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  1. I'm seeing more instances of the enemy pre-camping FBs once the EFB has been blown. Isn't it possible to randomly generate these locations on the map to encourage more friendly recon for INF and ACs and discourage pre-camping from the opposing side? If these locations can't be randomly generated, then perhaps more than one 'possible' location could be added in-game to actually make FBs hard to find. To my mind, an FB should be more mobile (like a FRU or FMS) and less like a fixed forward spawn point.
  2. Um...Rats? Marketing Team? How is it that there is no mention of our upcoming Steam release at This is like our base. Not just sim newbies looking for the latest and greatest, but vets too...many of whom still enjoy playing older games like ours. Someone should contact the honchos at SimHQ and get them a press kit asap...they'll probably also do a review if asked.
  3. Just plugged the upcoming STEAM release in 4 separate forum threads (Air, Armor, Tactical and Naval) at SimHQ. Already getting quite a few views. -MaDeuce65
  4. I realize I'm probably just adding to the chorus here...but PLEASE reconsider giving F2P players "a more WELL-ROUNDED taste" of the game by giving them limited access in ALL service branches -- not just INF -- before our big Steam debut. Personally, I love playing INF, but a lot of new F2P players (especially tank / air / warship simmers) will be turned off and will leave if they can't get access to basic (Tier 0) armor (maybe just 232, Panhard and DAC), airplanes or fairmiles. The 2-week premium trial is generous, but I don't think it's enough of a hook...and we're only going to get ONE shot at drastically increasing our player base once Steam launches. Do we want everyone to upgrade to premium accounts? Of course. But realistically, I think there are folks out there who will always be content to stay F2P. And just for increased fun and playability, I'd rather retain the free-loaders with a few more toys in order to have a consistently higher in-game pop (and larger battles) than slog through another campaign fighting the same ole 100-150 veteran subscribers in low-pop engagements. Let's allow this awesome MMO FPS to live up to its unique potential and TRULY make it MMO.
  5. I think this "niche" option could work and bring in more subs too. Great idea.
  6. Agree with you on the Starter sub -- I could be wrong but it seems they took away some gear when they upped the price from $5 to $8 / mo. Starters should be getting more, not less.
  7. I'm pretty sure I've seen this sentiment previously expressed on the old Forums...but for lack for a Search function here, I'm going to re-post it: Please REDUCE the muzzle flash on the Bren LMG! For a weapon that sports a flash ELIMINATOR, I can't see a damn thing when firing this gun. Thank you.
  8. For battle-hardened veterans in the game (and those seeking to become them) I'd like to see the point system revised to reward players who have achieved the terminal field rank of O-5 (Lt. Col.) with 'special abilities.' Currently, the accumulation of points beyond this rank serves no why not create a system of abilities that can be unlocked and awarded to players to reflect their advanced warrior status. I'm not talking Superman stuff here -- just some incremental abilities that would give these players a slight advantage commensurate with their experience. These might include: - Increased stamina (i.e. - longer sprinting ability for Inf. / Decreased redout / blackout for Pilots. -Decreased rifle / pistol wobble. -Special multi-crew ability (basically, the ability to actually rotate / take over for critically injured or killed crew members on ATGs, Armor, Ships, Bombers, etc. -Range finding ability for Inf. binoculars. NOT as accurate as ATGs, Ships and Tanks -- just something in the ballpark to aid / approximate a player's ability to quickly range targets without having to look at the map. -Increased stealth Ability for Inf (i.e. - decreased audio range for sprinting, crawling or moving in crouched position) -Tactical emotes (hand-signals) for Inf. (less typing for anyone NOT on Discord). Just for fun. -Small repairs ability for Tanks, Ships, ACs, HTs and Trucks...a thrown track, busted wheel, smoking engine, whatever... (read MINOR DAMAGE ONLY)...perhaps on 5 to 10-min timer (depending on the kind of damage (Devs, have it!) and under set conditions, i.e. (ALL crew members must be alive at 100% health). Again this system would be incremental and strictly points-based, so HC members (ranks C-1 through C-9) would still have to earn the required number of points equal to the rank of Lt. Col. in order to start unlocking abilities. Whatever the rewards / incentives, I think the benefits to the player base are pretty obvious: keeping the points system exciting and relevant for all current and future O-5s, of which there are already MANY in the game.
  9. I've actually been subscribed on a Starter Acct since November...don't know why I'm still listed here as F2P. I asked Lince to look into it...never heard back from him.
