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  1. Well o works. Keymapper says o fpr canopy control. I set h as hatch but doesnt work. I can live with o.
  2. I cant get hatch control to work on any tank. Any ideas?
  3. When I spawn a atg from a MS as soon as I move it flips. Spwns right up against the door. Doesn't happen evertime time but Id say 30 40% of the time.
  4. Why cant I create a mission in the training area? Figured might be some players in there. I assume it will be over an hour or later before campaign back up.
  5. Happens a lot whn I spawn my atg from a mobile spawn it flips. Can you guys make it spawn a few feet from it.
  6. I am returning to WW2 online. I have been playing AH3 but for some reason the powers tht be there have decided to dumb the game down by having full raider for every unit on every side. A lot of unhappy long term customers. No longer any tactics just fly and die. Even the tanks are on dar now. I spreading the word and trying to bring as many players with me. I have been gone for over a year and its been tuff trying to remember everything. But I think I have talked few guys into trying it.