song in it? I remember seeing that one quite a few times back in the day... it can't be any older than 2005 because I remember it had paratroopers in it. edit: oh and since I cant edit the video I posted on the first page its moved to here:
  2. Hi Caber! What I tried doing for now since other people in the house need the wireless internet is I have an old 2 port wired router that works really well, and I put the wireless router through one of the ports on the wired router and a cable going to my computer through the wired router. Not the best setup but it actually works for now with no problems which surprised me.
  3. Actually after reading the reviews of the wireless router i have online it seems alot of people have this problem, the router will drop connection for a few seconds every 1-2 hours which seems to be the problem I'm having here... looks like not even firmware updates etc, help it, so i'm not even sure if I can fix this without getting a new router.
  4. Ok you know what I think you are right, it's my internet connection. Just now I was talking to a few people on AIM and no one was responding, and then all of the sudden a bunch of messages came all at once from different people at the exact same time.
  5. i'm not sure i haven't really played this game in about 4 years or so, so i'm not sure what Netcode 2 is exactly. Is it the "Run SSE2 Executable" in the offline settings box because i've gotten it both with it checked and unchecked. As far as I know my internet connection is fine but I can double check on it next time it happens. One thing i'm thinking of is that my internet connection is wireless could that be the problem? I'm actually really close to the router though and it usually shows 5 bars (Windows Vista wireless icon)
  6. I keep randomly getting this error message while in the gameworld. A message box saying "Connection to host lost!" appears on the screen and in the chat box in yellow lettering another message is shown there "Host connection lost, reconnect failed: Error #10057". Also when I start the game I get the "Network Error: Check Firewall Settings" error that a lot of people are getting but can launch the game however after about anywhere from 15mins to and hour of playing it will freeze for about 5-10 seconds, then I will get the "host lost" error and it will CTD.
  7. They they took a PzKpfw 35 (t) chassis and put a PzKfw I turret and added a 105mm gun?
  8. The other day someone was in the buner and I told him to cap the radio when it came up, and then it did and I hear him shooting, and figuring he got bored and started shooting for fun I asked him to stop shooting but he says "it wont die!" I walk in there and theres bulletholes all over the radio. He was trying to shoot the table and radio to capture it.
  9. Looks like someone stole the headlights.
  10. If I wasn't so young and didn't have school I would.
  11. I played for the first time in about a month today and the sound was all messed up. Some of the sounds were "staticy" and it kinda cut in and out for some things like engine sounds depending on the direction I was looking. I had reinstalled the game after cleaning out most of the games and other junk from the hard drive, and plus I had also updated my sound drivers. (Realtek 97 Audio or whatever, and speakers are Creative 2.1 model, forgot which one exactly.) I have the sound settings the same as the last time I had played, is it the sound drivers or a known issue with the v1.19.7 patch?
  12. That was supposed to be in the future as evidenced by flying disk shaped vehicles. Except they were wireframe...
  13. Ok, so I have an X45 joystick and I want to map the engine RPMs to one of the sliders on the throttle. How do I set it so when it on M1 its Economy RPM, M2 is Continous RPM, and M3 is Maximum RPM?
  14. I always post this...