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  1. USS Perry, thanks!
  2. USS Perry
  3. Transport should be able to hold all infantry and tanks...
  4. GJ guys! Was fun til I got shot! So stupid of me to go on the veh spawn roof... oh wells.
  5. How do we show up for the event?
  6. I wanna be Brit LMG also.. I suck at sapping..!
  7. You really need a high performance rig with a lot of CPU and video power as well as a lot of memory. Maybe 3 gigs RAM would be great for Fraps.
  8. I have noticed in the last couple of weeks, whenever I fire LMG or tank MG, it will somehow lose the sound. It's still firing cuz you can see the bullets land and tracers. Could it be related to the 128 sound limit? I've reduced it to 64 and 32 and it still happens. I then changed the setting to Software buffer and so far, I haven't experienced the loss of sound but I do lose 3D sound effect (EAX) and it's harder to tell sounds coming from the front or rear because they now sound alike. I downloaded and installed the latest Sound Blaster drivers and switched back to Hardware buffer.. no help. So I've reduced the hardware acceleration to basic (one notch down) from dxdiag. I hope this works. Has anyone experienced sound loss from your MG? I have a first generation SB Audigy...
  9. Ahh well that makes sense.. but somehow, the dead zone only works for my left x-axis.
  10. I'm having a problem setting up the dead zone on my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro (x-axis only). So I move the left and right vertical green bars for the x-axis from the edge to the center about 1/6 of the way. It seems to only work for the left green bar as the right green bar does nothing for the right x-axis dead zone. What am I doing wrong? I need the set the dead zone correctly because my joystick tends to jitter to the right the most because it's very sensitive.
  11. The mortar sounds like they should, I think.
  12. Okay... WTF video cards do you guys have and what LCD screens? I have Radeon 9800 with latest Catalyst drivers running on Acer 19" and the game will not run on any widescreen or standard resolutions. I'm pulling out my hair, i can't get the damn game to run anymore!!!
  13. Damn it... I'm screwed then. I can't play the game with my current LCD monitor. Maybe the next ATI drivers will help.
  14. 1440x900x32 does not work for me. Last night, using an older ATI Radeon 9800 driver, the game worked at 1360x768. But now with the latest drivers, it doesn't work. Anyone know when we will have widescreen support? I just bought this LCD and I don't wanna go back to my old CRT...
  15. I have some special requests from my friends at WoW. They wanna see some cool tank vs tank battles as well as air combat movies. The one I made last week and showed them yesterday is this one: I know, I suck at aiming. The whole movie is like 600 megs uncut cuz I didn't know it was rolling for some 17 minutes. I did make it back minus the gunner.