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  1. Regarding the new Axis SPAA, here are my thoughts...and I'm quoting a comment someone left on the Indiegogo site, where I just threw a few bucks to the 2017 Fundraiser : "The German’s NEVER had a Bofors-on-a-half-track. They had a Sd.Kfz.7/2 half-track with a FlaK 36 on it. Banging a Bofors on a Sd.Kfz.7/2 is totally ahistorical, and further weakens WWIIOL’s claim to be a serious, historically accurate, multi-player sim." Now I TOTALLY understand that the decision was based on current and limited Dev resources (HATCH, don't get me wrong...I think you've done an amazing job) and while I don't agree that these Frankenstein half-measures to introduce new weapons and vehicles will "seriously weaken" the game's claim to be historically accurate, I DO hope that it was truly a "stop gap" measure AND that this particular SPAA will continue to evolve toward something more historically representative in-game. EZ
  2. Thanks for the roadmap - can't wait! Very exciting stuff in the pipeline for 2017. EZ
  3. I think it's time for the enemy Fortified Mobile Spawn / Field Resupply Unit to have its own map icon -- the red truck and ship icons that players place on the map to mark these PPOs don't really cut it anymore. EZ
  4. Totally on board with this. Totally on board with this.
  5. Shovels should have the ability to be used in CQC -- they already appear in the "weapons" inventory -- so make them lethal. The entrenching command could be keymapped to B or Z.
  6. Forgive if I missed this in another thread, but what happened to OFFLINE Inf. damage model? Not sure when this went away, but I USED to be able to set up and kill ei clones offline to brush up on my riflery skills. Now nothing happens -- and at long distances, it's very difficult to tell if I'm making lethal hits. I've always lamented the lack of armor damage models for offline sapping and gunnery practice -- really bummed now that the Inf. damage model is gone. When and why was this feature removed? Please put it back, thnx. EZ
  7. I'd be in favor of separate squad rank, determined / assigned by the squad, that would appear in-game next to the Squad name / acronym and look something like this: CO - Commanding Officer XO - Executive Officer(s) SL - Squad Leader(s) SM - Squad Member(s) I also miss the old officer uniforms and caps. EZ
  8. Totally on board with this...and I think it would lead to more subscriptions. EZ
  9. This won't stop everyone inclined to "cross over" for a sneak peek during engagements (especially those with multiple accounts), but I think a side-lock will deter the most blatant abusers...and let's not kid ourselves: there's a bunch of them on both sides who are ruining the game for the entire community. ONE HOUR, to at least give the first phase of an attack or organized defense a sporting chance . 'Cause it's starting to get WAY out of hand. EZ
  10. There are already plenty of other aspects about this game very arcade-y -- namely, spawning / despawning...but I see your point. In any case, I didn't know that the MG34 had the same barrel issue as the MG42 -- particularly in light on the 34's slower ROF. An education, thanks. I like your RO/RO2 modeling suggestion as well.
  11. Just saying it would be nice to double the load-out on this weapon for times when there aren't any comrades / squaddies around to help replenish the ammo. I think the current load-out for all ATRs is only 28 rounds...a little lean, if you ask me. EZ
  12. Historically, I believe the MG 42 barrels had to be changed out frequently because of the heat they generated by the extremely high ROF. Maybe one way to balance out this MG on the battlefield would be to add "over-heating" and a 5-sec. cool-down timer to encourage players to use only short bursts of fire. EZ
  13. I know these rounds are big and heavy, but it would be great to get the total up to 50 per unit, thnx. EZ
  14. If so, when? Now that Allies are getting the new Browning .30 cal, I was wondering if the MG 42 is in the pipeline at all. EZ
  15. When is this expected to be fixed? Devs need to be posting DAILY! • I'm experiencing the following error when I try to connect: Authentication Failed: Map Host (40108) Session rejected by host: internal error (loginfail_addplayer) please restart game client. This is due to the game's DB using old information. We plan to address this as soon as possible (hopefully on or before Monday), but in the mean time new free-to-play accounts still work, so that's an option if you want to see the new changes ASAP. Still getting the same "Auth. Failed" Error at log-in for BOTH my subscription and new FTP accounts.