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  1. I've been sitting on these for about 4.5 years so. You need to get very close to the tanks but not closing (if you are touching then if the tank moves the slightest you die). All of these require the driver viewing slit to be open. B1-bis Riflemen spot: S35 Riflemen spot: Note: The skin has been re-modeled since these photos, I get the impression you need to shoot a bit higher. B1-bis LMG view: Note: I believe you need to be crouching (based off the camera angle). B1-bis ATR front driver spot: S35 ATR driver spot:
  2. While infantry rendering range is 700m they can be killed at 1km max by rounds/bombs. Thus between 700m-1000m you cannot see enemy infantry but you can still kill them with whatever round you are firing. 1km+ the only way to kill them were if they were in a building which you blew up.
  3. In the below images are the spots whereby you can track 1x side of all French/American Tanks with 1x HE charge if you are very precise (though IMO there is some randomness which effects harder ones like the M4A1 Sherman and B1 Bis). 1. Sherman 76 2. M4A1 Sherman 3. M10 Wolverine 4. M3A3 Stuart 5. Reanult B1 Bis 6. SOMUA S35 7. Hotchkiss H39 8. Reanult R35 9. Panhard AMD 178 10. Units with HE Satchel (as of February 2017) 1. Sherman 76 2. M4A1 Sherman A very hard one to track successfully with one satchel but can be done. However, even with two satchels on a spot close to it they can stay on. 3. M10 Wolverine 4. M3A3 Stuart 5. Reanult B1 Bis A very difficult one to track with one satchel 2nd image of same spot: 6. SOMUA S35 Very hard one to track. In most cases however you can damage the steering/power application which means it can only go round in circles. 2nd image: 3rd image: 7. Hotchkiss H39: 8. Reanult R35 9. Panhard AMD 178 10. Units with HE Satchel (as of February 2017) Riflemen (Bolt Action): 1x HE Satchel Sapper: 2x HE Satchel (and 2x HEAT Satchel) Engineer: 4x HE Satchel
  4. In the below images are the spots whereby you can track 1x side of all British Tanks with 1x HE charge (if you are very precise). 1. Matilda Mk2 2. Churchill Mk7 3. Churchill Mk3 4. A15 Crusader Mk3 5. A15 Crusdader Mk2 6. A13 Cruiser Mk2 7. Daimler Mk2 Scout Car 8. Vickers Mk2 9. Units with HE Satchel (as on February 2017) 1. Matilda Mk2: 2nd Image: 2. Churchill Mk7: Will require 2x Satchels if placement is not precise. 3. Churchill Mk3: Will require 2x Satchels if placement is not precise. 4. A15 Crusader Mk3: 5. A15 Crusader Mk2: 6. A13 Cruiser Mk2: 7. Daimler Mk2 Scout Car: 8. Vickers Mk2: 9. Units with HE Satchel: Riflemen (Bolt Action): 1x HE Satchel Sapper: 2x HE Satchel (and 2x HEAT Satchel) Engineer: 4x HE Satchel
  5. The ranges and setup below were done in May 2016. Accuracy factors: 1) Small random dispersion after every shot (from memory) 2) When you are fully loaded up with 4x projectiles your first shot will be about (at the longer ranges) 10m away from your following 3x shots. Thus the location of your first shot will be different than your first 3x. This might be due to the aim point being jinxed slightly so realigning may fix it. Projectile Speed: 110m/s at launch (real world figure) Ranges: 95m 152m 199m 279m 357m 403m 502m 609m 774m 940m 950m Range projectile disappears (about 1000m) 95m: 152m: 199m: 279m: 357m: 403m: 502m: 609m: 774m: 940m: 950m: Range projectile disappears (about 1000m):
  6. Setup and ranges on how to turn the German Grenadier into an indirect fire weapon. The easiest ones are to do max elevation at prone (100m), crouching (175m) and standing (199m). Maximum range of Grenadier about 200m (I believe maximum elevation is at an angle above 45 degrees). Ranges: 55m 100m 175m 195m 199m 55m: 100m: 175m: 195m: 199m:
  7. The thoughts you have put forward ignores the massive market that steam is. Steam has 100+ million unique users and growing. In terms of active users lets sat it is 50million. If just 0.005% of that number (1 in 50,000 users) became a subscriber to WW2online then based on the 50million figure above that would bring in 2500 new subscribers which would be a very noticeable boost in numbers and revenue. 2500 x $15 x 12 = $450,000 per annum Try counting from 1 to 50,000. It's a minute fraction of people but it has massive impact. Even if you halved it to 0.0025% (1 in 100,000 users) it is still a noticeable increase for the better. Considering 10's of millions play Minecraft which has graphics far far more dated than WW2online then many people are prepared to look beyond that.
