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  1. Great videa, we can see how much the game changed. I remember that old fbs, was a nighmare XD
  2. congrats!! Well deserved
  3. Congrats!! Well deserved!
  4. Congrats Waldj!! Well deserved
  5. Is a pleasure for me to post this. Yesterday in Willemastad we had a great battle, the east side was ours but we had problems to take the west. The people change AO and the attack almost die for us. We started to lose the east side too but Pym alone enter in the bunker and started to cap the castle. he got it 2 min before we lost the las cp. With this brave action willemstad fall easier and the OKW is pleased to reward him with: Order of V-Rab Awarded to a player or officer that accomplishes a set goal set by an operational objective. This award shows the commitment and discipline of the wearer for a job well done. P.d Sorry for my english
  6. Congrats paden. Very well deserved
  7. When I had the autorecruit on in whips i recruit a lot of spanish players, i had the theory that they can see the lenguage you had in the game... but i dont know if is right
  8. congrats guys!!
  9. Sad news. My condolences for his family and friends
  10. Harrasement in the volunteer work in this game? seriously? XD All you did and do a great job. Ignore that people, the most of us underesntand and thanks your job
  11. Hola!!
  12. This works for me to see who is speaking : http://addons.teamspeak.com/directory/addon/overlay/ts3overlay.html
  13. Rebienvenido wegue. Dont kill me too much 😉 Enviado desde mi XT1039 mediante Tapatalk
  14. Welcome back ereck