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  1. B2K i can no pla an no evans get clos 2 trins pla gamse ??? jvr1959 trins 3 months
  2. wi is i still can not play as i kikad 4 lifse ?? if so so be it ?????
  3. need add to it
  4. xoom need help plz acknolagasaes me u [censored] trinas 4 month 4 helsp
  5. hi jvr here i can no delete game ar redounlode game it sa unsaf dounlode an all i can is delete dounlode wen i tri delate gamse i missen a unstal tings iof i is kikad off ww11 onlinse all is ok lat me erase it on mi computre,if no i nede a saf dounload to use..a lot i pa 4 still play woot crs sorri if i hert ar offindad ani1 sri,let me free of gamse S! sand me mi missin ting 2 erass tis off me wil
  6. ohm tis si JVR i an no get ani weers??? is me KIKADDED off WW11?
  7. olzeke im lost no can delate gamse an no reinstals,if crs no want me an all OK im nebre been ingamse a long timse ,i brot g kids hohse tis weekins an i reddie 2 play
  8. S! CRS i can no gat ani 1 HA SEE yas i can no evanse get me acc pagase 2 lodse ??????? SEE yas,,,,,, tell iriss666 i sorries il nevre sat foot on tis gamse agins S! JVR1959 2002 OUT
  9. ha crs u updatse an dounlode full instal no work i fin tis so tipical all i can do is sa /// F OFF see yas,ar FIK it
  10. S! X i gat chargadad a fee easc nomth ror free2plays acc an i log in as i a noonbs ?? do startat acc run out ???? 2 if so lat pb no i fells lik i gattin tha run rondes a lot an no y falts a lot is me,, me granson has be playisns a gamse a lon times an he is spashel need ,not 2 me but wen he in gamse a lott tinks it is me .him namse is Zack an he 19 yeer olds an a greet kid,we we pla 2gatrath we us TS an i hopse 1 day i gat hims on TS 2 ALL:) so Q is wi do him accont no treetad as a PAY acc ???? cuss of namse ?????
  11. S! gasoffits u tha man S! i gat a 9 yr lap tops i both me wife 4 hre gamse an at m was tah beast u colde gat,as 2 day i his she did no givse it 2 me lol lol i goins tri sa wat i gat ok 4givse me if i sonds spuppid. i gat a 17 insh hp provilanis .entrateamamte CP pntall cerions cp invida 9600 Graffik cards 4 i repeet 4 meg DDR2 rams an i can stil play gamse wit som salf satifactions JVR1959 out S!
  12. S! 2 all me frindes tat no meeses i so triad an evans tri p;lays gamse i an tagadded a DRUNKS.i triad lerans spallings as best colde an i gat bettre an no mattre i triad i DID an as tims go bi ALL tinks LOL at tha JVR so be its i a DRUNKS an LOL on u all wen i gard a cp an i 2 drunks causs me spallins Srry ei comn in cap ir SORRIE i 2 drunks.. ghat on TS i takl preeti goods i tinke ,tippins no good S! ps bak 2002 i playad 4 yeers, an all lafaded at me thasns lol lol i ,all laff nows .i sorri keep op tha good fitse all S!
  13. ODON LMAO a good 1 lol lol:)