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  1. I have seen (as in physically been present) people driving all vehicles in the game using a joystick and/or keyboard and mouse. Does or has anyone ever use a steering wheel, pedals or any other racing sim equipment for driving in the game?
  2. I love the bolt rifles! When I die to anything else I think 'well they had the advantage anyway' so it is no big deal. I love being that tiny, insignificant grunt with a basic weapon. You want help in cqc? Run with teammates. You support then in longer range engagements and they return the favour in town.
  3. I was unfortunately on the receiving end of the attack on Margate. Didn't seem to matter how many infantry I killed as more and more kept streaming out of the shoreline and into the cps. Well played axis.
  4. I get this message: Can anyone please help as I would love to participate in the beta.
  5. Having this exact same problem. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.