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  1. What if What During intermission we set up the map not from the exact same place every time but from the exact positions as famous operations, offensives, and specific battles? Four examples that come to mind are operation Dynamo (Evacuation of Dunkirk by allied forces using air and navy), Operation Overload (D-Day using air and navy), Operation Market Garden (Huge paratrooper drop by allies forces to secure bridges for invasion into Germany), & the Battle of the Bulge. There are many more ideas that could be implemented but these four highlight the dynamic aspect that could change intermissions. P.S. Perhaps specific operations that favor one side from the other could be chosen by the winning side as some sort of actual incentive for winning the campaign besides the fact that they won, the losing side could pick as a consolation prize to keep their moral up, or there could just be a randomize computer program that could choose the operation randomly.
  2. There were colored smoke grenades in WWII. I think that we should have colored smoke grenades in the game too. Colors used were red, green, yellow, orange, & violet. This should be a fairly simple idea to implement and would enhance game play as officers could use it to help direct solders in battle (not that it would be limited to officers or anything). For example I could use red smoke to communicate to my team (especially those not looking at the chat box) that there is danger up ahead.
  3. I think it would be a nice little incentive tool to have clearly defined bordered place around the historical borders of countries on the in-game map. I for can't easily tell if I am in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, or France The names are a bit similar for Luxembourg, Germany, and the Netherlands and some parts of Belgium has french names. If there was an actual clearly defined border line on the map which should be a relativity simple to implement we would be able to know where the town we are attacking is in Germany for a conquest or in France to know if we are truly liberating a town. It would be a moral booster in battles and would help motivate troops as to why we choose the attack order or why we are so vigorously defending a town.
  4. Very Simple Idea whereas troops like infantry can spawn at railroad stations which would make railroad stations actually useful. P.S. I'm not advocating for an actual train to be made into the game (yet...) but just a spawnable railroad station which could more easily be accomplished than other ideas and in the next several months.
  5. HOw about the belgians and the dutch??? We already have their countries in the game and that could be a viable faction in the game.
  6. So here is an idea that could actually be implemented into he game and would significantly boost the importance and utilization of railroads. Now what use does this have on anything? We already have a special unique building for the capture point (CP) we even have railroad tracks built not just in the cities but throughout the entire map! It is a complete waste of the development of these structures by not having a strategic use for them. Railroads station are about as useful as city depots; just another depot to capture to gain a city but have No importance during a battle. I say we turn those railroad stations into SPAWNABLE capture points. Say in the city of Liege and while the attackers have control over Maastricht and it's railway station. In a mist of battle troops in Maastricht should be able to transfer over to Liege skipping the town of Vise to spawn directly into the battle at Liege. They would spawn in the train station and fight from there. This would be a great and practical use of having the railroads stations in WWII Online that would not only utilize a sorely underutilized aspect of the game that is almost fully developed but enhance game play for not just the players on the ground by but the High Command statisticians who chooses the Attack Orders. It should goes without saying that one side must own all the towns and cities that have the railroad to actually use it and distance of the supplying city from the target city would determine to rate of which the supplies trickle in.
  7. It would be cool if the binoculars in the game were used more. I think to increase the utility of the binoculars they would be utilized more. Ideas include but aren't limited to the following list. Binoculars can be used while moving Binoculars can have a blurriness that has to be focus Binoculars have zooming ability Binoculars have an increased range
  8. Ohh... Okay then.
  9. In WWII there were plenty of resistance fighter from these countries that fought with the allies as well as many who fought for the axis depending on circumstance. If we had national troops of these countries with their own little uniform and guns the game would be more realistic, complex, and interesting. If we had one or two small production facilities in each of these small countries when the axis or allies conquered/liberated the city the national troops would fight on their side. For example, a possibility of how this could work is the the towns of Antwerp, Brussels, & Gent would produce national Belgian troops (probably mostly infantry) that would start by fighting on the allied side as they are allied towns are the beginning of the campaign. Say that if Brussels was captured by the Axis then the production of some (1/3) of Belgium troops would be controlled by the Axis and like the Italians would fight along side the axis. Possible locations could include but is not limited to Luxembourg City, Rotterdam, The Hauge, Amsterdam. Also it would be interesting, realistic, and complex to include this to United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Say the allies captured a German production facility the production facility would produce German troops under allied control or vice versa such as what happened with Vinchy France.