  8. Why oh why are there some people who feel the need to put the strongest possible defense of spawnable CP's during intermission when there are no other towns with spawnables caps? The spawnable CP defense during intermission is stronger than during campaign! If you leave the spawnable CP for 6mins to be capped then you will get 10x the action!
  9. I remember in Late 2011/Early 2012 a battle was run of Americans vs Germans in a small North Zeelands town. Germans had the AB while the Americans had a spawnable. I believe the supply was unlimited. The only units that could be spawned were infantry. It was a large, hectic battle in the small area with like 50v50 players. I don't know if this was run on a beta server or during intermission but it was a great fight as lag kills and warping we're really low. If the same conditions are possible this would be a really fun fight.
  10. My thoughts: 1) Include the game name in all Youtube Video uploads: The majority of videos I see posted by players on the forums have names which do not include the name of this game. The names of videos are things such as: "Lol...." "<Player X> owned" "Squad Night 04/04/16" "<Squad name> attacking Aarchost" Likewise in the video description or 'Tags' there will be 0 mention of Battleground Europe/WW2online. As a result when searching there is less videos. Names of videos should be like the below instead: "<player x> owned - WW2Online" "Squad Night 04/04/16 - Battleground Europe" etc 2) Promote the game on other games videos: On youtube videos of other FPS or MMORPG games e.g. Red Orchestra you can drop comments which make reference to WW2Online in a positive way. "Great game. Used to play this all the time until I found WW2 Online" You could also double team with another person/account and create a conversation. Person X: "Great game. Used to play this all the time until I found WW2 Online" Person Y: "WW2Online still going? Last I played was 2008. Epic game. Anything new? Person X: "Lots. They've introduced Americans, Zookas & Shreks, updated graphics, buildings performance etc" Person Y: Thanks for reminding me, will check it out
  11. Ok so does anyone have a clear step by step 'for dummies' guide to get the beta working? What I have done: 1) Downloaded the 1.35 Beta 2) Installed the game in C: Games/CRS 1.35 (Using Windows 7. 'Games' and 'CRS 1.35' are folders I have created) 3) Installed the Dirext x10 Redistribution files (or whatever it is called) 4) Tried logging on through the 'Playgate.exe' in the new CRS 1.35 folder and the new 'Play Online' shortcut on the start menu but each time I get the error on the loading screen: "Map Error 40108: Session rejected: Internal Error..." (have not written the full text) With the Windows operating system popup error saying "Network Error - Authentication failed" 5) Restarted my computer 6) Tried logging on again multiple times but I still get the "Map Error 40108" error message on the loading screen. What I can do: 1) Load up the 1.35 Offline version and play around with a few infantry clasees (I know it is 1.35 due to the loading screen and changes to the AT weapons) 2) Load up 1.34, spawn in and play
  12. Unless it's a beta stress test a new campaign starting Friday would be swell.
  13. Is there any plans for a fix to stop bushes randomly spawning in front of Gun Emplacements? They're a cool feature but the bushes ruin them :'(
  14. If there would be mines I envisage they should be placed in areas designated as minefields. I can imagine an area which has anti-tank mines meaning that infantry can cross the area but vehicles cannot. However it would make it a bit gamey as I don't think it would be possible to have mine clearing vehicles in the way the game is currently set up.
  15. The game is about teamwork so to get things done the game should make you play as a team and not lone Rambo's. The game mechanics make the game play relatively conservatively. If you want to kick in the barn door you need to: i) Work together ii) Rely on the enemies mistake If you can group 5 people together to go for the spawn CP at the exact same time then in nearly all cases of a small/medium intensity AO the spawnable will be capped. However in practice this level of coordination does not regularly take place (aka happens only 5% of the time). When the lag issues are sorted out playing infantry will no longer be like roulette and IMO will make axis small arms much more effective. MG34, FG42, Gewrhr 41 & 43, Grenadier and even the Panzershrek as the pistol will be a more effective defense from ei trying to root you out. Once that's in place any truck balancing would be more accurate. The game is not red vs blue so perhaps the play style is that in normal circumstances Axis have to place their FRU's say 200m further away from town than allies can but when they get in close the more effective small arms come to bear.
  16. Before hand an easy thing to do would be to give Bofors a gun shield from Tier1 onwards which provides protection from rifle fire
  17. I would really recommend the above guy's youtube channel 'Forgotten Weapons'. He really goes into the weapons history and all the historical subtleties which influenced a weapons designs. Great stuff for military history geeks/alphas.
