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  1. The % of cap and bunker timers should be relative to the % of OP. OP should also account for afk if possible. Adjusting timers by 10% each way regardless of %OP would be creating unfair conditions in itself. I don't know how the current timers are set, but when the Axis just becomes OP, and can't imagine by much, the timers become ridiculous.
  2. The game should probably just go with 2 tiers and be done with it. Early war and late war. I do not see how OP can be controlled because the obnoxious SDs and slow cap timers I've been encountering do not dissuade people from playing specific sides. It might be healthier for the game to completely lock a side when overpopped, so that people don't become obsessed with one particular side. It might also provide people with better perspectives, and make the game less personal.
  3. I'm not say it's wrong, I'm just saying up until the tiger and stugG, the allies have an armor advantage. I'd be surprised if a pz4d can one shot a chars frontal armor, but I have no experience in that. The matty is practically indestructible. I think I'm managed to kill one once with 50mm shots to its turret ring, but german early armor is nothing to write home about. I find that the Axis team has become very adept at destroying allied tanks as soon as possible with satchels and atgs because once they start to pile up we get overwhelmed.
  4. Stu's can 1 shot Pz4D to the frontal armor.
  5. I've seen in the past were players generate topographic maps for games they play. I have no idea how they do it, but I'm wondering if it might be something the devs can generate and put on the website; at least until they are able to generate a mini-map overlay.
  6. Yes, it does seem when we talk about Axis Equipment, Allied players want to talk about realism, but when we talk about Allied equipment, they want to talk about balance.
  7. Spitfires are better bomber killers than Hawks.
  8. I just made a run to Amiens, and at 50km out the allies had DB-7's intercepting me at 5K alt. Really? Something is really broken with the air war, and I'm sure Allied players will say this is not true, but it's frankly pretty lame. I find it very discouraging, and I seriously hope CRS does more than say that an audit is in future. I don't really feel like playing this game just to be fodder for Allied pilots.
  9. Are the ranges at which the circles around the planes appear the same for every plane? I've been trying to intercept allied bombers at 5k, but I can never find them unless I am literally right on top of them. However, the Allies never seem to have problems finding the HE111's. Perhaps the air grid squares should be bigger to reflect how radar locations were communicated to the pilots from ground stations.
  10. I guess I am wondering why the HE111 comes apart due to one burst from a tier 0 spitfire? I know the HE111 had self-sealing fuel tanks, so it is a little confusing why it blows apart the way it does in such a short period of time. Honestly, RDP bombing for axis is so pointless because the bombers barely get a chance to defend themselves. I find this rather discouraging.
  11. I have to say that it is getting a little old with every allied guy running around with a grease gun, Thompson, or BAR. It really takes away from the realism and makes the game feel like a run of the mill FPS, like call of duty. I think an easy solution to this over supply issue, regardless of side, would be to limit the number of types of weapons per mission, regardless of the divisional supply. This would insure a health balance of weapon types in play at one time, and also encourage more people to create missions.
  12. Kind of makes wonder how many tanks Hans Rudel actually destroyed.
  13. I retract my statements on the effectiveness of bombs, and will monitor how this delay impacts my gameplay.
  14. There are accounts of near misses flipping or tipping armor during the war.
  15. I'm just throwing out an example. If I'm diving through heavy flak with my prop at eco, i bet i'm approaching that. I also neglected gravity and/or terminal velocity in my example, because who knows how it is coded. The point is that they just made bombing tanks even harder. It's just silly.