  10. Here's my wish list for some new Tier 1-2 TDs post-STEAM release. German Marder 38t The Marder could be basically modified from the existing Pz 38 (t) in the game. British Valentine AT French / American M8A1 Again, this TD could basically basically modified from the existing M3A3 Stuart tank in the game. Thoughts?
  11. "Or, in T2, the British vehicle could be the Churchill 3 inch gun carriage." Cool idea, but this never saw action either:
  12. Marder III Ausf. H with the Kwk 75mm gun, correct -- but nevertheless mounted on the 38t chassis. Still relatively easy to modify from the in-game tank, no? Valentine AT - too bad it never saw action -- good to know. What about converting the M10 Wolverine to the British M10 Achilles? Not sure the 17-pounder is even modeled in the game though...that would have to be done from scratch, I guess. Lots of work creating ballistics, penetration values, etc. Or maybe converting the in-game Vickers Mk VI to a Mk V and adding a 2-pounder. Any evidence to suggest this variant ever saw combat? I like Muromachi's idea to introduce the SAu 40 for the French TD. Though with the shorter 75 mm APX mle. 1938, it would probably mirror the StuG IIIB more as an assault tank than a true TD. Not sure when the longer, tank-killing 75 mm AC SA44 gun was added. Since the SAu 40 was developed from the S-35 tank in-game, this would definitely make converting it to a TD easier. Here's what I don't get: if rules are rules, then why is CRS introducing a German HT with a mounted 40mm Bofors (instead of the 3,7mm Flak 36)? Completely ahistorical, to the best of my knowledge.
  13. Two TDS -- not three, you're right...technically, the IIIB is an assault tank that Wiki has lumped in with Tank Destroyers. Anyway, all the more reason to expand this vehicle category! Someday...hopefully sooner than later, if ever.
  14. At the risk of sounding repetitive (see NAVAL training request)'s been MONTHS since I posted a reply on this forum and answer. @CHKICKER - Please tell me the point of having this AIR Training Request Sticky here AT ALL.
  15. Well, it's been MONTHS since I posted a reply on this forum and answer. @CHKICKER - Please tell me the point of having this Naval Training Request Sticky here AT ALL.
  16. All good points, but with due respect I never suggested these toys should take priority over foundation improvement. It's simply a wish list...nothing more, nothing less. Personally, I'd just like to see some TD development parity with all the other toys we've gotten over the years - i.e. different variants of the "same, same" Crusader, Sherman, Churchill, Pz III, Pz IV, Spit, Hurri, and 109 (no less than FIVE!) models. I mean, I wouldn't exactly be suggesting a precedent here. We have just 3 TDs in the game. THREE. And only ONE of them is Allied.
  17. Seconded, most definitely...I don't play Navy much - I just assumed Freighters ALREADY had the ability to resupply DDs and Fairmiles. Please make this happen soon.
  18. Great idea...I'd love to see Berlin, Paris and London added to the map for capturing. I do see the challenge of extra modeling....but the areas around these capitals wouldn't necessarily have to be 'populated' with other town and cities, would they? I'm thinking of Frankfurt as an example, where currently there's just large swaths of un-populated terrain between it and the rest of the map eastward.
  19. The 'unlimited' passenger and gun-towing capacity for said vehicles needs to be addressed in a BIG in eliminated. That is, IMHO.
  20. I'm liking this idea of a Forward Air Base -- but perhaps not even a hangar -- just tented camo net coverings, fuel tank, crates, jerry cans, etc. Limited number of available planes...destructible, can be captured...all that yes.
  21. I'm seeing lots of wish-lists of new vehicles and weapons from players on this forum...and typically the Rat response is: "sorry, not enough Dev manpower or money to fund these." Which I totally get. My suggestion would be to allow the most popular projects (surveyed / voted by players and vetted for game balance by the Rats) to be player-funded through GoFundMe or Indiegogo campaigns online. Axis and Allied squads (especially the larger ones) could really help to make this happen in terms of organizing and adopting project funding campaigns. Something along the lines of: "Join and support our 7thAST/ WHIPS co-sponsored devopement funding campaign of the new Sherman Firefly / M-18 Hellcat / ARL V39 / Nashorn TD project!" ...or something like that. Approved player-funded Dev projects would happen in quads or triads of course, for both Axis and Aliies, as JWilly has suggested.
  22. Floating blue skulls should go....temporary white skulls on the map can stay. That's my vote.