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  1. That is very nice! Now please put the race car back on the training server! And maybe add the track at Le Mans...
  2. One day there's going to be a game where you load the bombs into the bay, and fuel up the bomber. Its going to be intense, and immersive, and everythings going to count. And its going to be beautiful, mark my words. It should arrive in about two hundred years, and will probably flop.
  3. No. Instead everyone should be able to drop bots like in offline mode, with natural, gameplay considerate limits on numbers and placement. These bots, while not AI, show on the map, and are spawnable. Low pop side gets the most.
  4. A lockdown mechanic to limit spawning is fine to lessen the impact of camping, and perhaps make the flow of battle more realistic. To which the proper game mechanic compliment would perhaps be adjustments to MSP mechanics to give players more spawning options. For instance, if CP garrisons had persistent missions, as I seem to remember they did for awhile in the days of town-based spawning, then persistent defensive MSPs might be set. These might include vehicle spawning MSPs giving players an option besides the AB. More and variable, player positioned spawns would be harder to camp. Probably the MSP tech could be leveraged to make spawning much more dynamic, more akin to what players had hoped for at the game's inception where no, or limited frontline spawning was often requested.
  5. Bump Now that the map is being devved, perhaps its time to consider putting a part of those resources towards an alternate arena.
  6. Might have been interesting to try and deal with this by evolving the FMS tech: extend the range to 2, 3, 4 towns away, make them persistent, in a flagless town switch capture to dealing with the nme FMS', allow them to be swapped between brigades, etc. One step at a time of course. It seems to me a sort of fallow ground that could be used to experiment with mobile spawns, see where you could take them, both for offense as well as defense.
  7. Would like a bloody stump update with screens. Thanks!
  8. All the better!
  9. As they do now, and as they would with the OP's idea. Best answer to this problem is making the spawn and capture rules as close as possible to real life: modeling the battlefield with the accuracy given the weapons and vehicles. Until then though, this is clearly the most brilliant, realistic and immersive manner of addressing the OP's concerns.
  10. Here is what you do: allow one AI avatar to be dropped (as with the offline clones) in each capture building. He is not dangerous, he'll be reading the map. When nme units enter he gives a shout "Enemy!" or alternately "Feinde!". The cappers naturally kill him (he drops like offline clones), but now those in the neighborhood know someone is there and can respond as they see fit. If you put an AI in the building you won't have to guard, and if you snipe the clone through a window you won't have to worry about alerting the defense. Though, there ought to be a thud when the defense-bot falls. This might also be considered an early test implementation of persistent units, which would have profound, far-reaching implications for future gameplay. Thus the idea is not only simple, elegant, realistic and immersive, but also has a great depth of potential and as such ought to be implemented asap.
  11. I don't particularly like the airborne idea as presented either, however, if there were a join in flight for paras, with a limit on the number based on the plane's capacity, I think it would add to the fun and keep the action flowing without being too gamey, and be good for the game. If need be, could put a limit on the amount of time join in flight would be open in order not to have the circling, para, clown car.
  12. And should anyone wish to know what actually happens to a brit tank when nuked: Spoiler alert: it happily drives away and later serves in combat, very staunch piece of kit.
  13. Ah, was the bushes, not the trees, musta misremembered. Well, if the forests are handcrafted, then add more grass, fallen trees, stumps, rocks, and make some pine forests. Easy, right? Wonder if in fact the forest trees could be placed algorithmically similar to the bushes, might make terrain building quicker. Game might use too much cpu power laying them out though, I suppose, especially when moving quickly through the air, as there's a lot of trees in the big ones.
  14. One idea I posted a long time ago that I believe might be doable would be to vary the algorithms used to place certain objects. I believe that, for instance, the trees in the big forests are placed via algorithms. Using a variety of algorithms, as well as objects, in different parts of the map might liven things up just a little: forests like we have now over here, more pine trees over there, some with more glades perhaps covered in grass, others with more stumps and rocks, yada.
  15. The best thing they could possibly do to make this game play like a war, and not like a grand match of cap-the-flag, would be to evolve the MS tech, until all spawning is from player prepped positions. With that you wouldn't even need any sort of capture mechanism, just rules regarding supply lines.