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  1. I have been playing this game for a week and the first thing I noticed was that the sensitivity was a bit funky. I tend to have my sensitivity the same on all of my games by using a website but WW2 Online wasn't on it. So I just estimated my sensitivity (It's pretty low) and horizontal (left and right) was good but vertically was like 50% slower which is a bit annoying. Also when I sprint my sensitivity becomes super slow and I can't look around without turning on free look. Any ways to solve these problems? Edit: I have tried editing the sensitivity through in game and when I turn it up it's all good when I'm sprinting, but when I'm just looking around it's too fast. Mouse: Razer Deathadder DPI: 1400 Sensitivity that I use: 1.38 in CS:GO
  2. Trust me there are a lot of games that you can buy for 20$, e.g DayZ (over 600hrs also have a youtube channel based on it), insurgency, Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm (This is also a GREAT WW2 game). There are many games for 20$ that is packed with endless fun.
  3. I understand that this game is community driven and funded but maybe since it got its money on "March for WWII" we might see an increase in players and etc. I'm sure 20$ a month turns down a lot of players, I bought many full games for 20$. 20$ a month is 240$ a year. My mom will certainly not allow 240$ a year for a video game, I could buy a new graphics card for that. (Yes I am a 14 year old kid, but please no hate, I love realistic games I just think that maybe the new updates that will come from the "March For WWII Online" will increase the player base therefor increasing revenue. I love this game and I hope it will get even beter with future updates.
  4. whats so funny?
  5. danm.. 1,000 is soo much for a game, thats how much my pc costs.. well rip me i'll have to be f2p forever
  6. ohh wow, i really am not a fan of subscription based games.. (
  7. Is there a lifetime subscription that i can get like for 50$ or something?? Kinda new to the game but I'm lovin it
  8. Yeah for me horizontal sensitivity is fine but vertical is slower, is it possible to make them the same sens?