  18. If you want to project that it is down to Americanism then that's your prerogative. An F35 (and all advanced fighters) can send data/intel to other aircraft, ground control and Airbourne Early Warning and Control aircraft through their computers. Thus the weapon is more than just a jet with missiles but is one component part of an overall military package. Likewise the word 'system' has more meanings than just computers as I think many people unconsciously link the word 'System' to computing. A logistics company has systems in place to ensure goods get moved from A to B in the most efficient way possible. This in turn can be applied to the military as they in effect have systems in place It also fits in with people naturally preferring to use more clinical, less emotive language to describe what is a pretty nasty activity. For example: 1) "The weapons system was highly effective, threat neutralised and objective completed" 2) "The gun was great, the 50cal bullet took his arm off, objective completed"
  19. It's a formal term which is a way of broadly describing the combinations of things that make a weapon. A Humvee on it's own is just a truck. However if you add an MG and armour plating to it then it becomes a armoured truck - a weapons system as different aspects come together to make the overall weapon. Modern military rifles are like platforms as items can be added to change it's use. Put a launch tube beneath the barrel of an M16 and it becomes a grenade launcher (or launcher of any suitable projectile). Place a weapon such as the KAC Masterkey underneath it and it becomes a shotgun/door breacher. Likewise if you take a weapon like the Steyr AUG whereby swapping a few components can drastically change how the weapon is used. It can be setup to be like a SMG or to operate as a Light Machine Gun. Thus it's not necessarily a gun but lots of components together which can be changed to alter how that weapon is used.
  20. Would be cool but I can just imagine how these would completely tear spawnables apart with say a German one with a 37mm AA gun or 2x 20mm AA guns. The well known allied equivalent, Quad 50cal would completely decimate infantry and 232's in the right situation. If given the range (I think 50cals disappear after 2km?) these could be used like artillery against an AB or sweep the outskirts of towns of EFRU's. I would love to use them but I would not want them to mess things up.
  21. "Learn 2 tank" wow that's a pretty rubbish attempt to reframe it rather than to deal with the main point. If a Sherman (or a Churchill for that matter) can park 500m out of town and for the most part be impervious to depot spawned ATG from the front but in the same situation a Tiger is not then the Tiger is not exactly a 'God' tank is it? Axis whine brigade? Look at this thread from allied an allied player after one or two axis players occasionally sail Destroyers to Whitstable: You have an allied player calling ['whining'] for ship EWS to be increased to 6km because of one factory town while being completely oblivious to it's impact on the rest of the game nor that allies have twice the number of factories. I remember on the Rat Chat some allies also saying that the Whitstable factories should be moved. Here's the important part: Nobody is calling them whiners, in fact all axis players are engaging by either offering suggestions which can improve gameplay for both sides or airing their disagreements in a civil manner. Meanwhile when equipment or game mechanics effect axis the behaviour of certain allied players is childish and unproductive; calling axis 'whiners' and projecting that axis have 'God' weapons when after using them they would likely admit in private that they are anything but 'God' weapons. Again (for some players): Axis disagree it is whining, childish, sour grapes, can't take losing. Allies disagree it is 100% factual, unbiased, done in best interest of the game.
  22. Who was the one that first used one isolated example? Hmmm... yourself. So you are just ridiculing yourself. Brilliant self-awareness there... Let's record if there are 3x as many Tiger's in T3 as Matties in T0...
  23. The 'God' Tiger which can be knocked out by a 6 pounder frontally at 500m. It's easier to kill a Tiger frontally with a 6 pounder than a Sherman with a 50mm. 'God Tiger' gets minimal supply while Allies get countless Matties at Tier 0. Axis disagree it is whining, childish, sour grapes, can't take losing. Allies disagree it is 100% factual, unbiased, done in best interest of the game.
  24. I would be against it because it can result in one non-HC player* seriously messing it up for the rest of the playerbase. The disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. For example when attacking Givet High command (with support of playerbase) want to keep Givet bridge up but one player has the opinion that in the circumstances the bridge should destroyed. That player can then spawn a bomber and blow the bridge which would be really determental to a respective side. You could expect something like this on chat if Axis (vice versa for allies as well) just kicked the flags from Givet but someone blew the bridge: "WTF why the **** did <player A> bomb that bridge when we had just kicked their flags and 10 tanks and 30 infantry ready to cross to the West side which they had 0 supply for!" What do you do with than one player who bombs the bridge in the situation? 1) Nothing as they were playing within the confines of the game 2) Warning from GM 3) Temporary ban (either first time or a '3 strikes') That player might not be able to read English so could be completely oblivious. In theory it adds more depth to the game but IMO in practise it won't really change anything and will only be noticeable when a small number of people do oen thing to the deterimant of others. If you wanted depth you could disable '.own'/health statuses for bridges but I think that would just be another chore which would not add to the enjoyment. In real life you can odviously see the difference between an undamaged bridge and a bridge that is seriously damamged but in the game there is only 2 models: Bridge standing and bridge destroyed. *Not a dig at HC, just there is a difference between HC & non-HC players