  10. The armistice after Germany defeated France in June 1940, included numerous provisions, all largely guaranteed by the German policy of keeping 2 million French prisoners of war in Germany, effectively as hostages. Although Vichy France was nominally in control of all of France--apart from Alsace Lorraine--in practice the Germans controlled over half of the country, including the northern and western coasts, the industrial northeast, and the Paris region. The Petain government in Vichy controlled the rest until October 1942, when Germany took it all over. At that point, the Vichy regime became entirely a puppet of the German occupiers. Germany wanted food, minerals, and industrial productions, as well as volunteers to work in German factories. Vichy was allowed to control its foreign colonies—to the extent it could defend them against the Free French—as well as its fleet, to the extent it could defend it against British naval attacks. The small town of Montoire-sur-le-Loir was the scene of two meetings. On October 22, 1940, Pierre Laval met with Hitler to set up a meeting on October 24 between Hitler and Pétain. It ended in a much-publicized handshake between the two, but in fact their discussions had been entirely general and no decisions had been made. Hitler was impressed with Petain's commitment to defend the French Empire. False rumours abounded that France had made major concessions regarding colonies and German control of French ports and the French feet
  11. I think it would be a good idea in some time once we are able to really use the capitals (Paris, London, Berlin, etc.). To force the other side to capitulate once the capital is captured. This wouldn't be the only option for victory be an option there could and should be multiple ways to achieve victory. Say for instance Paris is captured all french troops would surrender and the Allies would be left with the British and Americans as London would still be left.
  12. I think that whenever a town is captured it would be cool if the Cannon made a little sound. *Please vote if you like the idea!
  13. In the 2019 Development Roadmap I would like the Terrian Enhancements to include the addition of coastal cities. The naval battles in wwii online are few and far between. If we added to the game's naval capabilities I think we would attract several new and dedicated players to our community. Ideas for cities would include (for the Axis) Rotterdam, Den Hauge (just adding a naval port), and Amsterdam. London, Hull, and Southhampton (for the allies).
  14. Well great minds think alike
  15. I think it would incredible if a engineer could build an ai out of nothing. It should take a ridiculously long time like an half hour or hour for just one but is possible to be done. Please vote on this!
  16. It could be used as a strategic advantage if we could move troops directly on the railway. Now there wouldn't be an actual train for these troops to hop on and an enemy tank could shoot at but the idea is that the troops could bypass all the towns that are between linked cities. Examples of linked cities include but are not limited to - Antwerp to Liege - Reims to Metz - Luxembourg to Liege - Lille to Brussels transferring to every single town between theses railway linked cities is not efficient. Railways are already built in and while there won't be an actual train that goes on the track the speed at which the troops move between theses railway linked cities will be significantly faster than if not can will be another exciting dynamic factor that we must consider when choosing our strategy. P.S. I do not want to give my opinion here on the times troop movement should happen as I am the Rats will choose their own.
  17. I think it would be easy enough to implement considering we have smoke grenades. I think if we had another canister o f a poison gas that could blind or even kill the enemy that would be cool especially if we had a little mask to put on for a defense. Please vote
  18. It has been asked countless times on side chat if we are in intermission. They only see that whatever campaign was just finished with another day added. If we could change this from day 73 campain #152 to read Intermission campaign 152-153 or something I think it would make it a lot easier for people to notice it is Intermission. I think this is an easy fix so I am suggesting it.
  19. Fantastic, great thank you.
  20. I think having a flare gun would be a beneficial tool to use at night to illuminate the ground. IF not now but to keep in mind for future reference.
  21. Here at WWII online there is a steep learning curve especially for people that haven't played this type of game before on this platform. I think if we were to link specific videos to the training server of one of our veterans explaining each step while on the training server it would greatly improve understanding. Also if when someone is new and goes tot he training server it is announced on side chat (Allied and Axis) so someone could volunteer and help explain everything. How man people have been lost at the training server?
  22. The WWII online encompasses the entire countries of Belgium and Luxembourg and parts of the Netherlands yet there are no troops present today from either country. I think if we had the option to add these troops with the addition to Italian we would have much better game. These new troops could be either Allied or Axis depending on whom controlled the factories in which these troops were produced. If to say Antwerp was captured by the Axis they could produce Belgian troops from there or perhaps have the high command would have the option to either grant Belgium as a protectorate or annex Belgium and use their production facility as production for their troops. Same would go for Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
  23. first we would have to build up a sizable population of speakers of these languages to make it worth wild. We don't have many people as is using the game (compared to a few years ago) to really go out and translate everything. It isn't a problem we need to address at the moment 64-bit is.
  24. Well I think it would be easy enough for us to implement if we wanted to. Fists are the basic weapon for everyone. We have knifes but I think it would be a cool little option to be able to use fists as well. Imagine killing someone with your bare hands! It's a lot more impressive than using a gun from a distance away and has a certain sense of satisfaction. I know quite a few people who brag on side chat when they get a knife kill killing someone with your bare hands is worth twice a knife kill is terms of satisfaction for me. Fists could do half the damage of a knife or some arbitrary number for the developers to choose. All infantry should be equipped with the weapon. Any more thoughts to expand this idea?