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  1. I have to say that it is getting a little old with every allied guy running around with a grease gun, Thompson, or BAR. It really takes away from the realism and makes the game feel like a run of the mill FPS, like call of duty. I think an easy solution to this over supply issue, regardless of side, would be to limit the number of types of weapons per mission, regardless of the divisional supply. This would insure a health balance of weapon types in play at one time, and also encourage more people to create missions.
  2. Kind of makes wonder how many tanks Hans Rudel actually destroyed.
  3. I retract my statements on the effectiveness of bombs, and will monitor how this delay impacts my gameplay.
  4. There are accounts of near misses flipping or tipping armor during the war.
  5. I'm just throwing out an example. If I'm diving through heavy flak with my prop at eco, i bet i'm approaching that. I also neglected gravity and/or terminal velocity in my example, because who knows how it is coded. The point is that they just made bombing tanks even harder. It's just silly.
  6. 2.5 seconds is a obnoxious amount of time for a Stuka in a near vertical ~600 km/h (166 m/s) dive. It's simple math. I would have to drop the bomb at 417 meters (1368 ft) alt for it to arm in time. Did the Rats solicit opinions before making this change? Your priorities are bizarre to me. Medium and heavy tanks are practically immune to 250 kg bombs (except for direct hits), and you guys are worried about a few players who suicide bomb. It really is a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment.
  7. I mean in general, people use the threat of unsubscribing to try to influence the developers.
  8. Bye! Don’t come back to soon. Personally, I find it pathetic how people are always threatening to unsubscribe. Bunch of spoiled brats. Don’t like what you are paying for then leave. Oh, and thanks for diminishing the axis efforts by attributing it to the Americans shortage of semi-automatics as the root cause. Never mind the British and French units we fought, plus the British tank discrepancies. Us axis just suck and are incapable of overcoming odds fairly you know.
  9. Why is there even a concern about pilots potentially killing themselves in a drop? They fly 5+ minutes to a target just to die for one kill? I have never tried to kill myself in the drop to get a head on kill, but I have killed myself countless times pulling up a little to late and the 250kg bomb f'ing up my plane. Always fun when that happens and you just get a hit on the enemy tank. Dropping 250 kg bombs is more hazardous to your plane then the medium+ tank.
  10. Indeed, I personally would rather have a smaller aircraft supply with effective bombs, then the opposite. Right now the air force is over rated, because their CAS role is very restricted. The other thing to consider is that very soon there will be mobile aa batteries also.
  11. Thanks for the post. Makes me feel better.
  12. The other day I read an article by Doc explaining the ridiculous realism the DEVs took into account regarding the 20 mm cannons... yet, bombs have no concussive effects... makes absolutely no sense.
  13. I've kind of had it with the bombs in this game. I'm tired of dropping 250 kg bombs within feet of a Sherman or M10 with no effect... especially the M10 which was not a heavily armored vehicle. Needing a direct hit with a bomb is just plain stupid, and defeats the purpose of a bomb. This has literally be the dumbest part of this game, and for the last year all I've seen is, "there is an on going audit". Well, are you going to address the issue or not? I'm a paying customer and I want to know... stop with the lack of transparency. Are you going take into account the concussive effects of bombs on tanks? To perfectly honest with you, I kind of want to warn the steam forum about this FLAW because it really takes away from the game.
  14. "I was chasing a 09" Two possibilities, 1) You were going faster then him, and when you turn you would have pull more Gs or 2) You were lead pursuing him, which forces you into a slightly tighter turn... more G's
  15. Everyone loves paratrooper missions, but the pilot is always left holding the bag, because he does not get points for the mission. Would it be possible for the pilot to get points for each paratrooper that exits his plane at altitude, similar to how a mission leader gets points for each person that spawn from his FRU? It might even be nice if the pilots points went to his AF rank.